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Kindle DX2 or Kindle DX Graphite ReviewKindle DX2 or Kinddle DX Graphite Review

Are you looking ebook reader for a simple, easy-to-read and a large screen?. Of course, you came to the right place and here is to hold and guaranteed by Amazon, so rest assured that the product you have purchased warranties delivered to you. Today introduced an ebook called Kindle DX graphite and here you’ll also find the reviews of people who have already purchased this product. And good news Kindle DX can now be shipped to customers outside the U.S.

To view briefly as follows:
In July 2010, Amazon launched the Kindle DX2 or Kindle DX Graphite or Kindle DX 3rd generation. With the new version is similar to Kindle DX1 White (old model). There will be differences in the display. The new model will have a 50% higher contrast or 10:1 contrast ratio. That means the Kindle DX Graphite has advantages in terms of contrast and image. , Overall Kindle DX2 is a better reading. More important in this period DX2 has promotional discount from the normal $239 price, the price dropped to $199 and free shipping. That means more value and the best large screen for e-reader.

Kindle DX Features

  • With up to 9.7 inches wide screen allows for clear reading, easier and more convenient
  • Read in bright sunlight with no glare
  • For a single charge, can be used long battery life to three weeks
  • Use free 3G wireless with no monthly or annual fee allows you to download books anywhere and anytime
  • Kindle DX can be read as easily in bright sunlight and easy to read in low light conditions
  • Kindle DX can 8-adjust the font size, and adjust the high-resolution and high-contrast screen level up to 16-level gray for text and pictures

Kindle DX Graphite vs Kinddle DX
Overview of the both can be divided into similarities and differences as following.

For a similar

  1. Large 9.7-inch screen makes the viewer to read the PDF, read newspapers and magazines easier and more convenient.
  2. Overall size as well as its advantages and some just 0.38 inches slim, which is similar to a general magazine.
  3. Size of 4GB memory which is enough to contain up to 3,500 books.
  4. The battery can be for a long time to 3 weeks in the case of off wireless.
  5. There are many books available for purchase or download for cheaper Prices.
  6. With wireless coverage worldwide free so you can download or surf the web.
  7. Convenient and quick, just one minute for the shop through Kindle ebooks store
  8. In the world of social network, add a simple and easy way to share the books to your friends via Facebook and Twitter.
  9. For reading PDF files, you can pan and zoom up to 300 times.
  10. Highlight a passage that is most popular in the book, including the number of people who have highlighted it.
  11. Protected by a password, you can be added the security code to your Kindle DX for purchase unintentionally.


  1. Kindle DX Graphite has improved slightly over the Kindle DX White.
  2. DX2 is very clear, lighter in color and prints much darker and sharper than DX1(Kindle DX White).

But if you own an older Kindle DX will not need to be replaced, except you do not have Kindle DX suggest that you buy the new device.

DX1 = Kindle DX White and DX2 = Kindle DX Graphite

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