Review TP-LINK TD-W8970 Best Wireless Router Under 100 Dollars

Review TP-LINK TD-W8970 Best Wireless Router Under 100 Dollars

Wireless Network ConceptMy idea came from the my home and small office to need for use the Wi-Fi internet sharing, data/files sharing and printing via wireless network with easy setup. After searching information on the internet, I have found the right of wireless modem router that is TP-LINK TD-W8970 with the best cheap under $100 and very easily to setup. Can be installed a this wireless network on both window XP and Win7. With a standalone (without to connect any computer) and no need to connect the computer via LAN cable (wireless connection), and direct connected the Hard disk drive, Printer via 2-USB ports to W8970 for files sharing and printer sharing. Moreover, I can be connect your PC up to 4 LAN cable via Ethernet ports (behind the unit). It great work and I have written the application setting guide to benefit for interested user.


How To Connect TP LINK TD-W8970 Wireless Router

First, I buy online the TP-LINK TD-W8970 Wireless N300 with the low price and looking to buy a Seagate Hard Drive 1 TB with great value. And I want a Wi-Fi USB adapter for PC (I have already owned 2 years ago) by TP-LINK TL-WN721N for 150 Mbps Wireless Lite N and Tenda USB W311U+ 150Mbps Wireless N High Power but notebook and tablet not require because they are have wireless built-in already. But if you want to work efficiently and appropriately, I would suggest is the best compatible for TP-LINK TL-WN851N 300Mbps Wireless N PCI Adapter and TL-WN821N Wireless N300 USB Adapter 300Mbps. We see the installation procedure, as detailed below.


Wireless Routers Explained TP-LINK TD-W8970 Setup Step by Step

1. Connect the all cable between TPLINK W8970 and computer(PC or notebook).

 Devices Connected Before Setup

Connect the Router Wireless (Power Adapter, USB (HDD), Printer(USB) and LAN cable to computer, not forget turn on the W8970 switch )

2. Install TD-W8970 driver from CD to computer.

Setting Before Devices Connected_1

3. First access, for Internet Explorer or FireFox or Google Chrome at address: for setting the Network, Wireless, USB Setting, CWMP Setting and etc.

Login Admin

4. Enter User Name: admin and Password: admin (for the first)

Access to Status tab–> Basic Status , report the every detail setting.

Login Admin Status Tab

Network–>LAN Setting  , I change IP Address to

Start IP Address, start setting IP , I choose

End IP Address, for 100 number connection :

For Limited 100 client to connections ( –

LAN Setting

Can be setting for wireless network name, Wireless—>Basic Setting, SSID: Design

 Basic Setting 2

Wireless—>Wireless Security, if no need security—>Disable Wireless Security selection

Wireless Security

but for security, I choose setting WPA/WPA2 and enter password setting.


For USB Setting—>USB Mass Storage , found my USB Storage size 8 GB (the hard drive virtual) via USB port and next time, I change the 1TB Seagate for save and files sharing of my small wireless network.

 USB Mass Storage

At the Operation Mode tab, setting the Wireless Router Mode

 Operation Mode

System Tools—>CWMP Setting to change the user name and password login by click the Connection Request Authentication and change the user name + password.

 CWMP Settings

For Client setting, at the Local Area Properties Setting. Right click on the Wireless Network Connection —> Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), following setting figure.

Local Area Connection Properties Setting


Printer and Scanner Sharing On Wireless LAN Setup

Installing printer driver from CD and when completed, the USB Printer Controller icon to appear on desktop, double click on this icon to TP-LINK USB Printer Controller after that Auto-Connected Printer setting to standby printer if already. Installed all computer on the this network. Can be check the printer model for W8970 support.

 Setup Wizard

USB Printer Controller


Files Sharing On Wireless LAN Setting

After login by admin, go to the USB Setting —> User Accounts, for index 1 : Admin and index 2-5 for 4 clients to connect the files sharing. I create the user account by user1, user2, user3 and user4 not forget the password and permits setting for the access to share permission.

User Account Setting

User Accounts

Moreover, can be setting for the access to some folders, by go to the USB Setting —> FTP Server for share folder to access permission, can be setting for Full-Access (F), Read Only (R) and No-Access (N) of each user for the full-access permission (Read & Write).

In this, I setting the share folder name “ShareFiles”, for Admin can be Full-Access and user1 (or User Index 2) to user4 (or User Index 5) just for Read-Only.

 FTP Server Setting

Storage Sharing Settings

Access To FTP Server Guide

For admin, go to the My Computer Explorer at the Address, writing: and then enter the admin  username and password to connection hard drive for files sharing.

FTP Files Access

And other client computer, similar to the administrator (admin login) but use name & password of the user1, user2, user3 and user4 to files sharing access permission (not forget the right password for files access).

 Review TP-LINK TD-W8970 Best Wireless Router Under 100 Dollars

Moreover, my smartphones and tablets to easily connect the internet via this wireless network just enter the right password WPA2 for connection. Here are my small wireless network, I was happy and very comfortable for use. This is a low cost for great wireless router under $100, just for you $77.00 on Amazon marketplace. Make the wireless network DIY for your hands, the W8970 is a good FTP File Transfer Protocol to sharing USB storage device with connected to modem router best for small wireless network.


*For printing, if not response, double click “USB Printer Controller” on desktop icon to the ready for automatic setting active the printer and after to used “close this program” for the other client to the printer standby status. And using the scanner, double click ” USB Printer Controller” icon and active the “Connect for Scanning” icon and when you’re done, not forget close the program.

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