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PS3 Super Slim 500GB Review

PS3 Super Slim Worth BuyingFor person who loves playing games that are looking for playstation 3 console cheapest price and worth it. Playstation 3 Super Slim 500GB Console is new compact design, smaller than 25%, excellent both audio and video. Perfect redesigning the architecture, interior design. Weight and internal volume of the new PS3 is reduced by more than half compared to the first PS3 model with 60GB hard drive. By adopting a sliding disk cover, the new PS3 continues with the characteristic sleek curved simple body design.

To suit various locations in the your home and allows the user to enjoy the substantive dimension of entertainment. In addition, the new PS3 with 12GB of flash memory, a chance to experience the world of Playstation at the 500GB PS3 worth it. Users can also expand the capacity of the new PS3 with 12GB flash memory by connecting a dedicated HDD (250GB) to released along with the new PS3.

This is the 500GB PS3 Worth It

When you are involved in your game, you will not see it, except during loading screens or during quiet time especially. The storage 500GB size is more than enough. With the list price $479.99 for sale to $305.68, saving your money up to $174.31 (36%). and here, you can read the user reviews for Playstation 3 Super Slim 500GB Console to ensure that it has been a great product and worth the price on I do not think you will find a better offer until later this time.

Should I Buy A PS3 Super Slim Console

This product is a great, nice sleek and fast response with 500GB of hard drive space is sufficient for playing games to store more of your digital life including games, music, photos and videos. With an applied sliding cover disc of the new PS3 continues to offer the sleek curved body design looks simple. I recommend this product.


SpecificationPS3 Super Slim 500GB Review

  • HDD Capacity : 500GB
  • Media Type : Blu-ray
  • Color : Black
  • Format : PS3
  • Media Centre Extender
  • Online Gaming Facility
  • Web Browser
  • DLNA Compliant
  • 1 Controller Included
  • Max. Display Resolution : 1920×1080
  • Wireless Network Adapter : 802.11g
  • Sound Output : 5.1 Surround
  • Audio Output : Digital-Optical

Buy PS3 Super Slim Console4.2 out of 5 Stars Rating



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