Best AV Receiver Under 1000-Yamaha RX-A820 Aventage Review

Yamaha RXA820 Receiver ReviewRX-A820 Review AV receiver under 1000 dollars

One of the Aventage series and best AV receiver under 1000 dollars which are designed to be high performance. YAMAHA RX-A820 has the ability to broadcast shepherding is absolutely spectacular to watch the full movie experience home with the highest. And can be used to listen music with melodic precision accurate as the original recorder.

“Average, as those who had used the YAMAHA RX-A820 good for user friendly and the reliability is satisfying. Many users rating the performance is very good. Moreover inexpensive and best budget av receiver by considering the features of RX-A820″.

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RX-A820 ReviewRX-A820 USB Digital Connection Port

RX-A820 is the youngest of the Series RX-A, which is a mid-level – height AVR  of the YAMAHA. Of course, the class name is “AVENTAGE” shall have the advanced features as well. When compared to the appearance of the A820 with A1010 (which is a series of prior year, for the year 2012 will be a model A1020) were found to be similar in both the outside – inside.

The expert designer of the Yamaha also takes into account the various factors that may affect the sound and discriminatory in the selection of all materials which qualified Anti-Resonance in meticulously assembled together. Then fine tuning everything to achieve working on the synergy of goals to make the RX-A820 with various abilities. So that listeners enjoy the entertainment experience in all aspects of revenue. Comparable to the standard audio studio, but with affordable rates and to want to own.


Highlights the Features of AVR Model A820

1. Front panel in polished aluminum, clean, beautiful and unique then also contributes to the prevention of electromagnetic interference from outside. That is, the A820 can operate efficiently on every environment.

RX-A820 A.R.T or Anti-Resonance Technology Using Wedge2. A.R.T or Anti-Resonance Technology: Using Wedge is a fifth foot installed below the center of the RX-A820, will act to reduce the vibration of the system due to internal factors etc transformer. For example, the vibration of the transformer, power transistors and heat sink etc. Including external factors Such as vibration caused by sound wave power of speakers. To reassure while watching will not symptoms of the undesirable and provide the viewing experience a higher level.

4K Pass_1.jpg3. Processing of A820 have the ability to manage A820 with video scaling to improve the quality of video content in non-standard HD to look better and upscaling supports latest high resolution video formats, to provide a smooth, clear equivalent class 4k passthrough receiver.

4. High Quality Video Processing is another feature that helps to reduce jagged edges. Provide a smooth and comfortable look even more natural.

HDMI 3D.jpg5. A820 has the ability to support 3D signal video also supports Audio Return Channel too. Have the ability to “received” and “sent” data with a single HDMI cable. Meaning that if you use the television with such systems as well. It can set the audio to be sent to the AVR as well.

6. Network Functions : Supports wide variety of networked systems such as using a PC for database systems. Operational control via remote control apps for both iOS and Andriod, including the use of Internet Radio.

That is, you can control the A820 without the remote control, but can be controlled via use of iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphones is quite advanced. Moreover you can use via Kindle Fire by free Kindle Fire app, help to control your music and media with ease.

Airplay.jpg7. Airplay functionality, which was to become one of the standard AV Receiver in this era. Allows you to easy play music files on iPod, iPhone or iPad via a wireless network.

8. USB Digital Connection on the front panel serves to read data from iPhone, iPad or iPod with no signal loss or interference and also support Storage Device, Flashdrive, External Harddrive or Other Device.

Zone Control.jpg9. Intelligent Zone Control : RX-A820 can use a separate zone between movies room and music room. Which can be done by a separate a 7.1 channel speaker system, and another set of speakers for 2 channel. If you enable these functions, A820 will disable the amplifier for the rear surround speakers output (only 5.1 channel).

YPAO.jpg10. YPAO R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control) : Set up an automated system to make tone of voice was fine in a standard studio. Without any skills or knowledge. YPAO.’s Yamaha is well known for menus are easy to understand and convenient to use.

You can also choose to set up the system to the proper shepherding, make sound evenly to the audience by up to 8 positions. Ensures that the fun and impress for everyone in the family to happens sure!.

11. Dialogue Lift and Dialogue Level Adjustment  : Yamaha has a longstanding reputation in the field of simulation realistic sound, as though the sound is not coming out of the speakers. And this is another one feature to help sound from the center speaker, which is placed in the lower screen are shown. Similarly, the direction of the sound is from the lips of the actors on screen, really.

12. The final feature of interest include the Adaptive DRC function. Dynamic Range Control mean? Control differences in the level of “the volume”. When “on” with watching movies so whisper speech, explosions all sound will be heard clearly and comfortably at the same volume setting. This is especially useful for nighttime without disturbing others. It was during this time that we can not adjust volume levels.


Summary of RX-A820 Av Receiver

Overall, the RX-A820 is the great sound quality and value for money. Can be used to watch movies with excellence, not losing any competitors. RX-A820 is an excellent choice top rated and cheap AV receiver for 7.2 home theater receiver.


From the list price $899.95 for sale low price to $699.00, you super save $200.95 (22%).


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