Essential Bike Multitool for Repair and Maintenance

Top 5 Bike Emergency Tool Kit for Touring

If you love to a bike tour and have a little knowledge of the repair. In case of emergency or assistance with companions, so what’s not to forget that it is a tool that should be in your pocket or backpack. Today, there are a variety of most useful mountain bike tools for your favorite bike. These bike tools are compact, lightweight, portable and easy to use, and made of good material, durable as well as produced with cutting-edge technology. In this 2018, there are about 5-6 comparison tools that I will recommend to you. Let’s see what tools for touring are right for you.


Alien 3 Topeak Multi Tool

For only $45, the Alien III from Topeak. Due to its inexpensive price, Alien III is the most affordable portable tool. The Topeak is a leading brand in bicycle repair, great for touring spinners who have to long distances travel and all the way to repair the bike with yourself without dependence on help from other sources. This Alien III divides the tool into two separate parts, creating this device as if it were from an alien. One side is a Allen wrench, available from 2-10 mm and the other side is a screwdriver, flat screwdriver and torque wrench T25 and include Spoke Wrenches 14 g/15 g/Mavic/Shimano compatible. And equipped the Chain Tool Cast CrMo Steel  and Chain Hook Steel Wire. Get ready for the bike tour with confidence.

Go to Alien 3 Topeak Multi Tool Shop


Blackburn Wayside Multitool

Blackburn is another name that a well known blender. Blackburn is a good quality brand, affordable price, and then worth it. With nearly 35 dollars of Wayside MultiTool is worth the prices and is perfect for mountain bikers and essential tools for road bikers. Equipped with light weight and compact makes it easy to carry. All 9 tools can useful up to 19 different applications. Caution; if you need a flight, can be loaded in the luggage compartment but do not carry it into the cabin because one of them has a folding knife in this tool. Although this tool has a few devices, they can repair the bike from 7-11 speeds.

Go to Blackburn Wayside Multitool Store


Pedro’s Intensive Care Unit + M7 (ICM)

This is often seen in almost every bike shop and bicycle repair center. This ICU plus M7 can help you in any time you want even cutting the chain, tightening the parts with a hex wrench, M25 torque wrench for the most sensitive parts such as the saddle tube of the frame. Good news, if you use Mavic M7 wheels, this tool has a bike spoke wrench and also an added bonus of the beer bottle opener for bikers who want to get refreshed after biking.

Go to Pedro’s Intensive Care Unit + M7 Shop


Park Tool I-Beam 3 Mini Tool IB3

The I-Beam 3 is one of portable bike tools needed for MTB and road bike, repair tool ready to help you anywhere in the world with reliable quality by Park Tool. The old blue brand that many bikers familiar as well. This tool consists of 8 hexagon wrenches, 25T torque wrench and flat-head screwdriver. In the set, there are chain cutting tools that make your life easier when the chain has a problem, a wrapped tire lever for tires with problems such as flat tire or need to recap or change tires. And bike spoke wrenches ready for every situation.

Check Update Price the Park Tool I-Beam 3 Mini


Fix It Sticks Replaceable Multi Tool

With the advantage of minimal complexity, makes this SticksFix It to the most users friendly that can remove and plug the wrench. This multi tool from Fix It Sticks with less than 30 dollars for Fix It that is flexible and adjustable. The kit includes: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm Hex, come with 25T torque wrench and replaceable screwdriver. The devices are small and can be separated so incredibly that it can be stored in a small pocket.

Buy Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition Multi Tool



Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Road Bike Newbie 2017

Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Road Bike Newbie 2017

“Big things has small beginning” starter riders must have first rd bike that affordable price but which bike that fit for me? Read more details the “Choosing A Best Road Bike On A Budget” to inexpensive road bike for beginners and beginners guide to road cycling.

This year 2017, I recommended bikes for beginners with cheap and most value for money and they use good Shimano component levels to more trust and long durability. In this year with a new bike that was launched into the market, there are many brands of interest so if you’re choosing the right road bike newbie under the budget that you are purchasable.

In this section, I would suggest 2 models of Schwinn Phocus are 1400 and 1600 rd., bikes with inexpensive price idea for newbie riding. This Schwinn brand was founded in 1895 with a long experience of more than 120 years. The bike has developed quality and reliability to the present. The Schwinn bicycle was designed for and suited to of all ages from children to adults, including men and women, and help families are happy to have the activities in cycling, relaxation and exercise together.


First Road Bike Under $300

Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle, Black

Schwinn Phocus 1400 700C is another great bike that I recommend for people who are starting a ride with designed, reasonable prices plus the enough quality and equipped with the features you need on the road as you ride. The 700C of wheel size and rims made of high profile alloy gives aerodynamic, lightweight but enough strong, tube size is 19-26 and weight is 39.8 lbs. You are ease adjustable the height of saddle.

Schwinn S4036A features black aluminum frame and strong front fork with drop handle bar, mechanism of both front & rear brakes at wheel rims. Uses Shimano A050 shifters and rear derailleur of 14 speeds. SR Suntour alloy crank set offering a wide gear range.


This Phocus 1400 bike is comfortable and affordable price on the tight budget, and more benefit from aluminum frame offers lightweight enables easier and faster ride and transportation. The cable link is mounted under top tube for greater safety for the rider.

Cheapest bike on Amazon, the Guy Phocus 1400 offers retails price for $291.99 and free shipping.

Buy Cheap Schwinn Phocus 1400 700C


New road biker below 500 Bucks

Schwinn Phocus 1600 Bike 700c 56CM Frame

Another model that is ideal for next step of new riders for buy to test and find their own style.  The advantage of this model is that you do not have to spend much to get a high-performance bike with best satisfy reviewed of 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon 

Specs: The large 18 inches frame of Schwinn mens Phocus 1600 fit for adult riders,  equipped Shimano drivetrain 16 speeds rear derailleur, Promax brakes, aluminum high profile rims for protect the rust and corrosion. The front wheels are easy to assemble and disassemble for easy transport and storage.

The Schwinn S5492 model is lighter than Schwinn S4036A(1400) because material made from aluminum frame with carbon fiber fork. There are two color options, black and silver frames.

Link to Amazon to update price


Below table is compare between Schwinn Phocus road bike model 1400 and 1600.

Schwinn Phocus 1400 vs 1600


Schwinn Phocus 1400

Schwinn Phocus 1600

Price $291.99 Starting at $451.55
Color Black Black/Silver
Frame Material Aluminum Aluminum
Fork Material Aluminum Carbon Fiber
Frame Size 56 cm 56 cm
Wheel Size 700c 700c
Speed No. 14 speeds 16 speeds
Shifter & Derailleur Shimano Shimano
Weight 39.8 lbs 35 lbs


Two models of Schwinn Phocus road bike perfect for typical commuting to school or ride to work with enjoy cycling and workout. They are made from the finest grade materials, strong welding joints and reliable thus allow for very long use – considered profitable and most value for money. Both bikes are popular choice for beginner mens (1400) and intermediate riders (1600), perfect size for people with a height between 5’ 10” – 6’ 2”.


Best 5 Inexpensive Fixie Buying Guide To Be Riding Fixed Styles

Best Five Inexpensive Fixie Buying Guide To Be Riding Fixed Styles

fixie-styles-womens-pure-fix-bikeIf you are riding fixie and plan to should i buy a fixie, before to shop I highly recommendation fixie bike guide to your right decision and fit for your fixie styles requirement. Fixie or known as “Fixed Gear” is a single bike and rear wheel can’t freedom rotate by no derailleurs, your feet must remain on the pedals position at all times while the spins of rear wheel thus make this bike type do not need a brake – you can stop the bike by brace or anti-rotation pedal with both legs while the bike is moving.


Benefit of Fixed Gear


Pros of fixie bike that is low price and lower maintenance due to no derailleurs and gears gives the low complex mechanism and minimal lubrication. In addition, the fixie bike provides a fun ride with reason of simplicity that is made to “spun and stopped with two foot”.  The fixed gear is unique style for really street can be control speed with your legs. Currently, there are a large number of people that popular fixed gear riding such as worker, officer, student and fixed gear enthusiast as well as those who want to burn calories, can be considered the benefits of exercise as well.


Click Here To See More The Top Fixie Bikes on Amazon


Check Out the Fixie Size Chart Guide

You should probably get a perfect size between frame size and you’re tall. With your legs shoulder-width apart, measure your inseam from the ground and then find your recommended size on the chart. You want at least 1 inch of clearance between the top-tube and your crotch when standing flat-footed. Below is fixie bike size chart give you get one fixed gear bike.


Frame Sizes (cm)    Standover Height    Recommended Inseam    Recommended Tall

43                                    27″                               28+”                                4’3″-4’7″

47                                    28″                               29+”                                4’8″-5’1″

50                                    29″                               30+”                                5’2″-5’6″

54                                    30″                               31+”                                5’7″-5’11”

58                                    32″                               33+”                                6’0″-6’3″

61                                     33″                               34+”                                    6’4″

64                                    34″                               35+”                             More than 6’5″


Inexpensive Fixie Buying Guide On The Market

purefixed-popular-bikeOne of the good fortunes to produced this fixed gear bike at an affordable price, suitable for beginners to learn to ride and spend less money on the purchase. Thank you very much for the companies.

If you love riding Fixie Bikes. Today my pick best 5 fixed gear bikes under price range $300-$400. They offer a lot of fun to ride, really response and simple. There are one speed and one gear, the power of the muscles of your legs ready? Go to new experience ride the bike without gears and freewheel, as well as sometime no brakes.


Fixie Brands List under 300/400 Dollars

This below is buying guide of best five fixie brands list under 300 – 400 bucks.


#1 Pure Fix Popular Fixed Gear for Urban

riding-fixie-urban‘Go to the Pure Fix brand’ one of popular fixed gear model single speed bike that great features and component but inexpensive. They are beautiful fixie bike with a variety of colors and inspiration designed for urban instance. Pure Fix makes an awesome fixie bike under 400 dollars idea for cheap starter fixed gear bike.

I have checked the Pure Fix Fixie Bike review was a great impression with 4.3 out of 5 stars and most customer reviews up to 965 users, in summary, the most buyer trust in the Pure Cycles brand.


There are a variety of colors to choose, and X-ray Gloss Cream/Mint Green is one of the most beautiful color, green wheel rims, yellow frame and fork, handle bar and saddle are white come with one speed with deep-dish 50 mm wheels. The urban geometry frame made of durable high tensile steel. Hubs are custom Pure Fix lasered KT quandos. Wtb Thick Slick tires 700cc x 28 tires give you easy control and contact. Pressure retention is courtesy of 60mm Presta valves. The pedals connect you to a three-piece sealed bearing crank set. It is 44:16 of gear ratio with 74.25 gear inches using a KMC chain. All this joy comes out with a weight of 22-24 pound. Available now, to different choose five frame sizes to suit your shape available size: 43, 47, 50, 54 and 58 cm.

Pros: There are flip-flop rear wheel hub offers easy changing from single speed to fixed gear, a disc brake on the front wheel and can be removed easily.

Cons: If you want to a rear brake but this Pure Fixie is not include (sold separately)


#2 Critical Cycles Pista Fixie Bike

critical-cycles-pista-fixie-bike-drop-barsYou are ready to a ton of fun ride! For riding enthusiasts to the California style. Critical Cycles Pista Fixie bike offers a fresh and clean style, complete with simple and stunning of Hand-Built Steel frame that similar the vintage track bike.

The cheap of price range between $200-$300 up to each frame sizes and designed for 8 colors style available on Amazon: Cream, White, Hunter Green, Black, Slate, Crimson, Midnight Blue and Coral.

To Read Critical Cycles Pista Fixie Bike Review

The Critical Cycles Pista can be flip flop hub or option between ride the fixed and freewheel style, including comes with all the tools you need to build your bike! Included in the box are three Allen wrenches (4mm, 5mm and 6mm) and 10 functions multi-tool.

A great choice of bike that is durable, which is major key for a ride around town.

Designed Deep-V Double Wall Rims with Stainless Steel Spokes, not only quite trendy style but they also have more flexibility for riding through potholes and rough stone path without twisting and warping of the wheels.

For some riders looking for stopping that is more secure. This bike does not make you frustrated, with the high quality front brake “ProMax” offers high quality and value for money.


#3 Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Bike

buy-cheap-vilano-edge-fixed-gear-bikeFor those who expect to buy a fixed gear bike at the lowest prices. Good news, this Vilano Edge price under 200 dollars of all colors:7 different colors: Matte Red, Matte Black, Grey/Green, Black/Red, Matte Blue, Champagne/Orange and White.

The first thing that most shoppers of this Vilano Edge Fixie bike that is look like stylish urban bike has perfectly of colors matching between rims and frame color as well as saddle and modern riser handle bar – look very beautiful while you ride.

Buy Cheap Vilano Edge Bike

Features the frame Fixed Gear/Single Speed 700c, robust crankset made from Forged alloy with 46T chain ring come with free pedals, 43mm deep-V double walled-rear flip-flop hub, 700c 1 1/8″ threadless fork. The handle bars have a wide range like as a shoulder wide offers more comfortable – enough wide of commuting functionally.

The Vilano Edge bike will be available for explore the urban, commuting and relaxing rides. Equipped with quality, efficiency and cost effective – suited to be a first fixie bike. Many of customers to review and good rated this bike is satisfactory. Fit for entry-level or fixie starters.

Pros: Low cost and looks elegant come with both front and rear brake

Cons: Even if this fixed gear bike be cheapest but you have to a bit pay for shipping fee (not free shipping).


#4 6KU Track Fixie Black Bike

6ku-track-fixie-black-bikeAre 6KU bikes good? Many people may have questions that are frequently asked. In terms of reliability and quality of this 6KU brand, I was searching for something of interesting data. The California city is the location of 6KU brand, and with a design that meets the needs of everyone who will be cycling high quality and the most affordable prices possible – these is the reason why 6KU focused to manufacturing of high-performance and cost as low as. With the establishment of a seamless no middleman is one reason why the price tag of the bike is so much higher than competitors on the market, compared to the same class. However, is a good option for those who are looking forward to buy the track bike better in the future.

To Read 6KU Urban Track Fixed Gear Bike Review

One 6KU bike is a concept designed and the needs of the rider. They are also combination of high strength and high quality of materials and components. The bikes are a great value and quality, and this explains why it is very popular. Of course, you do not have to worry about the bike being stolen as you want with thousands of dollars of the specialized bike.

6KU bike is a great for all kinds of riding such as leisurely cycling, exercise biking and commuting. You are adjustable fixie to single gear style known as “filp flop hub”, which options to enjoy the free wheel ride. The price tag $200-$300 of 6KU fixed gear bike, is one of cheapest bike that including high quality.

Pros: The 6KU Track Fixie bikes have six different colors, get a color to best fit your style. With regard to a good for tricks and jumps up and down, so the tires are designed to accommodate such situations, you do not have to worry about bursting the tube. Made of high quality components and parts give more durability bike,

Cons: There is limited information about the bikes on the web, making people less known. For commuting ride, I highly recommend replace new seat to more comfortable.


#5 Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike

The Takara Sugiyama Fixie Bike is a best option for beginning riders and new entry-level fixie/one speed biking with great strength at a great price point delivered wonderful rides.


Specs: The frame of the Flat-bar fixie bike made of strong handcrafted steel, 32-hole alloy wheels and loud 700 x 32 tires enough large for standard road bikes and allow for a smoother and easier ride, and function flip-flop hub which can be adjust fixed gear to freewheel for single speed mode. Ensure stopping and more safety with both front and rear alloy side pull brakes.


The Takara Sugiyama Fixie Bike is a perfect for unisex and available in 3 beautiful two-tone color-styles to choose from Orange/Yellow, Gray/Orange and Black/Blue with 3 frame-sizes of 700c Large(58cm)/Medium(54cm)/Small(50cm).


Buy now Takara Sugiyama Fixie Bike from new and used but new condition on Amazon with lowest offer for $199.99 and free shipping. Before to buy, do not forget read more details the Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike review for the help the right decision.



Something Before Riding

It might not be an easy ride for fixed gear bike but it is not too hard for a beginning fixie-rider. If you love and interested in a fixie bike, just right find a fixed gear bike that you like and when you get a chance, you can definitely ride – not just for urban, commuters fun!


How To Use Clipless Pedals – Benefits of Clipless Pedals

How To Use Clipless Pedals – Benefits of Clipless Pedals

Advantages of Clipless Pedals

For professional riders would have been the aptitude and ability to use the clipless pedal. But for many of the amateur riders are still not brave enough to wear shoes with a cleat installed. Learn and more understand the simple step of riding with clipless pedals.


How To Use Clipless Pedals?

This clip video is best tips from GCN offers you understand and learn the techniques to use the clipless pedal better.


Advantages of Clipless Pedals

What is a Clipless Pedal? The clipless pedal is pedal with mechanism clip, special designed for locked with shoes. For strength and stability, does not come off easily from the foot pedal. The clipless pedal is an indispensable device for intensive riders, providing better power from foot to pedal connection. So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned riders should have them.

With the powerful from the calf muscles, hamstring of legs and hips, these delivered energy via the foot to pedal, which will be very useful on uphill riding and climbing. Easy to release just twisted ankle or heel outward to make the cleats under the shoes out of the pedals. In addition to being benefits of clipless pedals is efficiency power then enables more safety – easily control when you ride on bumpy or rough trail.

I highly recommend use clipless pedalcyclist for road and mountain biking, and triathlon racing or any recreational riding. Then you will find that the spin-effective, more powerful, faster and longer miles.


What First Clipless Pedals To Buy?

If you are using clipless pedals, I have prepared a table comparing and selecting the cheap pedal under 100 dollars for mountain bike and road bike.

Look For Buying the Best Clipless Pedals

What clipless pedals to buy? Before to buy the right clipless pedals should be determine capabilities to main features as following.

Durability: Body and bearing made of quality material offers lightweight but strength and durable.

Cleaning: Easy to clean and able self-cleaning to mud

Adjustable: Can be tension adjustment of lock and unlock with simple step.

Click on the blue link to see more models MTB and Road bike clipless pedals.

Models Rating Price Range Use for
PD-M530 4.6/5 Starting at $34.65 MTB
PD-M520 4.7/5 Starting at $29.95 MTB
PD-M540 4.7/5 Starting at $45.00 MTB
Bonmixc 4.8/5 Starting at $27.99 MTB
WPD-823 4.6/5 Starting at $24.36 MTB
KEO 2 Max 4.7/5 Starting at $69.99 MTB
PD-R540 4.5/5 For Sale $31.99 Road Bike
A530 SPD 4.6/5 Starting at $54.00 Road Bike
PD-M324 4.7/5 Starting at $46.79 Road Bike
PD-R550 4.8/5 Starting at $53.99 Road Bike
PD-A600 4.2/5 Starting at $71.09 Road Bike
Look Keo Classic 2 4.2/5 Starting at $58.98 Road Bike


Top 3 Best MTB Clipless Pedals

#1st Top Pick Shimano PDM780 XT Mountain Bike Clipless Pedal

Shimano PDM780 XT Mountain Bike Clipless Pedal

The Shimano SPD pedal is one of the most popular mountain bike cleat brand on the market. And this review I choose the Shimano DEORE XT PD-M780 Mountain Pedals with value for money, better reliable and performance.

The PD-M780 is second Gen that perfect for race pedal features made of alloy offers lightweight approx. 1 pound. There are a few things that is impressive highlight – great bearing designed with a shield bearing the well, and is designed to meet and durability for the rigors of riding professionally.

Adjust-ability for lock and release tension of the cleats to meet the personal rider. Suitable for MTB, XC racing and Cyclocross with easy install and reasonable price including low maintenance until you almost forget.


Click Here To Check Current Price On the Shimano DEORE XT M780 Pedals


#2nd Pick Crankbrothers Eggbeater 3

Crankbrothers Eggbeater 3 Clipless Pedals

They often have a masterpiece that beat many competitors to resonate with followers of bikers. This is a best bikling innovation by Crankbrothers clipless pedals new ideas for mountain bikers with best features spindle made from high carbon steel (or Chromoly is quality materials provide strength and lighter) cast stainless steel of body, easy to release with 15/20 degrees of release angle, and simple to clipped of the cleats.

Extremely low weight just 0.61 lbs (or 278 grams/pair) perfect for sport type of mountain bike especially triathlon game.

In many bike race, you will be able to see Eggbeaters pedals apart from sponsored by Shimano.

3 colors available: Red, Blue and Matte Black which the Red Eggbeaters have

best deal on Amazon offers for sale with lower cost at a bit over $100 plus free shipping. If you buy now this Crankbrothers Eggbeater 3 come with backed by a 5 years warranty. Just seeing first time, you will falling in love this Eggbeater pedals, this is the top tools that a mountain biker need and one of the key devices for anyone want.


Click Here To Check Special Offers & Promotions On the Crankbrothers Eggbeater 3 Pedals



#3rd Pick Time Atac MX2 MTB Pedals

Time Atac MX2

Time MTB Pedals has a reputation for designing a lightweight but powerful. The design concept of the self-cleaning ease with an easy engagement so need of pedal to cyclocross and mountain bikers.

This Time Atac MX 2 is lightest pedals for my mountain bike pedals rank with light as possible 0.45 lbs. This pedal that supports the attack in a very serious situation and the confidence to fight against obstacles.

Pedal spindle size of 9/16 inch is a wide platform design for meet most bikers need.

You do not worry for the use because the MX2 can be fitted with many types of shoes designed for trail, all mountain and enduro bike so it is pros that you want to use them with a large shoe. Moreover this pedal can clears mud very well, bearings are smooth, entry and release is precise every time.

Inexpensive, purchase now 1 set include two pedals and come with cleats.


Click Here To Check Current Price On the Time Atac MX2 Pedals


Top 10 Best Road Bikes For Under 2000 Dollars – Carbon Bike Buyers Guide

Choosing a Road Bike – Best Endurance Road Bikes On A Budget 

Top 10 Best Road Bikes For Under 2000 DollarsFrom January ago, I had presented an article about the “Inexpensive Road Bikes For Beginners – Top Entry Level Road Bike 2013“, and this time is a great opportunity for enthusiasts highest road bike and choosing a road bike with best endurance road bike under 2000 and lightest road bike under 2000 bucks. Why Should I Buy a Carbon Road Bike ? The carbon fiber is a best bang for your buck road bike upgrades, best stiffness, strength but ultra-lightweight can be formed into an infinite array of shapes. With all these great features have been ideal for the frame bike. And now has developed the technology to create advanced tube carbon has made ​​people become interested and widely use to carbon bike. If you want to race and want best stiffness carbon frame with the best mix of low weight, aerodynamics and propulsion system stability without the buckboard ride.


2016 TOMMASO Corvo ITALIAN Racing BIKES SHIMANO 105 5800

Tommaso Italian Bikes HCT for fast bred road bike racing made from the light and durable high modulus Toray Fiber Monocoque carbon frame with internal cabling for more aero performance – perfect bike for every you’re cycling adventures, at an incredible 18.1lbs. An all Carbon Fork, also made of 100% Toray Carbon, combined with the frame. With ultra lightweight compact frame coupled with 20 Shimano 105 equipped speeds and special of Corvo provide to you with thousands of miles of reliability and enjoyment. The Corvo is equipped with a FSA Omega 50/34T Compact crankset up front and a Shimano Tiagra 12/28T, 11-speed cassette in the rear – and upgraded the cassette to a 12/28T to help you easily into even the climbing largest mountain, this feature will allow you to riders for a more stable platform. The upgraded Tiagra 4600 brakes have the stopping power to allow you to let it fly on the descents with the knowledge that you can stop on a dime. The Corvo is not just your ordinary carbon race bike, as it is outfitted with Shimano 105 5800 derailleur and shifters and A Class ALX-295 wheels combines an aero rim profile with low count aero spokes to make fast speed, all components that you normally only find on bikes costing thousands more. This is a best carbon frame bike under 2,000 dollars with beautiful and a pleasure to ride. There are 5 sizes available to buy: XS (5.2′-5.5′), S (5’5”-5’8”), M (5’8”-5’10”), L (5’10”-6’0”) and XL (6’0-6.4′) and some time offer low price to a nearly half-off price. You can see the reviews of the Tommaso bikes any good for the great support on Amazon with the proper flex for hours of comfort when your ride.


2016 Tommaso Corvo Carbon Road Bike, Shimano 105, Italian Racing Bike 

List Price : $2,599.99

Amazon Cheap Price : $1,649.99

You Money Save : $950.00 or 36%


Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 Bicycle

Legend Shimano 105 bike racing was born with an entirely new design for cycling enthusiasts who want the ultimate in performance and engineering. The structure made from the 800K high modulus carbon fiber and Kestrel EMS Pro full carbon fork. The stays and frame shape provide a flawless riding quality and instant acceleration. You can choose the range frames 53, 55, 57, X-Large/700 and XX-Large/700 cm to fit your size. Overall, Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 Bicycle is a best value road bike on the market for under $2000 with great the lightweight per stiffness, easily & fast to assembly and responsive. I have to checked the Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 review is a best bike for long lasting comfort to rider and great value for money. 

Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 Bicycle

Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 Bicycle

List Price : $1,949.00

Amazon Low Price : $1,799.99

You Money Save : $149.01


Nashbar CR4 Carbon Road Bike

Nashbar CR4 is a best carbon bikes under 2000 with Monocoque frame to provide structural strength to support the weight and impact, and lightweight frame. The full carbon fork with tapered steerer for unparallel steering response. The powerful with full 11 speeds Ultegra drivetrain, no filler parts, all Ultegra. Shimano WH-RS-11 alloy wheelset is light, great for climbing or sprinting, and has 24mm height and aero spokes for reduced drag. Ultegra 50/34T crankset has light Hollowtech technology and is compact for better versatility. You can choose the range frames 46, 48, 50, 52 cm to perfect your shape. Nashbar CR4 is a carbon road bike worth it and not bad for $2K, and now more than half-off price. I have to checked the multi-place for Nashbar CR4 review is a best available. 

Nashbar CR4 Carbon Road Bike

Nashbar CR4 Carbon Road Bike – 11 Speed Ultegra – Not available on Amazon

List Price : $3,999.99

Amazon Sale : $1,699.99

You Money Save : $2,300 or 57%


2016 Kestrel Talon Road Bicycle Shimano 105 Gray/Red

If you are looking for triathlon game. Yes, the Kestres Talon is one of the cheapest and best bike for beginner triathlon for you. With the Enhanced Modulus Hybrid (EMH) structure made from blend of 800K high-modulus carbon fiber with 700K intermediate-modulus carbon fiber frame and fork for the perfect combination. And double platform support for stability on ride all both road & triathlon plus the Kestrel EMS Pro Aero seatpost for a wide range of saddle positions for both road and triathlon use. Additionally, is suitable for all levels of athlete, from the budding roadie to the tri vet. Kestrel Talon Road Bike is one of the cheap for road bicycle and good road bike for beginner triathlete for under 1500 dollars. I have to checked the review is a smooth shifting and great value for money.

2016 Kestrel Talon Road Bicycle Shimano 105 Gray-RedKestrel 2016 Talon Road Shimano 105 Gray/Red Road Bicycle

List Price : $1,549.00

Amazon Price : $1,399.00

You Money Save : $150.00


Kestrel Talon Ultegra Road Bike (Update Sep 24 2016)

This 2016 Kestrel Talon Road Shimano Ultegra Bicycle is another one of aerodynamic bikes designed for the road and best bike for beginner triathlete use. Kestrel Talon Shimano Ultegra Road Bike Satin Black/Gray Blue color is designed to help you do your best to wind or the clock and is suitable for riders on the road or triathlon. Designed for riders who want the aero in modern design and support for wide range of mounted seat angle position. Ahead of its time in adjustability, the Talon allows rider to choose either a road or triathlon-style position. With combine between 800K and 700K intermediate modulus carbon fiber frame and fork for the perfect combination of lightweight and strength. Available in 5 sizes to choose from according to your size are 48, 52, 55, and 57 cm. 2016 Kestrel Talon Ultegra is a smooth & fastest TT bike or on weekends, you can easily be happiness with a good road bike. The result of the customer reviews were very nice for 4.8 out of 5 stars rating.


  • Constructed of Kestrel’s Enhanced Modulus Hybrid (EMH) carbon – a combination of 800K and 700K carbon fibers – offers lightweight and stiff, also designed to offer a bit more compliance.
  • Designed in the A2 Wind Tunnel, the stays, seat post, and seat tube are aerodynamically contoured; plus, fully internal cable routing ensures clean airflow over the entire bike.
  • Proprietary Kestrel H-Stays – the uniquely, asymmetrically shaped seat stays and chainstays – are designed to improve lateral stiffness and thus power transfer, while also supplying vibration dampening.
  • Kestrel EMS Pro Aero Seatpost allows for the saddle to be mounted in a wide range of positions – more forward for tri use or backward for road.


Kestrel Talon Ultegra Road Bike – 800K+700K Carbon Fibers Bike

List Price : $1,749.00

Amazon Low Price : $1,665.25 – $1,739.34

You Money Save : $9.66 – $83.75


Diamondback Century 3 Carbon Road Bike

Diamondback 2015 Century 3 20 Speeds Road Bike is a mid price-range for this article, and the tube made from the carbon endurance frame to lightweight ride & stiff and fork with carbon fiber. Enhanced performance geometry provides a more comfortable position than traditional race bikes. Performance carbon fiber fork and tapered head tube provide steering precision and vibration damping. Clean looking internal cable routing is compatible with both mechanical and electronic systems. With Shimano tiara/105 drivetrain & HED Flanders c2+ 700c wheel set. Choose buy from 4-sizes available to 52 (Small), 54 (Medium), 56 (Large) and 60 cm (XX-large). Perfect for a race bike or fun on road riding and designed for highly trained elite athletes. Diamondback Century 3 Carbon Road Bike is a best endurance road bike under 2000 dollars.

Diamondback Century 3 Carbon Road Bike

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Century 3 Carbon Complete Road Bike

Amazon Low Price : $1,299.00 – $1,710.27


PZ Racing Road Bikes Black

PZ Racing Road Bikes 55cm with 105 Shimano 11-speed GearPZ Racing 55cm Road Bike with 105 Shimano 11-speed Gear is a most comfortable endurance road bike and beautiful with tone colors are black and red PZRacing character. On Amazon available in 1-size is 55cm bike for choosing fit for you. Description on Amazon are “Not exceed 8 kgs, high performance carbon fiber frame with San Marco saddle, taper steerer carbon 700C aero shape fork and light weight high profile alloy road wheel, full set of SHIMANO 11 speeds 105 series 2015 model, light weight alloy handlebar, stem and seat post, oval shape carbon fiber seat post, Victoria high performance road tire”. 

This model will be a review of the customer on Amazon to read the following. “This is my first racing bike. Package was delivered exactly when it was supposed to. I had it assembled at a bike shop. When they heard what I paid for the bike, they were shocked that I got such a quality bike for a low price. However, they were concerned as they haven’t heard of PZ Racing and wasn’t sure of the warranty when it comes to the frame. The warranty is pretty standard when it comes to manufacturing defects, but nothing lifetime. I road 45 miles on the bike and it performs great. Very light and very fast. It’s about 19 pounds when put together; however I had no trouble over taking anyone on trails and keeping up with traffic. Something to keep in mind is, the bike does not come with pedals, kickstand, or bottle holders. I love the bike and would recommend it.”. 


  • High performance carbon fiber frame with San Marco saddle
  • Taper steerer carbon 700C aero shape fork and light weight high profile alloy road wheel
  • Full set of SHIMANO 11 speeds 105 series 2014 model
  • Light weight alloy handlebar, stem and seat post
  • Oval shape carbon fiber seat post

All in all, it’s a great carbon bike that is fun to ride. I highly recommend it.” –> 5 out of 5 stars rating.


PZ Racing 55cm Road Bike— Available on Amazon. 

Amazon Price : $1,755.04


Kestrel RT-1000 SL Review

Kestrel RT-1000 Shimano 105 11-speed Bike main SL frame and rear triangle made from the blend of 800K high modulus carbon fiber and fork material is Kestrel EMS Pro full carbon 1 1/8″ – 1 1/2″ tapered steering. Kestrel RT-1000 is perfect for weekend ride or occasionally race with designed to smoothly riding and tube sets improve to torsion stiffness that absorbs shock yet handles like a superior road bike. The wheels made of aluminum with compact crankset. The BB30 bottom bracket makes for a stiff and efficient pedaling platform. Now available in 3 sizes are 50cm only 1 left in stock, 53 cm (suitable for riders with a height of 5 feet 6 inches) and only 3 left in stock, and 56cm only 1 left in stock. This RT-1000 SL carbon/red bike is a reasonable price and the great reviews for 5 out of 5 stars rating. RT-1000 Shimano 105 is a super lightweight with aerodynamic shape stays, seat post, seat tube and let the wind slip over the bike. You can read more details and user reviews by click this link under the picture.

Kestrel RT-1000 SL Review

2015 Kestrel RT1000 Shimano 105 Carbon Fiber Road Bike

List Price : $1,889.00

Amazon Low Cost : $1,828.95 and free shipping

You Money Save : $60.05 or 3%


Century 4 Carbon Complete Bike

Diamondback Century 4 available in beautiful blue color and 5 sizes are 50, 52, 54, 56 and 58 cm for best choosing your size. Frame material is specific-modulus carbon fiber, unlike may frame using the carbon bonded tubes or a monocoque design, Diamondback’s proprietary Advanced Tube to Tube (ATT) design with “Core Control,” conjoins both technologies. This method utilizes a monocoque head and down tube and joins it with a separate monocoque bottom bracket and chain stays. These two structures form the “core” of the frame, and they work to provide both smooth handling, through front-end control, and rear stiffness for optimal power transfer to the drivetrain. Diamondback Century 4 is a best for your ride on weekend and to more relax or to races, to provide comfort over the long time. 

Diamondback Century 4 Carbon Complete Bike

Diamondback Century 4 Carbon Complete Bike — Not available now.

List Price : $2,300.00

Amazon Sale : $1,699.00

You Money Save : $601.00 or 26%

See newer model: Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Century Sport Disc for $1,156.00 – $1,550.57


ICAN Road Bike-Carbon AERO Frame

The frame for ICAN road bike mode of the Toray T700 carbon Aero frame A+ and Toray T700 AO053 material for fork provide to superlight, best for men’s road bike or racing. There are 2-colors available and 3-sizes are 52, 54 and 56 cm to choosing the frame size. This bike using 700C for wheel size. The robust designed and a torque of very hard work with integrate seatpost and designed for individual rider. This ICAN Road Bike is another one of best road bike frame material.  

Buy ICAN Road Bike

ICAN 52/54/56cm Road Bike-Carbon AERO Frame+56C Wheelset+Shimano 4600+Powerway Hub

List Price : $2,100.00

Amazon Sale : $1,876.00

You Money Save : $224.00 or 10%


All top ten of these carbon bikes that you can consider to choose the right bike for you.  

Moreover, I highly recommend a used Cannondale Synapse Carbon 105 road bike from $1,880 , if you interested in this brand – click under the picture to more data.

Cannondale Synapse Carbon 105 Review

You can read more details and Cannondale Synapse Carbon 105 Review on Amazon. 


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Inexpensive Road Bikes For Beginners – Top Entry Level Road Bikes 2013

Choosing A Best Road Bike On A BudgetInexpensive Road Bikes For Beginners - Top Entry Level Road Bikes 2013

If you love to exercise with a bike, Road cycling is one of the best exercises and the happiest you can find. It is an excellent combination of speed, agility, endurance and cheap. If you are new to riding or hopes to get down to the entry level road bike with great value on the something really important. I know many people who have invested a large sum of money to buy a bike only to find that they do not actually like to ride all that much. A good starter road bike teaching to you started in the sport properly and well understood.

There are many on the market and can be confusing road bike good quality entry level to qualify for best something specific of features. Road bike is good to have a powerful component that helps the ride was smooth and quickly. Road bike needed a light frame and geometry that allows the rider to pedal comfortably. Since the price is low, it is the one used in the decision. However, those elements must still perform a good job.

For the this article will look at great top five entry level road bike enthusiasts to review each and offer my thoughts about the reason on you might think that it is correct.

Selecting and Buying Decisions Beginner Level Road Bikes

Best quality entry level road bike that comes with a low price tag might make you get a lower quality parts or elements. Here are a few tips to help you avoid riding on two wheels effectively.

Avoid Plastic Core Components

Although I am not an expert on bikes. But I also know that plastics should be avoided in the main component. If there is to be expanded to clearly avoid brake made ​​of plastic , shifters and especially derailleur. Should use steel and aluminum is more appropriate. They bend, snap and wear out more quickly. Good road bike for a beginner should be focused on quality components.

Giordano Libero Good Beginner Road Bikes For Men Under $1000Giordano Libero Good Beginner Road Bikes For Men Under $1000

Giordano Libero Men’s Road Bike is a best road bike for beginners lightweight with made hand crafted 6061 aluminum frame (weighs 23 pounds). Their prices are very affordable, considered worthwhile, even with a good set of components. You can choose from a  length range of frames 20, 22 and 25 inches. Available in Men’s Small, Medium and Large. Precision 16 speed Shimano STI equipped drive train and light but strong 700cc wheels all at an absolutely incredible value. This stunning Italian inspired road bike packs a powerful punch without breaking the bank and is certain to remain a favorite weapon for novice cyclists looking to speed past the competition. With dual water bottle mounts. I always like to go by the opinions of our customers, and this one has got a good response.

Giordano Libero 1.6 White/Red Men’s Road Bike-700c

Price : $422.80 – $758.49

Amazon Sale : Lower price available on select options

Vilano Shimano 21 speed Best Aluminum Frame Road Bike For BeginnerVilano Shimano 21 speed Best Aluminum Frame Road Bike For Beginner

Shimano 21 speed road bike is a 54cm bike frame best entry level road bikes in the business. You can choose from a  length range of frames 50(19.7″ small), 54(21.2″ medium) and 58 cm (22.8″ large) to fit your shape. This is an affordable entry level 21 speed road bike and one of our best sellers. It features a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame with an integrated headset and a Shimano drive train with shimano a050 shifter. The complete bike weighs in at an impressive 24 lbs, the lightest in it’s class. With 700c Doubled Walled CNC Machined Sides of wheel set and free pedals are included with every bike. I have to check the review is considered quite satisfactory results.

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano

Price : $269.95 – $299.95

Amazon Sale : Lower price available on select options

Schwinn 700c Prelude Best Road Bikes Under 1000Schwinn 700c Prelude Best Road Bikes Under 1000

The Schwinn Prelude is perfect for for that morning commute or getting out for your evening ride, the Prelude features a aluminum road frame for quick agile riding, the Schwinn road fork absorbs pavement imperfections. The 14 speeds of Shimano drivetrain with a quick-shifting A050 shifters, and lightweight alloy cranks to keep your legs moving fast, clips & straps for the pedals and deep-dish 700c alloy wheels. I have checked schwinn road bikes reviews with a good response was considered very satisfactory.

Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle (BBWhite)

List Price : $319.99

Amazon Cheap Price : $268.99 and Free shipping

You Money Save : $51.00 or 16%

Schwinn Phocus Entry Level Road BicyclesSchwinn Phocus Entry Level Road Bicycles

The Schwinn Phocus 1400 road bicycle is the perfect drop bar road bike for the bike path or just going out for a good workout, lightweight and responsive makes this the perfect road bike. Equipped with a Schwinn aluminum road frame with rigid fork for quick and agile riding, Shimano 14 speed rear derailleur with A050 shifters for quick gear shifting. The high profile alloy rims with paired spokes are lightweight and stong , Quick release front wheel. The saddle comes with a quick release for easy height adjustments. Alloy caliper road brakes for sure stopping power. I have checked schwinn phocus reviews with a good response, it is considered desirable to first road bike recommendations.

Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle, Black, 18-Inch

List Price : $359.99

Amazon Low Price : $272.65 and Free shipping

You Money Save : $87.34 or 24%

Nashbar AL-1 Fitting a Road Bike To YouNashbar AL-1 Fitting a Road Bike To You

Nashbar AL-1 Road Bike is an aluminum road bike by equipped with some solid Shimano components and a comfortable carbon fork to let you get out on the road and enjoy a ride without having to take out a second mortgage on your house. You can choose from a  length range of frames 48, 51, 54, 57 and 60 cm. to fit your shape. The AL-1 is efficient, comfortable, and it’s got plenty of gears for hilly rides. Lightweight aluminum frame is sturdy and reliable for years of use New and improved Shimano Sora 3400 27-speed drivetrain gives you plenty of gears for blasting up and over your local climbs Sturdy alloy wheelset stands up to regular riding and rough roads Dual-pivot brakes give you reliable stopping power. I have checked the Nashbar AL-1 review is available.

Nashbar AL-1 Road Bike == Not available now

List Price : $999.99

Amazon Sale : $549.99

You Money Save : $450.00 or 45%


700c Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men’s Road Bike

700c Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men's Road BikeThe Schwinn Phocus 1600 men’s road bicycle is an excellent quality and lightweight drop bar road bike perfect for workout or bike path – look like high-end bike but low cost. This bike is a beginner or starter right bike due to price for under 600 buck, 6061 aluminum frame that most commonly used, able agile riding with a carbon fiber rigid front fork offers smooth when riding on rough roads or bump, quick gear shifting and a wide Shimano Claris gears up to 14-speed rear derailleur – ensure for stopping power with Promax alloy caliper brake. An easily release, adjustable and light saddle helps to comfort while your ride. This bike is perfect for men a tall 5’ 8” and above.


Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1600 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle, Silver, 18-Inch


List Price: $599.99

Amazon Price: $518.63 and Free Shipping

You Save: $81.36 or 14%


Different Types of Road Bikes Buying Guide For Beginners

  • If you are not comfortable, look here first before blaming your bike, which is not always the fault of the bike, make sure you set your ride correctly. There are some great online instructions on standover height, handlebar position, and other needs. Cheaper entry level road bike will benefit from this adjustment.
  • If it is produced in a factory in China, it may not be a high quality one hand to the other. That said, some Chinese factory bikes really good especially if the production quality control.
  • Check the brand of your road bike. Some less popular bike brands is something of a risk. More popular bike brands is an indicator of the quality control and some things to look for.
  • To read the reviews of the customers. Review of bikes from all corners. Read to a better understanding of the bike you are looking to buy. Also, if you buy from a larger online retailers , be sure to read reviews of customers for a better understanding.
  • Frame materials determine the details of the seller or the manufacturer indicates. If you are able to find aluminum or chromoly, it may be a good thing.


I hope this article will provide useful information to best entry level road bikes for beginners.



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