DJI Phantom First Flight Tips Without Mistakes

DJI Phantom First Flight Tips Without Mistakes

This content is instruction guides and careful for DJI Phantom Quadcopter to beginner flying tips, to avoid mistakes on your flight.


First Flight Tips

  • You have to fully charge the battery of main and good AA battery for control system. Sure?
  • Make sure to the tight and strength of the all propellers.
  • Calibrating your compass to availability.
  • Check the balance props.
  • Initially, when you try to fly in the atti mode, a quad is unstable and can not be fly straight, calibrated in the advanced fix : calibration IMU.
  • LED learn the sequence
  • Connect the battery and start the transmitter, when you first connecting the battery, do not try to bring it in the bay and moving it around. Leave the battery until the IMU is finished doing its thing. Refer to previous steps to know when you can insert the battery and started to move it around.
  • You will find that as you move the DJI Phantom around as you become familiar with the battery cover. You will seen quickly 4 LEDs green blinks which means that there is a problem with reading of the gyro. Be sure to wait until that has gone before you start flying.
  • If you plan to use the GPS mode, or RTH to make sure you have a GPS lock for 30 seconds before take off. No any reason to rush on a quad wait until the system is ready.
  • Make sure to take time off to a radius of 10m-25m that is free of obstacles or buildings as the quad not to landing in same exact spot. You can control this by changing the Atti mode switch make sure the throttle is over 50%
  • Finally, depending on the diligence in practicing your fly.

This is what I think it is right for a great flight. Good luck for learn to first your flight . If you have a good suggestion to be further improved, please do not hesitate to add the tips.


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