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Where Place To Buy Kindle Whitepaper ?Where Place To Buy Kindle Whitepaper

Today I had the opportunity to test the usability and to share information about the Kindle Whitepaper reviews. I would focus on the user experience rather than a different review, by going on every feature. Details are as follows.

Appearance is compact and handy, proportions similar to the Kindle Touch. The frame is black plastic and the screen display looks a little dent but shallower than Kindle Touch. The change from the IR for detect finger position on the screen to use screen capacitive touch screen. Makes responsive to touch more than to the Kindle Touch, but do not high expect (because the Kindle Paperwhite does not respond like to the general smartphone or tablet). At front frame is a smooth black plastic and left – right side of the unit without any buttons.

Below are the micro USB port, LED charging status and power button, no headphone jack. Because this model cut off the sound so there is no function to Text-To-Speech. But another view may be possible to focus on selling Audiobook on other channels.


Behind the smooth, rounded edges, easy handling and non-slip surface on the backKindle Paperwhite Back

Sized to be slightly narrower and shorter than the Kindle 3. Weight is 7.3 oz. and 7.6 oz. for 3G version is slightly heavier, when compared to feel a little lighter than the Kindle 3. However, is considered very light. Though internal memory capacity of 2GB but approximately 1.25 GB available for user content. Although less than the original but is considered sufficient for the general use, can store thousands of books. And you can download books via Cloud or via USB port.

Home screen of your Kindle Paperwhite show the book cover view mode. The the lower bar is the Recommended Content, which will only display the first page of Cover view mode. If we sliding to the second page, book bar will disappear.


For PDF book is presented as a box and write the name book instead

For people who do not like Cover view we can switch to List view that displays a list of books. The home page without any buttons to press, will show the toolbar at the top all the time. These include the Back to the Home button, Back button, Adjust the brightness buttons, Kindle Store, Search, and Menu.

Kindle Paperwhite Ads Cover View ModeOne distinctive feature of the Kindle Paperwhite is the backlight, we have to admit that the Amazon do homework well. Allows adjust lighting to equally light on the screen Makes reading in low light, such as a van or reading before bedtime is very convenient. The adjustment from 0 to 24 levels, for example in the dark room setting the level 3-4 can be eye comfortable reading. Even where there is sufficient light to read using the high backlight will make the background look more white, less green.

A little concerned , Scattered light has not reached perfection. If increase of the backlight will notice the bottom of the screen, 4 that are brighter than the other looks like a cone of light. Because they use 4 LEDs to light source for backlight.


Book Reading

Like the Kindle Touch, by activated through touch screen. After the selection of books, Kindle content to full screen without any toolbars. To enable the menu while reading a book. Can be done by pressing anywhere on the screen to display the menu as Kindle Touch.


Estimated time remaining to read feature (Time-to-Read)Kindle Paperwhite Estimated time remaining to read feature (Time-to-Read)

For reading mode, the lower left corner of the display shows the estimated time remaining to finish reading for any chapter. The system calculates the time we used to flip the page compared to the amount remaining content. If you press the bottom left corner, system will change to show the time it takes to read between the completing this chapter -> finish the book -> Book position.

The a personal comment, I don’t like this feature. Because I would not be interested in reading the limit time. Opposite want to enjoy the content in the book, rather than a race for time reading. But sometimes, many people may like this feature.


Magnetic cover

For Kindle Paperwhite, device comes with magnetic sensors. If you choose to use a magnetic cover that is made specifically Kindle Paperwhite will not have to fumble with the buttons On – Off anymore. If you read the book, it just opens the cover device will wake up to ready and if you stop reading just close the cover.

By a personal comment, I feel like this feature. Because may not be familiar with the use of power buttons. Include can be used Kindle Paperwhite with a cover instead clock at night too.

For those who wish to take Kindle Paperwhite to read PDF, I would say that is more impressive. The screen higher resolution, makes reading text better and can open the PDF file size 10-30 MB. If memory is not enough, the Paperwhite will display a warning message and brought back to the home page.

Observed the Kindle Paperwhite can support the links within the document but not compatible with Kindle Content (Table-of-Content) that will change the location can not be selected for the table of contents.


Images and cartoons

Image feature called the more difficult and not suitable for reading comics. Starting, rename the folder to load the image from the original pictures to images and Image Viewer does not remember the opening sequence of Images. But if a little effort was able to continue by conversion the CBZ file to Mobipocket (. Mobi) or PDF therefore, can be used.

Can pinch-zoom to both reading books and PDF, but it’s not instant response will be delayed for about half a second.



To read substantially the document PDF including wanting to surf the web, I recommend using the tablet to be more fitting. Because they are the RAM and CPU are potential enough to create a good user experience. For a device to read books then Kindle Paperwhite is quite interesting. With display higher resolution, magnetic cover and including features suitable to reading plus the prices are very affordable. Kindle Paperwhite is regarded as best ereader for pdfs.

Currently price at $119 for Kindle paperwhite and $189 for 3G with special offers and free shipping on


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