Motorola Xoom Price Drop with 10.1-inch 32GB Wifi Tablet Review

Motorola Xoom Price Drop with 10.1-inch 32GB Wifi Tablet Review

Motorola Xoom Price DropXoom Android 3.1 HoneycombFor every ones favorite+love new technology and innovation. Today, they are offering this product again. Now let’s try to see the Android Honeycomb tablet operating system as Motorola Xoom. The Google Android Tablet strains classified as a prototype. If an update is available on Android, Xoom will be the first to receive the update.

For the front, the design is clean, no any button for style Honeycomb tablet. For Motorola Xoom 3G version will have a slot for a SIM card tray can be pulled out at the top.


SIM for the Motorola Xoom 10.1 32GB Wifi 3G Tablet

Top with the 3.5 mm. headphone jack and the SIM for the 3G.


Motorola Xoom the microUSB, microHDMI, Docking and the MIC port

Below are slots support for connecting the microUSB, microHDMI, Docking and the MIC.

The back Motorola Xoom with two speakers for stereo

The back is still tightly with two speakers for stereo and the right includes a 5-megapixel camera with 2-LEDs flash, speakers and a power button for used to lock the unit.

Motorola Xoom 5-megapixel camera with 2-LED flash


For anyone who ever used a Motorola product I know that your assembly is quite strong. Like the Motorola Xoom, this design is also considered great, the rustle asymptomatic.But quite a lot of weight compared to competitors. , If a long time, although a man may suffer fatigue as well. The position of the keys is quite good and easy to understand. But the power button is located at the rear of the unit. Someone who is not familiar or have not used it may require more time. And without a USB Standard, but microUSB. Another reason, Xoom is quite impressive in terms of the display screen, the colors are fresh and beautiful, clarity on the 10.1-inch screen resolution of 1280×800 pixels. When the Xoom was tested with Full HD movie can good display. It is considered a prominent speaker in stereo sound is quite good, as was the crackling sound asymptomatic. Multimedia hardware is made to best support.



If you compare the specifications only, Motorola Xoom is another interesting option. However, looking at the specs and features, it is good value for money. For Spec : 3250 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 10 hours of video playback, up to 10 hours of Wi-Fi web browsing and up to 3.3 days of MP3 playback with 1-Year Limited Warranty.



  • Nice hardware and high level assembly
  • Screen high-definition, quality picture
  • Durable battery(Motorola Xoom battery life up to 10 hours)
  • 5MP Camera with Auto Focus, 720p Video Recording
  • Flash support and good sound


  • Quite a lot of weight
  • Starting high price than competitors
  • Can not charging via USB


Product sales price

Cost of Motorola Xoom from the list price $499.00 lowest price to $409.99, you saving money $89.01 (18%). Free Shipping with Sold by WorldWide Distributors. And this product, you can click to find get the special offers and product promotions on Amazon.

Read user reviews for MOTOROLA XOOM Android Tablet (10.1-Inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi).4.1 out of 5 Stars Rating

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