Black&Decker Hand Vac CHV1410L vs BDH2000PL vs HHVI320JR02 and BDH2000L vs BDH2000PL

B&D Hand Vac CHV1410L vs BDH2000PL vs HHVI320JR02 vs BDH2000L

Vacuum cleaners are household appliances or automotive appliances that save energy and time to clean. Using a vacuum cleaner only a few minutes a week will help your home or car to be clean, free of dust and bacteria that could damage your health and your family. Regular cleaning also reduces allergic and respiratory diseases.

Nowadays, the design of the cord and cordless vacuum cleaner provides the user with a more convenient grip. The specialty of the vacuum cleaner is a handle or a broom is small, lightweight and easy to clean in many surfaces and areas.

How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner Handle?

Before you choosing a best Black&Decker vacuum cleaner. Buyer’s Guide should read and consider the following.

  1. The key must be lightweight, handle and hold easy, so to facilitate the housekeeper or butler fully. This type of vacuum cleaner should be compact, lightweight and easy to move.
  2. In addition, the features are important not to be neglected, some vacuum cleaners have large motors attached to the handle to increase the weight, so the use of hand fatigue.
  3. You probably never know the machine. Is it right for you to use it? Before you buy, first read the user reviews. It will make the decision easier.
  4. The convenience of using a wireless vacuum cleaner is to clean at some point where hard access or power cord is not reaching. So you do not have to waste time unplugging and pulling the power cord to the area where you need it.
  5. Easy to maintain is important. Choose a VAC that is low maintenance and easy.
  6. In addition to the beautiful design, storage is perfect and it is better if it works silently. It may not be good, if the conversation but you can not hear the voice while you are using a vacuum cleaner or the sound of a machine may disturb the home member.
  7. The charging time and usage is very important. The typical usage should not be less than 15 minutes and should not exceed 4 hours for charging.
  8. The power of the suction is strong enough, it is necessary to allow for easier cleaning. But the high suction power does not mean that the vacuum cleaner is always good. A good vacuum cleaner should have a head and a brush that is perfectly designed to reach multiple areas, either narrow or wide.


One of the most popular ways to choose a vacuum cleaner is to compare the main features of the two models. In this section, compare four Black&Decker vacuum cleaners by each pair.


CHV1410L vs BDH2000PL

Compare features side by side between CHV1410L and BDH2000PL models are best cordless handheld VAC. The following are the highlights of each model – What’s the Difference?

Comparison Chart BLACK+DECKER Handheld Vacuum Cleaners CHV1410L and BDH2000PL







Suction Power 15.2 watts 35 watts
Nozzle Design 180 degrees rotating slim nozzle Wider nozzle and pivoting up and down
Dust Cup Design Opening on top and bottom Opening the side
Capacity 20.6 oz. 15 oz.
Battery 16 volts Lithium ion 20 volts Lithium ion
Weight 2.6 lbs 3 lbs
Warranty 2-year 2-year



Pros: This handy VACs is very affordable that Lightweight and dirt bowl capacity larger than the BDH2000PL.

Cons: Some people may not like smaller nozzles.



Pros: Specially designed with pivots nozzle can be cleaned on high or low or even limited space, wide-mouth design eliminates large debris.

Cons: The dustbowl capacity is relatively less when compared to the CHV1410L model.


CHV1410L vs HHVI320JR02

The Black Decker CHV1410L versus the Black Decker HHVI320JR02. These comparisons between two models of the B&D hand VAC brand.

The main difference of specs between the Black and Decker HHVI320JR02 vs CHV1410L are as follows:

Suction Power:

The CHV1410L has a suction power of 15.2 air watts versus 16 air watts on the HHVI320JR02.

Nozzle Design:

The CHV1410L allows 180 degrees rotating slim nozzle, flip up brush and extendable crevice tool for a variety of applications, removable makes you cleansing easier, washable dirt bowl and filters for thorough cleaning whereas the slim nozzle fits into tight space on the HHVI320JR02.

Dust Cup Design:

The CHV1410L and HHVI320JR02 models have the opening at the front and translucent bagless dirt bowl for easy to see dirt and empty.


The both models have a dustbowl capacity of 20.6 oz.


CHV1410L model included a 16volts while the HHVI320JR02 use 10.8 volts, both models use lithium-ion batteries and this type of battery provides more powerful. The CHV1410L allows the use of up to 15-20 minutes per 4 hours for full charge and long lasting up to 18 months but the HHVI320JR02 has long charge duration up to 13.5 hrs. Both have wall mount for one-step charging and storage.


The HHVI320JR02 is lighter than the CHV1410L (2.4 lbs versus 2.6 lbs)


Two products are backed by a 2 year limited warranty.


BDH2000L vs. BDH2000PL

The both cordless hand vacuum cleaners of home equipment, they are designed with a glossy body, compact and lightweight below 5 pounds.

The main difference between Black and Decker handheld vacuum BDH2000L and BDH2000PL are as follows:

Nozzle Design:

The BDH2000L has long reach and pivoting nozzle with built in cleaning accessories – ideals for cleanup of dust, pet hair and crumbs in limit area, you able click-off nozzle and can be wash filter and bowl allow for easy emptying of debris.

The BDH2000PL can be cleaned every corner of your home or office within minutes. With a perfect designed for easy to use and most effective. And the BDH2000PL has special feature designed with wider nozzle and pivoting up and down.

Suction Power and Battery:

The both use the same type of battery, powered by 20volts Lithium ion battery that come with a wall mountable can be charged on the wall. The power of BLACK+DECKER BDH2000L and BDH2000PL are quite distinctly different (24 vs 35 watts).

Dust Cup Design:

This BDH2000L has the opening on top and bottom while the dust cup designed of the BDH2000PL model by opening the side.


The BDH2000L has a bin contains 20.6 ounces, while the BDH2000PL model has a capacity of 15 ounces.


The BDH2000L is heavier than the BDH2000PL that meaning 5 lbs versus 3 lbs.


There is a 3 years warranty on BDH2000L but while the BDH2000PL is 2 years warranty.