Wagan Tech Solar e Power Cube EL2546 1500 and EL2548 450 Review

Wagan Tech Solar e Power Cube EL2546 1500 and EL2548 450 Review


Wagan EL2546 Solar e Cube 1500If you are looking for an all-in-one solar power source with easy portable and fast setup. That right, you come to the right place and worth for money with Wagan EL2546 Solar e Cube 1500. This model provide power up to 1500 watts but if you want to lower power, the model Wagan EL2548 Solar e Case 450 is a best choice for you to provide 450 watts of power and lightweight only 41 lbs can be a shoulder bag.

Wagan EL2546 1500 is integrated 5x 16W mono-crystalline solar panels 80 watts included, optional for addition solar panels and batteries. The pros are the mobility, fast setup, instant power and self contained. With storage compartment, collapsible handle for easy to hold & dragging and can be easily moved by 2 wheels as an aid in the movement. Friendly and convenient to use with standard AC connect input, AutoDC and 2x USB (5V 1.0A and 2.1A) ports. For a full charge takes approximately 18 hours via solar panels alone.


Key Features (Wagan EL2546)

  • Easily portable, fast setup and instant with green power.
  • Charging options with Standard AC Connect input and AutoDC input.
  • Output sockets for most devices.
  • 2x 115V AC, 2x 12V DC outlet and 2x USB (@5V 2.1A and 1.0A USB) ports.
  • Integrated 5x 16W solar panels 80 watts included and optional for addition solar panels. Option for additional batteries.
  • 2-years warranty.


The period of the estimated useful lives are as follows.

 Wagan Tech Solar e Power Cube

Approximately for run times at off one full charge

  • Flat screen TV 6.5 hours
  • Small fridge 7.5 hours
  • Laptop computer 16 hours
  • Impact wrench 5 hours.
  • Cell phone 110 hours.

Wagan EL2546 Key Features   

This is a best choice portable power for your electrical devices with save money and green power. Very excellent in places that are far from the electric power system or uninhabitable. Wagan EL2546 is charged and available to use with the LED spotlights, microwaves, small refrigerator, TV, radio, impact wrench, laptops, Kindle or ereader, smartphones, iPad or tablet, mp3 player, etc. This product, you can click to find the special offers and product promotions on Amazon.


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Wagan EL2546 Storage Compartment


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