Canon 5D MK3 vs Nikon D810 and Canon 5D MKIII vs Nikon D750

Canon 5D MKIII vs Nikon D810 and Canon 5D MKIII vs Nikon D750 Comparison

CN-5260B002 Canon 5D MK3 vs Nikon D810 and Canon 5D MKIII vs Nikon D750

This section present compare between Canon 5D MK3 and both Nikon D810 and D750. All three models are full frame DSLR digital cameras that best seller on Amazon. The Canon 5D MK3 is a best mid level DSLR with mid range features, D750 is fit for entry level full frame DSLR to mid level Nikon DSLR with low cost but provide enough features to the photography enthusiasts, and D810 Nikon DSLR lineup model is a high-end DSLR camera suitable for with powerful professional tools and 36 MP. Both Nikon uses Expeed 4 image-processing engine that delivered your photos and videos stunning color – improved image quality.

Compare 5DM3, D810 and D750 Chart

The chart below shows the comparison features and specs with same and difference between full frame DSLR Canon 5D Mark III, Nikon D810 and Nikon D750.

Best Mid Level DSLR



Canon 5D MK3

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Best Prosumer DSLR 2015



Nikon D810 FX DSLR

Nikon D810

Best DSLR Camera for Intermediate – Best Mid Range Nikon DSLR

Nikon D750 Price

Nikon D750

– Customer Reviews Rating
4.8/5 Stars 4.5/5 Stars 4.7/5 Stars
– Price Rate
$$ (Mid-price) $$$ (Expensive) $ (Cheapest)
– Image Resolution
22.3 Mega pixels 36.3 Mega pixels 24.3 Mega pixels
– Image Sensor
– Sensor / Pixel Size
36.0x24mm / 6.25 microns 35.9x24mm / 5.9 microns 35.9x24mm / 5.9 microns
– Processor
Digic 5+ EXPEED 4 EXPEED 4
– ISO Range
ISO 100-25,600 expandable up to 102,400 ISO 64-12,800 expandable up to 51,200 ISO 100-12,800 expandable up to 51,200
– Image Stabilization




– Built-in Flash
No Yes Yes
– Flash Sync Speed
1/200 second 1/250 second 1/200 second
– ViewFinder Type




– Viewfinder Magnification
0.71x 0.7x 0.7x
– Weather Sealed Body
Yes Yes Yes
– Shutter Speed Range

30-1/8000 seconds

30-1/8000 seconds

30-1/4000 seconds

– Shutter Durability Rate
150,000 cycles 150,000 cycles 150,000 cycles
– Memory Type



SD/SDHC/SDXC (Dual Slots)

– LCD Display
3.2 inch 1,040K dot fixed 3.2 inch 1,229K dot fixed 3.2 inch 1,229K dot with tilting
– Continuous Capture (FPS)
6 frame per second 5 frame per second 6.5 frame per second
– Autofocus Points
61 AF (41 cross-type) 51 AF (15 cross-type) 51 AF (15 cross-type)
– Video Performance
Full HD 1080 at 30/25/24p, 720(60p/50p), 480 (30p/25p) Full HD 1080 at 60/50/30/25/24p Full HD 1080 at 60/50/30/25/24p
– Audio Recording

Built-in mono microphone

Built-in mono microphone

Built-in stereo microphone

– Wi-Fi Connectivity

Option wireless

Optional WU-1b wireless

Built-in Wi-Fi

– USB Port
USB 2.0 USB 3.0 USB 3.0
– Battery Life
950 shots (CIPA) 1,200 shots (CIPA) 1,230 shots (CIPA)
– Dimensions

4.57×2.99×5.98 inch, 2.09 lbs

4.84×3.23×5.75 inch, 2.16 lbs

4.45×3.07×5.55 inch, 1.65lbs


Pros and Cons:

Canon EOS 5D MkIII Bundle

Canon 5D Mark3: This model upgrade from 5D Mark II, has a variety of names such as “5D Mark III” or “5D Mark3” or “5DMK3” or “5D MKIII” or “Canon 5260B002” depending on the user that is named so easy and convenient to called. The CN-5260B002 5D M3 body made of full magnesium alloy that advantages are lightweight and very durable. The control dial provide smoother and softer than 5D Mark II, offer 100% viewfinder. The 5D Mark III use Digic 5+ processor powerful 17x faster than 5D Mark II. The Silence shutter mode is a most useful for photography that quiet such as seminar or conference room or other room that unwanted noise. The 5D Mark III is a mid price rate DSLR between both Nikon models and this is a best entry level professional DSLR camera with features weather-sealed, high resolution & detail in Raw files and strong video.


Canon 5D MK3 vs Nikon D810

This is Canon 5D Mark iii versus Nikon D810 with outstanding main features comparison.

Canon 5D Mark III Better than Nikon D810
  • The advantage of Canon 5260B002 that superiority the Nikon D810 are larger sensor with 6.25 vs. 5.9 microns, this feature provide better low light and dynamic range to image quality.
  • Higher extendable ISO give greater low-light flexibility (expandable up to 102,400 vs 51,200)
  • Improve autofocus performance 61 AF vs. 51 AF and 41 vs. 15 cross type
  • Faster continuous shooting 6fps versus 5 fps that is approx. 20% faster burst shutter.
  • 10% smaller, 10% thinner and lighter than 4.57×2.99×5.98 inch, 2.09lbs vs 4.84×3.23×5.75 inch, 2.16 lbs
  • The price of body only the 5D Mark III is cheaper than D810 (approx. $300 for price difference)

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Nikon D810 advantage over Canon 5D Mark III
  • The most obvious difference is the resolution of the photograph of the D810 higher than 5D mark 3 ref. from both specs are 36.3 vs. 22.3 megapixels.
  • The Nikon D810 provide capturing photos in low light condition with less noise (2,853 vs. 2,293 ISO).
  • With features of a wider dynamic range enables detailed highlights and shadows better (14.8 versus 11.7 EVS).
  • The D810 built-in flash but 5D MK3 is not.
  • The 3.2″ display has higher resolution (1,229K dots vs. 1,040K dots)
  • Battery life is longer than 5D MKIII (1,200 shots vs 950 shots CIPA) so make capture more photos.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III Nikon D810 Equivalent
  • You will be able to frame the image, even when the sun is out with “eye-level viewfinder”.
  • Gives you the quality of sound in a wider area in the function of a video recorder through an “external microphone” and you able viewing your video via 3.2 inches display or external screen via HDMI port also headphone jack available for listen to the sound recording.
  • Dual card slots: Allow you more storage best experience both image capturing and video recording.


Canon 5D Mark iii versus Nikon D750

TOP LCD for Canon 5D MK3

All these are reason to choose Canon 5D MkIII to affordable and best DSLR camera for intermediate 2015.

Canon 5D Mark III Better than Nikon D750
  • Optimized 100% higher boost ISO give you better maximum light sensitivity (ISO 102,400 vs 51,200)
  • Approximately 5% larger sensor pixels area (25 vs 5.9 microns)
  • The 5D MarkIII powerful 2x faster than maximum shutter speed (1/8000 vs 1/4000 second)
  • Provide better and more autofocus difficult situations (61 vs. 51 AF and 41 vs. 15 cross type)
  • Usage the more grip with a little thinner than the D750 (2.99″ vs 3.07″)


Nikon D750 advantage over Canon 5D Mark III

Using new technology to produce the camera, forming a one-piece structure (monocoque DSLR) made of magnesium alloy. This D750 is a first camera cut molding process with seamlessly so strong without a frame inside as a result smallest and lightest camera.

  • Cheapest price and more save with built-in flash (Start at $1896.95 vs $2,499)
  • Offer higher resolution display and can be flip screen (1,229K with tilting vs 1,040K dots)
  • Around 10% better max. resolution (24.3 versus 22.3 MP)
  • You can more shooting the photos up to 1,230 shots when compare the 5D MK3 capturing just 950 shots.
  • The Nikon D750 provide burst rate 6.5 frame per second but found in this Canon 5D MK3 only 6 fps. (around 8% faster)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for sharing and transferring allow easily wireless connect via smartphone or tablet – for controlling the camera and transfer the data.
  • Canon D750 features built-in stereo microphone but Canon 5D M3 has a single microphone.
  • Overall, there are more compact and lighter. Helping to reduce fatigue when used for a long time (1.65 vs 2.09 lbs).

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Same Features Between Canon 5D Mark III and Nikon D750
  • The both LCD size models is big 3.2″ display and top LCD display allows to view and change settings easily.
  • Complete to very handy to portraits with face detection focus
  • Optical viewfinder give better image quality
  • Give better image quality with Raw file support
  • Microphone and headphone port for video with best audio recording experience.
  • Feature environment for seal against water and dust very well help you not miss impression shots through every conditions.


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