Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Road Bike Newbie 2017

Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Road Bike Newbie 2017

“Big things has small beginning” starter riders must have first rd bike that affordable price but which bike that fit for me? Read more details the “Choosing A Best Road Bike On A Budget” to inexpensive road bike for beginners and beginners guide to road cycling.

This year 2017, I recommended bikes for beginners with cheap and most value for money and they use good Shimano component levels to more trust and long durability. In this year with a new bike that was launched into the market, there are many brands of interest so if you’re choosing the right road bike newbie under the budget that you are purchasable.

In this section, I would suggest 2 models of Schwinn Phocus are 1400 and 1600 rd., bikes with inexpensive price idea for newbie riding. This Schwinn brand was founded in 1895 with a long experience of more than 120 years. The bike has developed quality and reliability to the present. The Schwinn bicycle was designed for and suited to of all ages from children to adults, including men and women, and help families are happy to have the activities in cycling, relaxation and exercise together.


First Road Bike Under $300

Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle, Black

Schwinn Phocus 1400 700C is another great bike that I recommend for people who are starting a ride with designed, reasonable prices plus the enough quality and equipped with the features you need on the road as you ride. The 700C of wheel size and rims made of high profile alloy gives aerodynamic, lightweight but enough strong, tube size is 19-26 and weight is 39.8 lbs. You are ease adjustable the height of saddle.

Schwinn S4036A features black aluminum frame and strong front fork with drop handle bar, mechanism of both front & rear brakes at wheel rims. Uses Shimano A050 shifters and rear derailleur of 14 speeds. SR Suntour alloy crank set offering a wide gear range.


This Phocus 1400 bike is comfortable and affordable price on the tight budget, and more benefit from aluminum frame offers lightweight enables easier and faster ride and transportation. The cable link is mounted under top tube for greater safety for the rider.

Cheapest bike on Amazon, the Guy Phocus 1400 offers retails price for $291.99 and free shipping.

Buy Cheap Schwinn Phocus 1400 700C


New road biker below 500 Bucks

Schwinn Phocus 1600 Bike 700c 56CM Frame

Another model that is ideal for next step of new riders for buy to test and find their own style.  The advantage of this model is that you do not have to spend much to get a high-performance bike with best satisfy reviewed of 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon 

Specs: The large 18 inches frame of Schwinn mens Phocus 1600 fit for adult riders,  equipped Shimano drivetrain 16 speeds rear derailleur, Promax brakes, aluminum high profile rims for protect the rust and corrosion. The front wheels are easy to assemble and disassemble for easy transport and storage.

The Schwinn S5492 model is lighter than Schwinn S4036A(1400) because material made from aluminum frame with carbon fiber fork. There are two color options, black and silver frames.

Link to Amazon to update price


Below table is compare between Schwinn Phocus road bike model 1400 and 1600.

Schwinn Phocus 1400 vs 1600


Schwinn Phocus 1400

Schwinn Phocus 1600

Price $291.99 Starting at $451.55
Color Black Black/Silver
Frame Material Aluminum Aluminum
Fork Material Aluminum Carbon Fiber
Frame Size 56 cm 56 cm
Wheel Size 700c 700c
Speed No. 14 speeds 16 speeds
Shifter & Derailleur Shimano Shimano
Weight 39.8 lbs 35 lbs


Two models of Schwinn Phocus road bike perfect for typical commuting to school or ride to work with enjoy cycling and workout. They are made from the finest grade materials, strong welding joints and reliable thus allow for very long use – considered profitable and most value for money. Both bikes are popular choice for beginner mens (1400) and intermediate riders (1600), perfect size for people with a height between 5’ 10” – 6’ 2”.


4SCOUT Drive Medical Spitfire Four Wheel Scooter for Adults

Drive Medical SFSCOUT4 Spitfire 4 Wheel Travel Power Scooter

Be sure! You will be more confident than three wheels also comfortable seat.

Usage is relatively comfortable with power from the battery gives very quiet as possible without disturbing those around you and can be recharged. Usage is quite comfortable with power from the battery and can be recharged.

>>> Read more the SFSCOUT4 Spitfire reviews



You sit comfortably with a seat width of 16.5 inches, the height is adjustable and adjust the width of the armrests. Come with front basket for even more comfort, with a basket on the front to put the goods while you are shopping.

This SFSCOUT4 Spitfire scooter features max power from batteries 24 volts at 270W and speed motor up to 4700rpm, maximum distance up to 9 miles per a charge, top speed up to 4.25 miles per hour with ability to climb the slope up to 6 degrees, use CTE 4A controller for easy to use and adjust the tilt-angle of the control unit enables compatibility with the seat position and ergonomic of user, give narrower turning radius of 53.75 inches. And the sizes of the four wheels are 200x50mm or 8-inch x 2-inch.

Sometimes you may want to redesign your old scooter to a newest travel scooter and new color which can change color of color-through panels – gives the old experience to life for the better with both blue and red interchange, which double as a protective layer against potential scuffs and rim scratches.

Buy now, the SFSCOUT4 Spitfire come with battery include. If your weight is not over 300 pounds, this transportable scooter is reasonable price and free shipping that perfect for you and your grandparents. In the box include five pieces with quick assembly and easy disassembly.


Buy SFSCOUT4 Spitfire


One More E1001 Review & 1MORE Triple Driver vs Shure SE215K/CL

1MORE E1001 Review & 1MORE Triple Driver vs Shure SE215

1MORE E1001 Triple Driver is a cheapest three driver earbuds with price nearly 100 dollars, this E1001-SV model supports the work of iOS and Android devices as well as in-line include the microphone and remote control for easy to talk and listen to the music.This 1MORE E1001 headphone is fantastic for listening experience with powerful three drivers which deliver amazing surround sound system – you can get high resolution audio of frequency range up to 40 kHz.

The triple driver headphone integrated with two balanced armatures and a titanium dynamic driver delivering most accurate sound with unparalleled dynamic power and clarity.The E1001 designed to suitable and comfortable the ear ergonomic by concept and understanding of the natural angle of your ear canals.

I have to check the 1MORE triple driver reviewed, it is quite satisfactory with 4.4 out of 5 stars rating from more than 600 customers.


Click here to read more the 1MORE E1001 Review


Available in 2 colors are Titanium and Black/Gold, made from high quality materials (aerospace grade), aluminum alloy offers this 1MORE earpiece to as low as of weight gives friendly to your ears. There are the dynamic (woofer) and tweeters (armature) drivers provide bass, mid and high sound to best cover the wide range.

Buy 1MORE E1001 Triple Driver Earbuds


1MORE Triple Driver vs Shure SE215

The table below is compare between two earphones of 1MORE Triple Driver and Shure SE215. To see the overall of the two models, I will compare the key features, price and for data on how to buy the best headphone.


1MORE Triple Driver and Shure SE215 Comparison Chart

1MORE E1001





Shure SE215

4.3/5.0 Stars Rating 4.0/5.0
Titanium, Black/Gold Colors Available Black, Clear, White
Triple Driver Driver Single Dynamic MicroDriver
48-inch Cable Length 64-inch
No Detachable Cable Yes
Come with mic and 3 buttons for calls and control your music In-line Features 3 buttons remote and microphone (optional)
Noise Isolating Noise Noise Isolating
99 dB Sensitivity 107 dB
22Hz-40kHz Frequency Response 22Hz-17.5kHz
32 Ohms Impedance 27 Ohms


Both 3.5mm in-ear models are perfect for protection ambient noise and better than earbud brands but there are some differences. The 1MORE designed for audiophile earphone that cable cans not replacement and removes while the Shure SE215 is sport earphone that replaceable or removable that is more benefits and safer.


The 1MORE E1001 has a higher impedance than the Shure SE215 (32 vs. 27 ohms), but there is a narrower frequency response (22-40,000 hertz vs. 22-17,500 hertz) but the IMORE cable is shorter than Shure SE215 (48 inches versus 64 inches).

Include 3 buttons in-line of earphone built-in volume +/- button for increase or decrease sound, calls or end calls to benefit when you talking and on relax day while you listen to the music the control your songs with able playbacking/tracking media files from Fast-Forward (FF) or Fast-Rewind (FR) buttons.


The OneMORE E1001 is triple driver in-ear headphone while the Shure SE215 model has a single dynamic MicroDriver, but the prices of two in-ear models are similar, which is under a hundred dollars (a slight difference of $1.24 for $99.99 versus $98.75).

The Shure SE215 designed for on the stage or on the go, due use sound isolation technology from foam and flex sleeves offer fit and comfortable seal to your ears as well as protection from external noise. There are three colors to buy from black (-K), clear (-CL) and special edition white (m+) with remote and microphone, and starting at affordable price (check price).


The advantage of 1MORE E1001

The benefit of E1001 model that over the SE215 model that is built-in remote and mic for talk and listen to the songs without additional purchase. The volume and music control buttons work well on both Android and iOS devices, you can easy control voice and skip/reverse your favorite music. The drivers have patented design and today this E1001 offers for sale on Amazon with price only $84.99 gives you save up to 15%.


The advantage of Shure SE215

Highlights of the SE215 is better than the E1001 model, the cable can be detach for more safe. And as mentioned at the beginning, the E1001 headphones have a high impedance may not be suitable for adjust max volume for smartphones or mp3 player because high resistance must use more power. Therefore, it is an advantage of this SE215 model.


Razor MX350 Specs/Weight limit/Top speed/Seat Height

Razor MX350 Specs/Weight limit/Top speed/Seat Height

Razor is another famous brand manufacturers formed a kick scooter, was established more than 15 years (2000) has focused on providing the best driving experience combining advanced technology and high quality materials to deliver innovative products designed to suit the lifestyle of the drivers.

As one of the scale-down innovative to miniaturization of the motorcycle offers you fun. This MX350 lightweight of pocket dirt bike is only 65 pounds and small size 44” long, 24.5” wide and 31” high, great idea for younger kids or riders weighing less than 140 pounds.


Razor MX350 Specs

  • Top speed 14 miles per hour (maximum speed 14 mph).
  • Using continuously for up to half an hour per one charge.
  • Electric Motocross Bike uses 2x 12volts (24V rated) rechargeable seal lead acid battery
  • Weight limit of riders are not over 140 pounds.
  • Razor MX350 seat height 20 inches.
  • Recommend for 5-8 years old and up.


>>> Read more details the MX350 review


This MX350 dirt bike is suitable for adventure and off-road kids or for young teen riders. Now 2 colors available on Amazon: Blue and Red.


Buy Razor MX350 Dirt Bike


Razor MX350 vs MX500

Both dirt bike MX350 and MX500 models are coolest e-bike powered by batteries from Razor brand. This below table is comparison chart between Razor Dirt Electric Bike models MX350 and MX500. Details of the features and specifications are the same and different as follows. To right pick dirt bike model – height and weight will be a key element in the decision to choose the right dirt bike for your child.


Razor Dirt Bike MX350 vs MX500 Comparison Chart



Razor Models

Razor MX350

Razor MX500

Star Rating 4.3/5 4.3/5
Price Starting at $273.64 $449.99
Maximum Speed 14 mph 15 mph
Battery Rated 2x 12V 7Ah (24V) 3x 12V 12Ah (36V)
Battery Type Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Batteries
Electric Motor Power 350 watts 500 watts
Charge Time 12 hours 8 hours
Travel per Single Charge Up to 10 miles or 30 minutes continuous use Up to 10 miles or 40 minutes continuous use
Seat Height 20 inches 23 inches
Weight Limit 140 lbs 175 lbs
Tires Size 12” 16” front and 14” rear
Product Weight 65 lbs 98 lbs
Dimensions 44Lx24.5Wx31H inches 56Lx24.5Wx36H inches
Ages Recommended 5-8 yrs 8-14 yrs
Check Price Current Price Current Price

With cheaper prices of MX350 model, making best selling and has been higher attention. However, the MX500 have power to drive up to 500 watts powered high torque offer maximum high speed up to 15 miles per hour and more weight limit (175 pound vs 140 pound). With the bigger structure, stronger and more weight, thus, the latest version of MX500 is suitable for older children had ridden before. The smallest MX350 is perfect pick for your kid that age range between 5-8 years old. But if your kids have weights less than 175 pounds and between the ages of 8 to 14 years, the MX500 is fit for his/her.


Benefits of E-Dirt Bikes

No Noise: The electric dirt bikes powered the drive chain by batteries offer lowest noise and not disturb those around you.

Quality and Performance Acceleration: The first reason for allows the better torque and acceleration, because there is no gear box. Easy to ride and use.

Fuel Saving: With the use of battery power, so no exhaust emissions (typical bikes are burn gasoline). It was a great friendly to the environment.The electric power cost cheaper than gas-power bikes.

Low Maintenance: Mechanism of electric bicycle is less complex so simple and easy maintenance.

Safety: The top speed of electric dirt bike is lower than gasoline bikes, you can watch the video to explain why it is safe for children to ride an electric bike – always wear a helmet and to be more safe.


Vitamix 5200 or 7500 vs 750 Compare Blenders

Difference In Vitamix Models 5200/7500/750


Pick a good blender and worth it, Vitamix is a popular brand with quality material, motor performance offers more horsepower, larger & stronger blade. But which blender product is a fit for you need. In this section is difference between Vitamix 5200 and 7500 or 750 models. I try to choose the best of C-series and G-series from top rated blender – the table below is comparison chart of Vitamix 5200, 7500 and 750. All information presented in the table is derived from data collected directly from the manufacturer. And under the table is buying guide and benefit from each model.


Vitamix Models 5200, 7500 and 750 Comparison Chart






Vitamix 5200


Vitamix 7500


Vitamix 750

Stars Rating 4.6/5.0 4.6/5.0 4.7/5.0
Retail Price Starting at $426.49 Starting at $450 Starting at $528.88
Platform C-Series G-Series G-Series
Colors Black/White Black/White/Red Black/Brushed Stainless Finish
Container 64 oz 64 oz Low-Profile 64 oz Low-Profile
Number of Blade 4 Blades 4 Blades 4 Blades
Blade Diameter 3 inches 4 inches 4 inches
Motor Horsepower 2HP 2.2HP 2.2HP
Features – Speed Control Adjustable

– High/Low Control

– Speed Control Adjustable

– Pulse Control

– Speed Control Adjustable

– Pulse Control

– 5 Programmed Setting

Dimensions 7.25W” x 8.75D” x 20.2H” 7.7W” x 9.4D” x 17.5H” 7.7W” x 9.4D” x 17.5H”
Weight 10.6 lbs 12.5 lbs 12.5 lbs
Warranty 7 years 7 years 7 years


Three models of Vitamix worth it are more than impressed scored of a lot of consumer reviews. All parts made of quality material such as the blade made from air-craft grade, Vitamix manufacturer in Cleveland, Ohio USA – full 7 years warranty.

The container size 64 ounce but 5200 is higher and thinner when compare the 7500 and 750 models (that mean both 7500 and 750 models are fatter and lower profile).

The length 6-feet of cord is enough for household use – idea perfect for smoothies, juices, milks, nut butters, dips & spreads, soups, frozen desserts, food prep, dressings, cleaning, batters, doughs, purees and flours so make Vitamix worth the money.



The 64-ounce that is capacity of container but 5200 is smaller and high-profile container, while the 7500 and 750 are larger diameter but low-profile container with a height of is not much, fitting comfortably storage under most kitchen.



Vitamix 5200 has 2.0 horsepower which less than 10 percent when compared to G-series. The 7500 and 750 models increase 0.2HP that are powerful motor powered maximum 2.2HP as well as low noise.

Model 5200 is a most popular blender and high speed up to 240 mph – more than typical car speed. Vitamix 5200 power consumption peak is approximately 1380 watts motor (current 11.5 ampere at rated 110 volts) or equal 2 horsepower (2HP) offers maximum speed 37,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). This 5200 model, if you are using a 220-240 volts power to require a transformer to convert AC power from 220 volts to 110 volts.

Vitamix 7500 and 750 offer peak 2.2HP that produce 1,440 watts at 110-120 VAC. The both G-series upgrade motor and use better cooling system without overheat allows to run for longer time. That is reason why the Vitamix blender to make stronger and heavier than other brands. Winner: 7500 and 750




The Vitamix blender G-series model 1969-7500 and 750 feature pulse control and 0-10 variable speed control while 5200 only high/low control and 0-10 speed control but no pulse control. Advance 750 has special features five pre-programmed setting provide ease and helper for smoothie, frozen desserts, hot soups, puree recipes and simple self cleaning. Vitamix 750 is a winner.



Vitamix 4-blade made of high quality material with stainless steel from air-craft grade featuring strength, durable and does not rust. Blade diameter in 5200 is 3-inch while 7500 and 750 sizes are 4 inches. That means a pair of 7500 and 750 are capable of chopping even more plus with power efficient from motors. This section G-series are win!



Of course, the Vitamix C-Series model 5200 is cheaper than both G-Series with model 7500 is a best mid range blender while Vitamix Pro 750 is expensive blender worth it. All 3 models of Vitamix have price range 400-600 dollars, if you buy now both 5200 and 7500 offer you save 20% and 9% on Amazon. In the box of three models include motor base, 64 oz container, tamper, getting started DVD and cookbook give you more easy to use as well as 7 years full warranty.



Cheaper than Vitamix: 5200

Mid Price / Affordable: 7500

Advance Feature and worth it: 750


Rates subject to change. Please check again.

Invicta Watches Reputation – Invicta Pro Diver 2 Tone 8928OB

8928OB Invicta Pro Diver 2 Tone Watches Good Under $100

8928ob-invicta-pro-diver-2-toneInvicta brand is one of watches reputation and cheapest with a lot of people are paying attention. And 8928OB model of Invicta watches are plenty beautiful 2-tone timepieces, elegant with blue dial and 23k gold-plate stainless steel band looks very rich but affordable. Dimensions are 40x12mm of case diameter and thickness, and 20 mm band width. The combination of stainless steel and 23k gold of band colors that are compatible with the case, bracelet with fold over clasp with safety closure – perfect gentleman wrists.


Features analog display use Japanese automatic movement, water resistant up to a depth of 200 meters or 660 feet, is ideal for water surface sports activities but not recommended for scuba diving. Includes a hour, a minute and a second gold-hands with luminous hands, markers and scales, the date window at 3 o’clock position. At below 12:00 has ‘INVICTA’ character and logo. One directional of the bezel easy to rotate.


Of genuine will notice that there are uppercase letters “INVICTA” stamped on the side of the case. The transparent caseback to see some mechanism, shown INVICTA brand and 8928OB model stamped as well as specific materials and the ability of water resistance.


Changeable bracelets for some time you may be replacement to new leather band by purchased separately from Invicta retail stores.



  • Aesthetic designed this luxury two-tone timepiece over price.invicta-watches-reputation
  • Transparent glass of caseback, the advantage is that if worn regularly every day helps reduce skin irritation.
  • Ease of use in everyday life, with a waterproof system that can do water activities.
  • Easy to see the time in the dark condition or at night with the luminous hands/markers.
  • A screen magnifier for the date and help see that clearly.
  • No batteries


The positive rating and reviews reported increased by a rally adjusted 2,397 users, best rate of review is expected to continue to rise continuously over from last November. With price rate under 100 dollars, its lowest level fit for a best Christmas and new year gift for dad or your husband or one love person. Buy now with special offers and product promotions, this item can be shipped to countries outside of the United States. Look as good like expensive but very very cheap!


Buy Invicta Pro Diver 2 Tone 8928OB Watch


Nixon 51-30 Darth Vader A172SW-2244-00 Star Wars Collection Watch

Nixon 51-30 SW A172SW-2244-00 Star Wars Watch Collection

nixon-51-30-darth-vaderIf you’re a fan and love a collection of memorabilia of Star Wars, the Nixon 51-30 Darth Vader dark stylish watch is a best collection from design inspired by Darth Vader’s helmet at 6 o’clock position looks like the ventilation mask of Darth Vader.

Nixon 51-30 SW model A172SW-2244-00 is a best look elegant dark watch for classic men with large 51 millimeter of black-case diameter, analog display with 3 hands include hour, minute and red second hands. On scale shown the Arabic numeric 2,4,6,8 and 10 hours by on the internal rim of the dial include the seconds scale – ‘NIXON’ logo under 12 o’clock position. The outer rim case has solid stainless steel unidirectional rotating bezel with countdown timer, while the crown and pusher placement at 9 o’clock. There are hardened mineral crystal, triple gasket screw down crown and pusher, stainless steel screw down case-back and screw pin lugs. The size 25 mm band custom solid stainless steel 3 link bracelets with stainless steel double locking clasp with micro adjust. The all body, including the case, dial and the strap are pretty black tone.


Reviews and Buy Cheap Nixon 51-30 SW


Has been tested of waterproof to a depth up to 660 feet or 300 meters by able to withstand the pressure 30ATM, ideal for water activities such as surface marine sport but do not recommend diving.


You can find Nixon 51-30 SW watches by nearest dealers or shopping online at Amazon store with low price $348.75, down 37% from $550.00 price tag plus free shipping, buy now arrives before Christmas 2016. This X’mas gives a gift for the one love with Nixon Star Wars Darth Vader watch collection.


Pros of this watch is well worth the money and looks smart perfect for men, while the Nixon Darth Vader watches cons are can’t read time at night because the hands are not luminous.


Buy Nixon 51-30 Darth Vader Model A172SW-2244-00


Best 5 Inexpensive Fixie Buying Guide To Be Riding Fixed Styles

Best Five Inexpensive Fixie Buying Guide To Be Riding Fixed Styles

fixie-styles-womens-pure-fix-bikeIf you are riding fixie and plan to should i buy a fixie, before to shop I highly recommendation fixie bike guide to your right decision and fit for your fixie styles requirement. Fixie or known as “Fixed Gear” is a single bike and rear wheel can’t freedom rotate by no derailleurs, your feet must remain on the pedals position at all times while the spins of rear wheel thus make this bike type do not need a brake – you can stop the bike by brace or anti-rotation pedal with both legs while the bike is moving.


Benefit of Fixed Gear


Pros of fixie bike that is low price and lower maintenance due to no derailleurs and gears gives the low complex mechanism and minimal lubrication. In addition, the fixie bike provides a fun ride with reason of simplicity that is made to “spun and stopped with two foot”.  The fixed gear is unique style for really street can be control speed with your legs. Currently, there are a large number of people that popular fixed gear riding such as worker, officer, student and fixed gear enthusiast as well as those who want to burn calories, can be considered the benefits of exercise as well.


Click Here To See More The Top Fixie Bikes on Amazon


Check Out the Fixie Size Chart Guide

You should probably get a perfect size between frame size and you’re tall. With your legs shoulder-width apart, measure your inseam from the ground and then find your recommended size on the chart. You want at least 1 inch of clearance between the top-tube and your crotch when standing flat-footed. Below is fixie bike size chart give you get one fixed gear bike.


Frame Sizes (cm)    Standover Height    Recommended Inseam    Recommended Tall

43                                    27″                               28+”                                4’3″-4’7″

47                                    28″                               29+”                                4’8″-5’1″

50                                    29″                               30+”                                5’2″-5’6″

54                                    30″                               31+”                                5’7″-5’11”

58                                    32″                               33+”                                6’0″-6’3″

61                                     33″                               34+”                                    6’4″

64                                    34″                               35+”                             More than 6’5″


Inexpensive Fixie Buying Guide On The Market

purefixed-popular-bikeOne of the good fortunes to produced this fixed gear bike at an affordable price, suitable for beginners to learn to ride and spend less money on the purchase. Thank you very much for the companies.

If you love riding Fixie Bikes. Today my pick best 5 fixed gear bikes under price range $300-$400. They offer a lot of fun to ride, really response and simple. There are one speed and one gear, the power of the muscles of your legs ready? Go to new experience ride the bike without gears and freewheel, as well as sometime no brakes.


Fixie Brands List under 300/400 Dollars

This below is buying guide of best five fixie brands list under 300 – 400 bucks.


#1 Pure Fix Popular Fixed Gear for Urban

riding-fixie-urban‘Go to the Pure Fix brand’ one of popular fixed gear model single speed bike that great features and component but inexpensive. They are beautiful fixie bike with a variety of colors and inspiration designed for urban instance. Pure Fix makes an awesome fixie bike under 400 dollars idea for cheap starter fixed gear bike.

I have checked the Pure Fix Fixie Bike review was a great impression with 4.3 out of 5 stars and most customer reviews up to 965 users, in summary, the most buyer trust in the Pure Cycles brand.


There are a variety of colors to choose, and X-ray Gloss Cream/Mint Green is one of the most beautiful color, green wheel rims, yellow frame and fork, handle bar and saddle are white come with one speed with deep-dish 50 mm wheels. The urban geometry frame made of durable high tensile steel. Hubs are custom Pure Fix lasered KT quandos. Wtb Thick Slick tires 700cc x 28 tires give you easy control and contact. Pressure retention is courtesy of 60mm Presta valves. The pedals connect you to a three-piece sealed bearing crank set. It is 44:16 of gear ratio with 74.25 gear inches using a KMC chain. All this joy comes out with a weight of 22-24 pound. Available now, to different choose five frame sizes to suit your shape available size: 43, 47, 50, 54 and 58 cm.

Pros: There are flip-flop rear wheel hub offers easy changing from single speed to fixed gear, a disc brake on the front wheel and can be removed easily.

Cons: If you want to a rear brake but this Pure Fixie is not include (sold separately)


#2 Critical Cycles Pista Fixie Bike

critical-cycles-pista-fixie-bike-drop-barsYou are ready to a ton of fun ride! For riding enthusiasts to the California style. Critical Cycles Pista Fixie bike offers a fresh and clean style, complete with simple and stunning of Hand-Built Steel frame that similar the vintage track bike.

The cheap of price range between $200-$300 up to each frame sizes and designed for 8 colors style available on Amazon: Cream, White, Hunter Green, Black, Slate, Crimson, Midnight Blue and Coral.

To Read Critical Cycles Pista Fixie Bike Review

The Critical Cycles Pista can be flip flop hub or option between ride the fixed and freewheel style, including comes with all the tools you need to build your bike! Included in the box are three Allen wrenches (4mm, 5mm and 6mm) and 10 functions multi-tool.

A great choice of bike that is durable, which is major key for a ride around town.

Designed Deep-V Double Wall Rims with Stainless Steel Spokes, not only quite trendy style but they also have more flexibility for riding through potholes and rough stone path without twisting and warping of the wheels.

For some riders looking for stopping that is more secure. This bike does not make you frustrated, with the high quality front brake “ProMax” offers high quality and value for money.


#3 Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Bike

buy-cheap-vilano-edge-fixed-gear-bikeFor those who expect to buy a fixed gear bike at the lowest prices. Good news, this Vilano Edge price under 200 dollars of all colors:7 different colors: Matte Red, Matte Black, Grey/Green, Black/Red, Matte Blue, Champagne/Orange and White.

The first thing that most shoppers of this Vilano Edge Fixie bike that is look like stylish urban bike has perfectly of colors matching between rims and frame color as well as saddle and modern riser handle bar – look very beautiful while you ride.

Buy Cheap Vilano Edge Bike

Features the frame Fixed Gear/Single Speed 700c, robust crankset made from Forged alloy with 46T chain ring come with free pedals, 43mm deep-V double walled-rear flip-flop hub, 700c 1 1/8″ threadless fork. The handle bars have a wide range like as a shoulder wide offers more comfortable – enough wide of commuting functionally.

The Vilano Edge bike will be available for explore the urban, commuting and relaxing rides. Equipped with quality, efficiency and cost effective – suited to be a first fixie bike. Many of customers to review and good rated this bike is satisfactory. Fit for entry-level or fixie starters.

Pros: Low cost and looks elegant come with both front and rear brake

Cons: Even if this fixed gear bike be cheapest but you have to a bit pay for shipping fee (not free shipping).


#4 6KU Track Fixie Black Bike

6ku-track-fixie-black-bikeAre 6KU bikes good? Many people may have questions that are frequently asked. In terms of reliability and quality of this 6KU brand, I was searching for something of interesting data. The California city is the location of 6KU brand, and with a design that meets the needs of everyone who will be cycling high quality and the most affordable prices possible – these is the reason why 6KU focused to manufacturing of high-performance and cost as low as. With the establishment of a seamless no middleman is one reason why the price tag of the bike is so much higher than competitors on the market, compared to the same class. However, is a good option for those who are looking forward to buy the track bike better in the future.

To Read 6KU Urban Track Fixed Gear Bike Review

One 6KU bike is a concept designed and the needs of the rider. They are also combination of high strength and high quality of materials and components. The bikes are a great value and quality, and this explains why it is very popular. Of course, you do not have to worry about the bike being stolen as you want with thousands of dollars of the specialized bike.

6KU bike is a great for all kinds of riding such as leisurely cycling, exercise biking and commuting. You are adjustable fixie to single gear style known as “filp flop hub”, which options to enjoy the free wheel ride. The price tag $200-$300 of 6KU fixed gear bike, is one of cheapest bike that including high quality.

Pros: The 6KU Track Fixie bikes have six different colors, get a color to best fit your style. With regard to a good for tricks and jumps up and down, so the tires are designed to accommodate such situations, you do not have to worry about bursting the tube. Made of high quality components and parts give more durability bike,

Cons: There is limited information about the bikes on the web, making people less known. For commuting ride, I highly recommend replace new seat to more comfortable.


#5 Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike

The Takara Sugiyama Fixie Bike is a best option for beginning riders and new entry-level fixie/one speed biking with great strength at a great price point delivered wonderful rides.


Specs: The frame of the Flat-bar fixie bike made of strong handcrafted steel, 32-hole alloy wheels and loud 700 x 32 tires enough large for standard road bikes and allow for a smoother and easier ride, and function flip-flop hub which can be adjust fixed gear to freewheel for single speed mode. Ensure stopping and more safety with both front and rear alloy side pull brakes.


The Takara Sugiyama Fixie Bike is a perfect for unisex and available in 3 beautiful two-tone color-styles to choose from Orange/Yellow, Gray/Orange and Black/Blue with 3 frame-sizes of 700c Large(58cm)/Medium(54cm)/Small(50cm).


Buy now Takara Sugiyama Fixie Bike from new and used but new condition on Amazon with lowest offer for $199.99 and free shipping. Before to buy, do not forget read more details the Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike review for the help the right decision.



Something Before Riding

It might not be an easy ride for fixed gear bike but it is not too hard for a beginning fixie-rider. If you love and interested in a fixie bike, just right find a fixed gear bike that you like and when you get a chance, you can definitely ride – not just for urban, commuters fun!


Amazon Device Holiday Sale/Deals/Special Offers Available Now on Black Friday 2016

Amazon Device Holiday Sale/Deals/Special Offers Available Now


Welcome to Amazon devices holiday deals, placate the pickiest family member to shop for by helping your guests find the Amazon device their loved ones cannot live without. Happiness with great price on Black Friday week 2016. This is a marketplace of deals & special offers.

Device Deals Available Now

Fire Kids Edition Tablet Only $74.99—Not a toy, a full-featured Fire tablet with a 7″ IPS display and front and rear cameras.
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Kindle Only $49.99— Easy on your eyes—touchscreen display reads like real paper.
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Kindle for Kids Bundle Only $69.99—Includes the latest Kindle without sponsored screensavers, a free kid-friendly cover, plus a 2-year worry-free guarantee, and more.
Save $30 from now through Nov 28th

Kindle Paperwhite Only $99.99—Amazon’s best-selling Kindle
Save $20 from now through 11/28

Kindle Voyage Only $169.99—Kindle for advanced readers with adaptive front light
Save $30 from now through 11/28


Device Deals Starting November 24th

Amazon Echo Only $139.99—A hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, provide information, read the news, set alarms, and more.
Save $40 from 11/24 through 11/28

Echo Dot Only $39.99—Expected to be the most gifted of Echo Device product line. Smaller and cheaper than Amazon Echo and great for any room of your home.
Save $10 from 11/24 through 11/28

Amazon Tap Only $89.99—Just tap and ask for music from Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn with up to 9 hours of playback.
Save $40 from 11/24 through 11/28

Fire Tablet Only $33.33—Amazon’s best-selling tablet of all time featuring a quad-core processor, rear and front-facing cameras, and up to 7 hours of battery life.
Save $16.66 from 11/24 through 11/28

Fire HD 8 Only $59.99—Fire HD 8 is Amazon’s highest rated tablet ever (4.4 star average)
$30 off from 11/24 through 11/28

Amazon Fire TV Only $74.99—Fire TV is an ideal holiday gift: Friends and Family can simply plug in and watch the content they love. Supports 4K Ultra HD for true-to-life picture quality.
Save $15 from 11/24 through 11/28

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote Only $29.99—Over 7,000 channels, apps, Alexa skills and more than 300,000 movies and TV episodes.
Save $10 from 11/24 through 11/28


Additional Deals

Moto G Prime Exclusive Phone
Save $20 Off the 16 GB variant & $40 Off the 32 GB variant from 11/25 12:01 am EST until 11/28 11:59 pm PST. See more

Dash Button
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Start Date: Nov 20 , 2016 – End Date: Nov 27 , 2016

Deep Discounts on Tablets

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Kindle E-readers on Sale 

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Wheel Witness HD Pro Dash Cam Uses Ambarella A7LA50 Processor

Wheel Witness HD Pro Dash Cam Uses Ambarella A7LA50 Chipset

Another quality of the car security DVR that uses Ambarella A7LA50 processor, built-in GPS and 170 degrees of super wide angle lens provides maximum resolution up to 2K Super HD 2304 x 1296 pixels at 30 frames per second of video record. Wheel Witness HD Pro Dash Cam has a Wide Dynamic Range support allows you don’t miss capture any important event from the day and even at night with 170 degrees angle view. You can view or playback clips record on 3-inch TFT LCD display with 16:9 ratio, is one of entry level car DashCam that low price but fully features. This WheelWitness HD Pro Dash Cam is regarded as a major competitor on the market of car dashboard camera between KDLINKSX1 and Falcon Zero F170.


This Wheel Witness HD Pro includes special offers and best deal for you, and while I am writing this content, the Wheel Witness HD Pro has a great deal of the day at the price dropped to less than one hundred dollars. But it would run out of time before you will found. However, this may be a good deal again soon in biggest trading Festival of Black Friday.

Click below link to read more details the….

Wheel Witness HD Pro review



  • Large 3-inch 16:9 TFT LCD screen (real time view or video playback)
  • Super HD up to 2K with 2304 x 1296p at 30 FPS of video resolution
  • Use high-end Ambarella A7LA50 chipset Car Security DVR
  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) works well at both light and low-light conditions.
  • Wide angle lens up to 170 degrees
  • Support video format H.264 compression
  • Come with GPS module for watch on computer and view driven route co-operate via Google Map
  • G-Sensor offers ease capture physical and license plate of carthat hit your car or identify picture of the conflicts that occur immediately.
  • Automatic loop continuous recording
  • Support SDHC memory card up to 32GB
  • With the Screen Saver to reduce energy consumption
  • Time/Date stamp on the clip
  • USB and HDMI ports


If you’re looking for car DashCam with lower price point and include GPS. This Wheel Witness HD Pro is not only to buy gifts for themselves, but also a great gift for family members who have to drive on a regular basis.

In addition to the functions of a GPS that works with Google Maps to show the location and the route you traveled. You can be sure that this camera can record everything in front of your car while driving, both day and night.  And a motion detector can record everything that occurs while parked in any location, even without power from the cigarette lighter plug, but it can be powered by built-in 450 mAh Lithium-Ion battery – gives you have witnessed in various emergencies.


Buy now with free 16GB microSD card, USB to microSD adapter. In the box include a GPS module, removable suction cup mounting, 2x stick mounts and long power cable up to 12 feet.


Wheel Witness HD Pro Pros:

  1. The Car DashCam along with GPS module but not expensive
  2. Quality video recording seamless of 1296p at 30 frames per second
  3. Built from Ambarella A7 processor which best quality chipset
  4. Video recording at up to 170-degree angle view
  5. View and playback the video recorded on big 3.0” LCD screen
  6. Complete features G-sensor and loop recording
  7. Multi mounts for use to the car or cycling
  8. When you purchased, can be easy installed and ready to use with free 16GB microSD card


Buy Wheel Witness HD Pro Dash Cam


According to high-level 4.3 out of 5 stars rating and more than 340 user reviews. Buy now WWHDPRO model with for sale on