Zenith Academy Tourbillon Mens Automatic Watch Amazon Reviews

Zenith Academy Tourbillon Mens Automatic Watch Amazon Reviews

Zenith Academy Tourbillon Mens Automatic Watch Amazon ReviewsFor recent articles have presented about Cartier WE1002S3 luxury and most expensive watch for ladies. And this article is good news for gentlemen who are looking for and interested in a best luxury with most expensive watch. We recommend Zenith Academy Tourbillon Chronograph Men’s Automatic Watch 18-1260-4005-02-C506 is the best gift for your son or husband. With 18K gold rose case and leather crocodile strap. Today, if you buy the Zenith Academy Tourbillon save $46,550.00 (35%) off the $133,000.00 list price on Amazon and plus Free Shipping.


Zenith Academy Tourbillon Specs

  • Brand Name : Zenith
  • Part Number : 18-1260-4005-02-C506
  • Item Shape : Round
  • Dial window material type : Anti reflective sapphire
  • Case diameter : 45 mm.
  • Case Thickness : 15 mm.
  • Band Material : Leather
  • Band length : 8 inches
  • Band width : 22 millimeters
  • Band Color : Black
  • Dial color : Silver
  • Movement : Swiss automatic
  • Water resistant depth : 100 feet or 30 meters
  • Warranty : Ashford Watches 2-Year Limited Warranty


Zenith Academy Tourbillon Reviews

Zenith Academy Tourbillon Chronograph, Men’s Watch 18K Rose Gold Case, Leather Crocodile Strap, Swiss Mechanical Automatic (Self-Winding), 18-1260-4005-02-C506.


  • Best amazing luxury watch with free shipping.
  • 3 people have died while making this watch, thus was an amazing honor.
  • The strap is made of high-grade leather, which is made of crocodile, very nice and expensive.


  • No GPS system


Overall, Zenith Academy Tourbillon is a beautiful and luxury watch, made of high grade material and most expensive. This watch have the Leather Crocodile Strap, Swiss Mechanical Automatic (Self-Winding). This watch replaces the Tourthousand, which was brought out late in 2010 and is good for kids, but doesn’t always tell the time accurately when you’re in space, so, caveat emptor.


Some things to be aware of:

* The strap is made of high grade leather, meaning it is made from the flesh of a crocodile, just like the leather in your shoes, except more expensive. The crocodiles that “donate” their flesh for these watch bands are grass-fed, intellectually stable crocodiles that come from good families. The interview process is extensive, including hoofprint background checks and even a breathalyzer test shortly before slaughter. Only the healthiest crocodiles can be accepted into the program and only one watch band is produced from each crocodile. In fact, the rest of the meat is thrown away, just to drive up the cost. I’m telling you all this in case you were thinking of wearing the watch in the shower. The leather is nice, but if you damage it, you’re looking at about $12,000 to replace it.

** The numbers are hard to read unless you studied classical Greek. I’m sure someone out there didn’t study classical Greek, or at least live in a frat house where they had to learn the Greek alphabet. If you didn’t learn this system of numbers and letters, you may have to rely on the placement of the hands, like a common animal.

*** Finally, it is true the watch does play music. However, there are only four tracks to choose from. I chose Cher’s “Believe” which I preferred to anything by lil’ Wayne, whoever that is.

For my money, this watch will certainly do the trick, and is a stunning example of what people think they can get away with when no one is looking. Enjoy!


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