Reviews the 970A-G43 PLUS MSI Motherboard with RX560 for Mining

How To Low Cost Mid Hashrate Mining Using AMD RX560 GPU Card?

This is my review of using a MSI 970A-G43 Plus motherboard with AMD Athlon X4 860K CPU and Sapphire Radeon PULSE RX 560 2GB GDDR5 for mining. From the situation, the value of Bitcoin has increased, so I have tried to find a cheap tool in mining. In mining, it will provide excellent performance, should a processor (CPU) coupled to the video card (GPU) in order to solve various algorithms. One of the families of central processing units that I am confident in solving the problem is AMD, and of course, it must be compatible graphics card with AMD, plus the choice of motherboards that support both.

And most certainly – I always have second plan, if they are not productive in mining. Another solution is that I can bring them to a desktop computer for general use or not for smoother gaming.


And now it is well known that graphics cards such as RX470 and RX570 that are very effective in mining are very rare and also expensive cost up to 3 times. The cheaper option is the graphics card with less specification, but it still gives a good mining capacity. So I look for two RX560 model – is cheaper than half of the first two models.

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After completing the hardware installation, test mining the coins; for two RX560 and a RX560 GPU the end result is no different, the efficiency of digging coins is equal. So I opted for just one graphics card to save power. The results of the first three days of mining were considered to be satisfactory, is estimated that no more than 2-3 months worth of capital. I paid for the PC mining is about 600 dollars. You can do it yourself easy at your home with hashrate mining 300-600 H/s.

This MSI 970 motherboard compatible graphics card RX560 and RX570, if the price of RX570 is come back to normal – you can buy it to replace the this RX560.


Almost forgot to notice, I’m installation window10 for this mining, and 970A-G43 Plus ports as shown below.


Main Hardware for Mining

  1. MSI Motherboard 970A-G43 PLUS : $83.42
  2. AMD Athlon X4 860K : $54.95
  3. Sapphire Radeon PULSE RX 560 2GB GDDR5 : 2x $139.99
  4. 8GB DDR3 1600 MHZ : $63.99
  5. Cooler Case : $65
  6. Other