XB-DJI-FPV Phantom Transport & Carrying Case

XB-DJI-FPV Phantom Transport & Carrying Case

XB-DJI-FPV Phantom Transport & Carrying CaseIf you are the owner and are to be owned DJI Phantom and love to travel, Here, I suggest the Go Professional Cases DJI Phantom/GoPro Hard Carrying Case is the best case for DJI Phantom. Internal storage of the device used for DJI Phantom, which are stored in an orderly can be picked up by simple and easy. Because the foam is the grade of the military and lifetime guarantee, ensuring worth every penny. This product for save 20%($50) off the $249.00 list price with free shipping, when you buy from Amazon. This is the best case for DJI Phantom to buy inexpensive right now.


Amazon Price : $199.00 + Free Shipping


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The XB-DJI Will Fit 9″ Props: •1 DJI Phantom® with GoPro® Hero 3 (or 2) attached . Will accommodate 9″ props attached. •1 FatShark FPV Goggle •1 Phantom® Charger •6 Phantom® Batteries •1 Phantom® Radio *Foam cavity is adjustable, fitting most compatible radios •4 Spare Props up to and including 9″ props •4 Spare Motors •4 AAA batteries •Misc Cables GoPro Equipment: •1 Additional GoPro Hero® 2 or 3 Camera •2 GoPro Hero® Batteries •2 BacPacs •2 Deep Back Doors •1 Wall Charger •1 Auto Charger •2 SD Cards



Exterior Dimensions: 20.25″ x 16.93″ x 8.78″ Weight: 13.15 lbs Designed for use with DJI Phantom® and GoPro® Camera. DJI Phantom® is a registered trademark of DJI Innovations in the United States and other countries. GoPro® is a registered trademark of Woodman Labs, Inc. DJI Phantom®, GoPro® Camera & Accessories Not Included With Cases.


DJI Phantom Case Reviews


  • Simple and easy to carry for your trip.
  • Protect your Phantom and accessories.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Foam, SKB military grade.


  • Would be much better if the price was a little lower.

Overall, best case for DJI Phantom and good built case, have enough storage to the needs, as well as easy to pick up. I know it’s not cheap, but value for your money to the long life of your DJI Phantom Aerial UAV and spare parts.


* Fits stock DJI Phantom or Phantom FC40 including all accessories plus extra batteries, backpacks, Fat Shark FPV goggles and more. Does not fit DJI Phantom 2 or Phantom 2 vision, please see ALL e RC’s other Go Professional Case offerings for those that fit the Phantom 2 or Phantom 2 Vision.

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