Difference Between Bissell 86T3 and BG10

Compare Bissell 86T3 and BG10

Whether using a carpet cleaner at your office or at home. What is the best price and feature between the Bissell 86T3 and BG10?

Both Bissell Big Green 86T3 carpet cleaner and Bissell BigGreen BG10 Commercial are one of the perfect for home equipment and office cleaning tools. But both have the same and different features.Which is a right Carpet cleaner for you?

This is major differences of Bissell BigGreen 86T3 vs BG10 with compare specs side by side – What’s the same and difference?

Cleaning Design:

The suction power on the 86T3 and BG10 allow heavy-duty suction power works extra hard to lift and extract dirt and odors out of your carpet and upholstery. The both have two large capacity tanks for clean and dirt water separated, and easy to move for easy filling make you easy cleanup. They both have 2 motors and all schematic and components are exactly the same. The both made from high quality materials and durable.

Cleaning Path:

The Biggreen BG10 has a cleaning path width of 10 inches versus 10.5-inch on the Biggreen 86T3 (The Biggreen 86T3 is wider than BG10).

Hose Length:

The cleaning hose length at 9 ft. and wide 6” (included) on BigGreen 86T3 while the Big Green Commercial BG10 is optional must be purchased separately (10 ft and 5.5” wide upholstery tool) with prices below 50 dollars. If you do not hurry and intend to wait, sometime buying the Commercial BG10 is batter deal than the Professional 86T3 model.

Power Rating:

The The BigGreen 86T3 and the BigGreen BG10 have power ratings are 12 amperes at 120 volts make to powerful suction even in small niches and edge.

Power Cord Length:

The color of the power cord is very different, that is, yellow is a model of the BG10, and the 86T3 is black, it is not related to the use. Both models have the same length is 25 feet, allows you to clean up most areas of diameter up to 50 feet in the home. And the handle has power cord storage for winding the cord when not in use.

Dirt Tank Capacity:

Same as the 1.75 gallons for dirt tank of Bissell BigGreen 86T3 and BG10.

Use For:

Carpet, upholstery, auto, low pile carpet and stairs.


The dimensions of Bissell 86T3 and BG10 models are the same that means 42” height, 20.5” depth and 11” width but while the 86T3 = 40.6 lbs and BG10 = 42 lbs.


The Bissell Biggreen 86T3 carries a 5 years warranty whereas the BG10 model is only 1 year limited warranty.



They have 2 motors, 2 large tank capacities and are same carpet cleaning machines with a few differences. The 86T3 come with a black power cord, accessories kit and come with 5 years warranty. The Bissell BG10 model has a one year warranty and a yellow power cord, must be purchased separately for an additional nearly 50 dollars (to buy accessories like as hose and upholstery tool). They both can be cleaned both forward and backward. The 86T3 and BG10 are home and office cleaning tools worth the money to pay every penny.

Finally, I hope you understand Bissell Big Green BG10 vs 86T3. You can read more detail the reviews. Two Bissell BigGreen have been the customer reviews online: Bissell Big Green Professional 86T3 and BigGreen Commercial BG10 Deep Cleaning.