Essential Bike Multitool for Repair and Maintenance

Top 5 Bike Emergency Tool Kit for Touring

If you love to a bike tour and have a little knowledge of the repair. In case of emergency or assistance with companions, so what’s not to forget that it is a tool that should be in your pocket or backpack. Today, there are a variety of most useful mountain bike tools for your favorite bike. These bike tools are compact, lightweight, portable and easy to use, and made of good material, durable as well as produced with cutting-edge technology. In this 2018, there are about 5-6 comparison tools that I will recommend to you. Let’s see what tools for touring are right for you.


Alien 3 Topeak Multi Tool

For only $45, the Alien III from Topeak. Due to its inexpensive price, Alien III is the most affordable portable tool. The Topeak is a leading brand in bicycle repair, great for touring spinners who have to long distances travel and all the way to repair the bike with yourself without dependence on help from other sources. This Alien III divides the tool into two separate parts, creating this device as if it were from an alien. One side is a Allen wrench, available from 2-10 mm and the other side is a screwdriver, flat screwdriver and torque wrench T25 and include Spoke Wrenches 14 g/15 g/Mavic/Shimano compatible. And equipped the Chain Tool Cast CrMo Steel  and Chain Hook Steel Wire. Get ready for the bike tour with confidence.

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Blackburn Wayside Multitool

Blackburn is another name that a well known blender. Blackburn is a good quality brand, affordable price, and then worth it. With nearly 35 dollars of Wayside MultiTool is worth the prices and is perfect for mountain bikers and essential tools for road bikers. Equipped with light weight and compact makes it easy to carry. All 9 tools can useful up to 19 different applications. Caution; if you need a flight, can be loaded in the luggage compartment but do not carry it into the cabin because one of them has a folding knife in this tool. Although this tool has a few devices, they can repair the bike from 7-11 speeds.

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Pedro’s Intensive Care Unit + M7 (ICM)

This is often seen in almost every bike shop and bicycle repair center. This ICU plus M7 can help you in any time you want even cutting the chain, tightening the parts with a hex wrench, M25 torque wrench for the most sensitive parts such as the saddle tube of the frame. Good news, if you use Mavic M7 wheels, this tool has a bike spoke wrench and also an added bonus of the beer bottle opener for bikers who want to get refreshed after biking.

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Park Tool I-Beam 3 Mini Tool IB3

The I-Beam 3 is one of portable bike tools needed for MTB and road bike, repair tool ready to help you anywhere in the world with reliable quality by Park Tool. The old blue brand that many bikers familiar as well. This tool consists of 8 hexagon wrenches, 25T torque wrench and flat-head screwdriver. In the set, there are chain cutting tools that make your life easier when the chain has a problem, a wrapped tire lever for tires with problems such as flat tire or need to recap or change tires. And bike spoke wrenches ready for every situation.

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Fix It Sticks Replaceable Multi Tool

With the advantage of minimal complexity, makes this SticksFix It to the most users friendly that can remove and plug the wrench. This multi tool from Fix It Sticks with less than 30 dollars for Fix It that is flexible and adjustable. The kit includes: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm Hex, come with 25T torque wrench and replaceable screwdriver. The devices are small and can be separated so incredibly that it can be stored in a small pocket.

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Fat Bike Buyers Guide – FatBiking Hot Trend

Bigfoot Cycling – Best Five Entry Level Fat Bike

FatBike Buyers Guide and Trend

Biking is a trend that has been highly popular today, whether cycling for exercise, ride to work or tour. There are many bike to choose the style of applications that vary for each person. At present, this bike’s hot and getting the most attention is the Fat Bike. Because not only looks remarkable for off-road bike with over-wide tires, but also ready to take us wade through in all terrains as well. Today, I have collected the Fat Tire Bike from leading brands advisable to ride with value for money, beautiful design and robust.


El Oso De Acero Diamondback Fat Bike

Diamondback El Oso

El Oso De Acero Fat Mountain Bike by Diamondback Bicycles is pretty design with white frame that material made from steel offers solid structure. Good quality drivetrain by use shifters wide range 9 speeds Shimano Alivio M4000, crank and derailleurs – the front fork by DB EI Oso Custom Rigid Steel and Shimano Alivio M410 E-type for front derailleur. Comfortable saddle allows your ride for long time. All functions powered comfortable ride on snow land or mud or sand trails with both 4″ wheels. This 2016 Bigfoot MTB Diamondback El Oso De Acero is a complete to next level fat MTB with mid-price range below $1000. There are 3 different size to choose from 16-inch Small, 18-inch Medium and 20-inch Large.


Mongoose FatBoy Bike

Mongoose FatBoy Bike

Fun with this Fat Boy bike from Mongoose Supersized beach cruiser including 7 speeds with Shimano rear derailleur lets switch gears and ride seamlessly without interruption, 4-inch wide wheels made of red alloy rims 26-inch with good quality disk brakes, blue steel frame, 3 piece cranks and beach cruiser pedals – equipped with performance for beat to any terrain. This Dolomite Fat Boys Tire Cruiser Bike is cheapest cost, less than $200 perfect for entry level or those who are looking for first fat bike. With years of experience in the design of a dirt bike for over 40 years, thus ensuring that this Mongoose is reliable and will get a quality product.


Nashbar Fat Bike

Nashbar Fat Bike

Nashbar fatbike is strong and lightweight frame due to made of aluminum frame and fork. Features 2×10 speed drivetrain SRAM, high-quality material, shifters & derailleurs, 26 inch aluminum wheelset with both wide DURO BIG D 26″x4″ tires can enjoyable ride on the beach sand or even slippery, muddy. Reliable all conditions to stopping power with use Tektro Aries mechanical disc brake. Add characterized of black tone by many yellow circle on the inside of the rims. Fat Bike Sizing: 4 sizes available are 15″, 17″, 19″ and 21″ to choose for fit your shape. Now good news, for sale 55% off the $1,999.99 price tag.


GMC Yukon Fat Bike

GMC Yukon Fat Bike Review

The GMC Yukon is a big foot bike that design from 6061 aluminum frame and rims offers lighter weight, and front fork suspension made of high tensile steel. Powered by 7-speed gear system by Shimano Revo allow to easy ride and safety with disc brake. Both wide tires are 26″x4″ able easily hit to snow or off-road paths. Assembly and adjust without hassle. This a 18″ frame size perfect for fat riders tall 5 feet 6 inch – 6 feet. Holiday can ride a recreation in the resort area, sightseeing or riding an exercise to help lose weight is good. Start fun with fat biking on a tight budget.


Kawasaki Sumo Fat Tire Bike

Kawasaki Sumo 4.0 Fat Tire Bike

Sumo Fat Tire Bike by Kawasaki is one of the best fat bike for snow riding with 21-speed Shimano EF-51 Trigger Shifters and Derailleurs and Cassette with 170mm Aluminum Crank Arms, Nylon Pedals and KMC Z50 Chain, all drivetrain powered great climbing the hills. Both front and rear disk brakes add more reliable to stopping all conditions. The weight 47lbs. from frame that made of aluminum diamond with U-Bridge Ridged fork. This Sumo KA2606-1-MT 18.5″ model includes dual tires 4.0 inches x 26 inches which wide enough to float above the beach, mud, gravel, snow and other terrain to put under it – and medium tread reduce rolling resistance on hard any surfaces. If you like Kawasaki off-road bike, this Sumo 4.0 is a nice for money with not exceed 600 bucks.


All fat bikes are entry level for starter fat biking with price under 1000 dollars. If you are finding for fat bike, not forget read the above fat bike buying guide for choose the right one.