DJI Mavic Pro – Best Portable Drone for Travel

DJI Mavic Pro Best Foldable Drone with 4K Camera

It has been several years to the present that drones or unmanned aircraft are popular and play an important role in capturing high-angle imagery, whether it’s traveling or enjoying the race and as well as active in the military. For people generally used to take high angle shots to help keep the unique image in a different angle. But most of the drones that are sold in the market are large, very heavy, not easy to carry and the battery is not as strong as it should be as well as high prices.


Another great quality drones and battery life afforded with long fly for nearly half an hour. You will find the amazing features of the DJI Mavic Pro like as Phantom 4, this very compact drone perfect on the go come with awesome camera offers up to 4k video capture resolution and RAW support. This Mavic Pro folding drone is designed for most possible for users to carry in their small backpack while their fun family time on holiday offers capture the special photos and best memorial videos. Let’s see more details below:


Highlight Features

  • Compact, easy to carry, foldable and holdable with one hand.
  • Flying is fun for up to 27 minutes per a charge.
  • Maximum speeds at 44 mph.
  • Control up to a distance of 4.3 miles.
  • Easy to control flight with TakeOff / Landing that very easy and safest, and Precision Landing system helps in landing smoothly with ultrasonic sensor system to help detect the distance from the floor.
  • There are Optical Sensors around the machine to help you avoid obstacles such as branches, stones under the belly or even the slope of the floor.
  • 4k shooting and RAW support. There is also Manual Focus, Shutter speed and ISO.

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My little reviews on this DJI Mavic Pro; Highlights can be folded to a small size to makes it easy to carry and has as a good specification equivalent to a large drone. The body of the leg folds at 83 x 198 x 83 mm, making it almost the same size as a bottle. The structural design is lighter when compared the other DJI models with total weight is 1.6 pound (743 grams) only and more aerodynamic. Mavic Pro’s the first DJI drone that can be put into a backpack without having to find a big carry case to do special like the other models. The DJI Mavic Pro does not take long time for a strong fold to attach to the body or simply to extend the legs and rotors to prepare for flight.


  • With compact form but complete features to include vision sensor and high-end transmission system and offers camera quality to 4K Ultra HD
  • Simple for fold and carry to with your small bag
  • Equipped outdoor and indoor stable
  • Simple to setup and easy to use



  • This drone is not waterproof, should not flight while wet condition
  • The Mavic Pro offers amazing running time up to 27 minute but longer to get 50 minutes for fully charged

If you own a high-end drone as Mavic Pro now at a price of less than a thousand dollars, you will be impressed by the amazing features of this Drone, which are portable with the convenience of carrying it as small as a bottle of water after folding and easy to fly idea for outdoor adventures and stable even indoor. The Mavic Pro is a folding drone offers great value for money help your holiday on the beach is a very nice. This drone offers to best experience flying to meet both beginner and professional requirements.


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