PCB-120US-K1 and A3.2-120V-US Sous Vide By Anova Culinary Precision

Anova Culinary Wifi and Bluetooth Comparison


How to Cook Sous Vide? Sous Vide is a popular modern cooking method, this will give you an excellent quality of food – due to the right temperature and time control, allows soft food and excellent taste.This process of cooking is done by placing the meat in a plastic bag and then into a vacuum and sealed. Then put it in a boiling pot containing hot water with temperature sensor & control for several hours until the food is cooked. (This hot water is controlled through a Sous Vide). This method is invented by French chefs, nowadays is very popular in restaurants as well as large food factories, because they can control food quality very well.


From the past, this Sous Vide device was relatively high cost and later developed into a small system for household use, so the price was very cheap.

The appearance of this model is a rod, above is a control dial displaying the current and setting water temperature, and the bottom part is the heater. The application will dip the bottom into a pot filled with water and will have a motor for rotating the impeller to allow the water to circulate, allowing the water temperature to consistently.


Operation will dip the bottom into a pot filled with water, the motor will rotate the impeller to allow water to flow to help keep the water temperature consistent. The operation is quite convenient, you can slide up – down, and this adjusts the screw to a ring that attaches to the side of the pot.

Add convenience to you through a Bluetooth connection. You can control start, stop and monitor your cooking via mobile phone. Another advantage is that you can go do other tasks without waiting in the kitchen. This Anova Culinary Sous Vide supports a wide range of cook such as meat, salmon, fish, vegetable soup and desserts.


This Anova app also contains more than a thousand recipes with each step of cooking from professional chefs. Lets you manage your cook remotely, so you can spend less time tied to the kitchen and have more time with your loved ones.


Buy Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker worth it now without promo code but with deal to lowest price allow you save 15%-26% only nearly $100 for 800 watts model and approx $160 for Wifi 2nd Gen 900 watts, and also come with special offers and promotions on Amazon.


Anova Bluetooth vs Wifi

This below table is compare Anova Wifi vs Bluetooth model of Sous Vide. The price difference, the both will have differences as well as the Anova Bluetooth model to be smaller than the Anova Wifi, so to power Joule (watts heating) less. The Wifi version provides to wider range connects than Bluetooth version.





Anova Model


Bluetooth Connectivity Wifi + Bluetooth
Shorter Remote Distance Longer
800 watts Power 900 watts
Slower Reach Time to max. Temp Faster
11.0”L x 1.85”Dia Size 14.75”L x 2.2”Dia
$109.99 at Amazon Price $169.00 at Amazon

Price on June 11,2017 at 07:46 AM PST


Because they are small size can be stored easily and conveniently, even in the kitchen drawer. Of course, the Wifi version offers time to reach at 135 degree Fahrenheit less than Bluetooth version because power 900-watt versus 800-watt.



Both Anova Sous Vide help keep your favorite foods moisturized and soften delicious. The immersion dips of both circulators are very accurate, user-friendly, and compatible with other containers. The addition of Wi-Fi allows you to remotely set up your machine, these is afar smart home technology.

The Anova Wi-Fi is the best for home cooks due low price, compact and flexibility use. But one of cheapest and saving lower wattage, the Bluetooth is a perfect for Sous Vide cooking.