SSL LOPRO8 and LOPRO10 Review – Flat Underseat Amplifiered Subwoofer Reviews

SSL LOPRO8 and LOPRO10 Review – Flat Underseat Amplifiered Subwoofer Reviews

Most typical sizes of subwoofer under seat or back wall in your car and truck are diameter 8-inch and 10-inch slim. All this is a perfect fit with narrow spaces, created quality bass and affordable prices. I highly recommend 2 models of Sound Storm Laboratories that are SSL LOPRO8 and SSL LOPRO10 low price 50% with great features as following.

Under Seat Amplifier Subwoofer Buying Guide

Before the buying car powered subwoofers box, do not forget to check the area for installation, measured to be sure to make decisions and choose the right product. For a great selection of car subwoofer should consider the features and specifications carefully. The reviews of customers who have purchased, recommended to choosing from 4-star rating or more – as well as purchases through online market places that are reliable. Money in your pocket is regarded as one of the important things. If it’s not urgent, you may look for a moment of great deals for sale.

I have checked the Soundstorm LOPRO8 review and LOPRO10 review are available with 4.4 and 4.0 stars rating on Amazon and I do not think you’ll find a good deal until later than this time.



SSL LOPRO8 and LOPRO10 Comparison




 Sound Storm Laboratories SSL LOPRO8 Price  SSL LOPRO10 Review
Price $113.63 $120.99
Subwoofer Size 8 inches 10 inches
Voice Coil Type Single Single
Peak Power Handling 600 watts 1200 watts
RMS Power Handling 400 watts 800 watts
Signal to noise ratio/THD >90dB / <0.4% >90dB / <0.4%
Frequency Response 20 hertz – 150 hertz 20 hertz – 150 hertz
High Input Sensitivity 0.5V 0.6V
Low Input Sensitivity 110 mV 190 mV
Dimensions 13.7 x 9.8 x 2.8 inch 15.2 x 11.6 x 2.8 inch

Soundstorm LOPRO8 vs. LOPRO10


Both the SSL LOPRO8 and LOPRO10 are built-in amplifier that provide power itself and best low profile powered car subwoofer with slim shape for easy & fit installation in limited space under vehicle seat. And moreover if you own a pick-up, they can be installed very well on the back wall. The ultimate safety features are thermal, short circuit and overload protection – set of low pass filtering and surges, delay smoothly when using the remote control.

The range of low pass filter is 50Hz – 150Hz, subsonic filter range 20Hz-50Hz and frequency response 20 hertz to 150 hertz.

Power supply is made from the MOSFET PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) gives better performance, reliability, lightweight, smaller and lower cost – which this MOSEFET (Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) is ideal for electronics signals to switching and amp.

The LOPRO8 and LOPRO10 have 2 different inputs include RCA low and high level signal input, but the input voltage are different.

Both the powered under seat subwoofer LOPRO8 and LOPRO10 are compact and reasonable price.


The Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO8 use 8-inch subwoofer for bass drive offer power 400 watts RMS and LOPRO10 is 10 inches subwoofer for low frequency response give powerful 800 watts RMS.


The SSL LOPRO8 and LOPRO10 are really easy to installation under car seat, these powered subwoofers are quality woofer system and good choice at an inexpensive. These subwoofers can be easily installed under the driver’s seat or passenger’s seat in a many kinds of vehicles. They are low-profile helps you save the interior space of your car and the 2 models are great products by Sound Storm Laboratories.