One More E1001 Review & 1MORE Triple Driver vs Shure SE215K/CL

1MORE E1001 Review & 1MORE Triple Driver vs Shure SE215

1MORE E1001 Triple Driver is a cheapest three driver earbuds with price nearly 100 dollars, this E1001-SV model supports the work of iOS and Android devices as well as in-line include the microphone and remote control for easy to talk and listen to the music.This 1MORE E1001 headphone is fantastic for listening experience with powerful three drivers which deliver amazing surround sound system – you can get high resolution audio of frequency range up to 40 kHz.

The triple driver headphone integrated with two balanced armatures and a titanium dynamic driver delivering most accurate sound with unparalleled dynamic power and clarity.The E1001 designed to suitable and comfortable the ear ergonomic by concept and understanding of the natural angle of your ear canals.

I have to check the 1MORE triple driver reviewed, it is quite satisfactory with 4.4 out of 5 stars rating from more than 600 customers.


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Available in 2 colors are Titanium and Black/Gold, made from high quality materials (aerospace grade), aluminum alloy offers this 1MORE earpiece to as low as of weight gives friendly to your ears. There are the dynamic (woofer) and tweeters (armature) drivers provide bass, mid and high sound to best cover the wide range.

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1MORE Triple Driver vs Shure SE215

The table below is compare between two earphones of 1MORE Triple Driver and Shure SE215. To see the overall of the two models, I will compare the key features, price and for data on how to buy the best headphone.


1MORE Triple Driver and Shure SE215 Comparison Chart

1MORE E1001





Shure SE215

4.3/5.0 Stars Rating 4.0/5.0
Titanium, Black/Gold Colors Available Black, Clear, White
Triple Driver Driver Single Dynamic MicroDriver
48-inch Cable Length 64-inch
No Detachable Cable Yes
Come with mic and 3 buttons for calls and control your music In-line Features 3 buttons remote and microphone (optional)
Noise Isolating Noise Noise Isolating
99 dB Sensitivity 107 dB
22Hz-40kHz Frequency Response 22Hz-17.5kHz
32 Ohms Impedance 27 Ohms


Both 3.5mm in-ear models are perfect for protection ambient noise and better than earbud brands but there are some differences. The 1MORE designed for audiophile earphone that cable cans not replacement and removes while the Shure SE215 is sport earphone that replaceable or removable that is more benefits and safer.


The 1MORE E1001 has a higher impedance than the Shure SE215 (32 vs. 27 ohms), but there is a narrower frequency response (22-40,000 hertz vs. 22-17,500 hertz) but the IMORE cable is shorter than Shure SE215 (48 inches versus 64 inches).

Include 3 buttons in-line of earphone built-in volume +/- button for increase or decrease sound, calls or end calls to benefit when you talking and on relax day while you listen to the music the control your songs with able playbacking/tracking media files from Fast-Forward (FF) or Fast-Rewind (FR) buttons.


The OneMORE E1001 is triple driver in-ear headphone while the Shure SE215 model has a single dynamic MicroDriver, but the prices of two in-ear models are similar, which is under a hundred dollars (a slight difference of $1.24 for $99.99 versus $98.75).

The Shure SE215 designed for on the stage or on the go, due use sound isolation technology from foam and flex sleeves offer fit and comfortable seal to your ears as well as protection from external noise. There are three colors to buy from black (-K), clear (-CL) and special edition white (m+) with remote and microphone, and starting at affordable price (check price).


The advantage of 1MORE E1001

The benefit of E1001 model that over the SE215 model that is built-in remote and mic for talk and listen to the songs without additional purchase. The volume and music control buttons work well on both Android and iOS devices, you can easy control voice and skip/reverse your favorite music. The drivers have patented design and today this E1001 offers for sale on Amazon with price only $84.99 gives you save up to 15%.


The advantage of Shure SE215

Highlights of the SE215 is better than the E1001 model, the cable can be detach for more safe. And as mentioned at the beginning, the E1001 headphones have a high impedance may not be suitable for adjust max volume for smartphones or mp3 player because high resistance must use more power. Therefore, it is an advantage of this SE215 model.


Most Comfortable IEM – Best Value IEMs For Budget

Best IEMs under $50-$100-200-300-500-1K Dollars Buying Guide

Best IEM under 100 DollarsIEMs means In-Ear Monitors are an ideal tool for musicians, audio engineers and audiophiles to listen to music or to hear audio mix of singers and procedures used for live performances or recording studio mixing. So IEMs are designed for use in the studio, stage and PA because this headphone has a good sound isolation – suitable for use in places where a lot of noise to prevent outside noise very well.

Today, to present unbeatable opportunities for profitable and valuable buyers on the United States market to own an IEM at a value price. Here is one of the most comprehensive and all these are good IEMs that fit for each budget with IEM buying guide for choose the right pick. This is showcase of top 6 quality budget in the in-ear monitor headphone, in order to meet the most demanding than ever.

Best IEM Under 50 Dollars Range

MEE audio M6 PROMEE audio M6 PRO - Cheapest IEM Below $50 is in-ear monitor with safety because the cable can be removed. Choose from 2 colors (Smoke and Clear) perfect for use on / off the stage with noise isolating for around noise cancellation. That the cable built-in remote, microphone and volume control for connected to smartphones or tablets. They also have good resistance to sweat. Plus in the box includes carrying case for storage headphone, spare cable, ear tips and other accessory. This MEE M9 reviews are available with more than 160 of the trust customers for 4.2 out of 5 stars rating.

There is also a Shure SE112-GR model that perfect for this budget with price lower than 50 dollars and best sound isolating IEM, but for earphone with remote and microphone the price is slightly higher than $50.


Best IEM under 100 – Best Sound Isolating In-Ear

Best Sound Isolating IEM Shure SE215With experience in audio designed for more than 90 years, making this Shure is very reliable and has been accepted by the most audience. As a result, Shure products are very marketable. The Shure SE215 features prevent external noise has been fantastic – newest Single Dynamic MicroDriver technology optimize the impressive sound with reproduction clear sound and deep bass. And safe more with detachable cable, the multi shapes sleeve and sizes gives comfortable and long lasting listening. Easily portable, easier to carry, comes with carry case. Now, 2 translucent colors available on Amazon with below $100.


Best IEMs under 200

Series Westone UM Pro10-20-30This price range, there are plenty of in-ear monitor such as Shure SE315, Westone UM Pro 10 and Audio-Technica ATH-IM70. But that are highly recommended the appropriate version of the singers or musicians on stage, that is Westone UM Pro 10 IEM. The more experience, the quality of the in-ear more than 50 years and basic design of the most comfortable and sound quality – come with features to reduce noise from ambient up to 25 dB, detachable cable and 2 years warranty. That right for you that are looking for rock band IEM monitor headphone. Up to 4 colors to fit your style: Blue/Clear/Red/Smoke and this UM Pro series are available in three versions of the UM Pro 10 (Single Driver), UM Pro 20 (Dual Driver) and UM Pro 30 (Triple Driver). This UM Pro series that are one of  best isolating IEM and you can own with the starting price at $149.99.


Best IEMs under 300

HIFIMAN HM-700 32GB ReviewHIFIMAN HM700 IEM monitor is a one of this price range at less than 300$, most comfortable to ware due to lightweight below 3 oz. This is a professional IEM. Easily to use without any install for upload your music to computer, when you plug the device into your computer, just waiting the system will be installed automatically and then you can drag and drop ease – maybe yes if you are call “plug and play”. Impressed with features balance output and deliveries wide. HM700 includes big internal storage up to 32GB (can be stored files without loss of more than 1000 songs) portable player plus RE400 or RE600 in-ear monitor provide fantastic soundstage and starting price at $249 – $349. Click here to read more HIFIMAN HM-700 32GB review before buying to make sure to get a good product and value for money on

There is also another version that would suggest that is Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10, features input Sensitivity – 117dB/mW at Impedance – 32 ohms, frequency response range 10 to 17,000 Hz, high frequencies to a speaker dedicated for treble, the mid-range frequencies to a speaker for the vocals and changeable ear tips provide -26dB of isolation & passive noise cancellation. Come with crush-proof brushed metallic hard case for more safe your in-ear earphone and other devices.


Best IEMs under 500

Shure SE535Shure SE535 Alternative is a pretty high end IEM unique designed for perfect hook behind the ear, which each piece includes 3-microdriver speakers provide amazing sound quality. At the headphone cable are quite large and hard, and the nearly earpiece is an area where we can bend the curve to fit our ear. Although there are as many as three drivers but still balance sound to fit, at low frequencies so you hear the deep as our ears to hear, midrange is very clear and can produce detailed sound is very really wonderful, and treble for excellent performance. Of course, high-quality in-ear headphones come with a high price, but also the best value for money and separate the musical instrument sound and the vocals were excellent. Three colors available in Bronze, Clear and Limited Edition Red with starting price at $477. Enjoyable and excitement, give you to listen to the bass with full body sound, easy and comfortable to wear, the more durable and easily changeable cable.


Best IEM under 1000 Dollars

Best IEM under 1000 - Shure SE846This Shure SE846 in-ear monitor is a top of the Shure brand and first model that include 4-MicroDriver and replace SE353 old model – great sound performance and audio reproduction the completeness every detail. Outstanding features prevent the surround noise up to 37 dB when use the isolating sleeves. In the box includes the 3 nozzle inserts can be removable for difference of sound such as blue nozzle gives sound balance, white nozzle offer sound bright and complete all detail, and black nozzle provide warm for sound heavier than. Of course for this remarkable quality in-ear headphones that come with a bit expensive price but they provides all the hearings were impressed and durability because this Shure SE846 is designed to be easy to use in order to minimize the damage caused by use as well – this is a reasonable price and there will be more complete if you have worn while playing a concert on the stage. Choose to fit your style from up to 4 different colors of Clear, Black, Blue and Bronze.


CIEM Buying Guide

CIEM or also known as Custom In-Ear Monitors was designed and built to suit the individual anatomy of the ear. For the best sound in a small, portable form – they can be seen on the TV by musicians, audio enthusiasts and on the concert. Characteristics, this in-ear headphones are made by individual ear size to get the best format and the best sound quality including precise tuning.

There will be a variety of CIEM headphones, which is price different from the number of drivers, if there are a lot of drivers will make the price higher.

Why do singers wear earpieces?

Many times, we often find musicians or singers to wear earpieces and usually found in a private in-ear monitor. That is customer in-ear monitor for hear the melody due to on stage there will be a variety of sound of the singers, instrument sounds, sound of the audience and other noise. It may be hard to hear yourself if you have not earpieces and the best earpieces that is custom made IEM. The CIEM to fit the size of singer ear and also can choose and design your different color & style IEM with yourself.


Cheapest Custom IEM

Decibullz ReviewsThis Decibullz CON is one of the cheapest CIEM for under 100$ and is a best Custom IEM for drummers. In the live show, for typical headphones are relative as difficult to hear the rhythm – so they are designed to fit the ears of each musician. On the cable built-in remote button / microphone and features better isolation gives sound quality more than your expect. They are also great for listening to relaxing music while you are exercising or running or your fitness.

I have to checked the Decibullz review is available. You can choose the Decibullz CON Custom Molded In-Ear Headphones up to 9 different colors: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Light Blue, and now the green is a cheapest CIEM on Amazon.


JH Audio brand is a one of most popular custom in-ear monitor with retail price at $1099. Here, I highly recommend the “Astell&Kern Angie Special Edition by JH Audio 8 Driver In-Ear Monitor (IEM) with 3.5mm Stereo Extension Cable with iBasso D-Zero Mk2 Portable Headphone Amp” – you can read more the user reviews to worth every penny that you spent and to ensure has been a great IEM before looking to buy.


Top Five Best 100$ Earphones – Good Earbud Brands For Sport

Top 5 Choices for Best Earbuds under $100 For Workout

One of the most popular headphone is an in-ear headphone or earbuds, and many reasons for finding the cheap earbuds that perfect for quality and budget. This is best earbuds under 100$ for listening enthusiasts with sweatproof, perfect for those who to listen to music or recorded sound review while your workout or sport running with earbuds. I highly recommend five good earbud brands for your sport are best quality and under 100 dollars. Some brand for sale to lower price including Bluetooth wireless offers you comfort to use while your exercise such as Soundpeats QY7 wireless model built-in microphone and flexible ear hook for talk while your running and lowest price, now for sale with starting at lower than $25. In here, I will sorting from highest to lowest prices for Top 5 Choices for Best Earbuds under $100. You can own headphones for the gym at affordable rates not exceeding 100 dollars.


  1. Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones Buy Now

Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones

Bose is a brand that is recognized for audio enthusiasts, with optimized high quality of sound so speakers and audio products are famous and has been very popular. Most of the products are in high-end. The Bose SoundSport is latest model for sport and use TriPort technology delivered sound balance, deep sound, loundness, clarity with high level and good quality audio. This SoundSport earphone made of quality material and moisture protection even hard exercise.

Highlight Features: Inline microphone and remote offers easy control between phone calls and music playback while your exercise, perfect for workout with sweatproof and weather resistant provide durable and long-lasting quality. This is a real travel friendly, any where you go.

5 Colors Available: There are 5 different tone colors to choose fit your style  from Charcoal, Energy Green, Frost, Neon Blue and Power Red.Pick Your Color

iOS and Android Devices Compatible: Support for Apple Devices, Audio Only and Android Devices with starting price at 99.95 dollars.

Durable Case: Comes with lightweight carrying case for travel with the same color the headphones – this case for put necessary items to carry while exercising. It fits very well!

3 Sizes Ear Tips: Make sure to wear with ease – choose from S, M and L StayHear tips fit and comfort to your ears shape.


  1. Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver Buy Now

Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver

If you compare this Shure SE215-K with other headphones that available on the market are found to have the following advantages.

Sound Signature: Detailed Sound with Enhanced Bass – using Single Dynamic MicroDriver gives reproduction clear and deep bass with noise isolation sleeve fit kit.

Detachable Feature: The cable can be removed and replacement easily which was the feature a relatively rare in headphones that available in the market – can be considered as profit of SE215-K headphones.

Many Ear-tip: There are many choice ear tips sizes to fit the size of each individual ear for noise protection.

2 Colors Available: There are two colors to choose from clear (SE215-CL) and black (SE215-K).

Carrying Case: In the box included carry case for easy storage and convenient to carry and flexible to use.


  1. Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones Buy Now

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones Buy Now

The Plantronics BackBeat Fit is waterproof Bluetooth headset swimming with features IP57 waterproof and sweat resistance designed for sports and workout earbuds. Built-in wireless stereo earphones included neoprene armband secure that same color the BackBeat Fit for an assistance store your smartphone when your activities. This item is also compatible with sunglasses and sport glasses as well due to very light. If you are looking for affordable swimming earbuds that withstand freshwater not over 1 meter, Plantronics BackBeat Fit is a perfect!

Sports Safety – All movements are safe, whether it’s running or exercising with wireless Bluetooth enables no cable clutter while you run or gym workout.

Complete Functionality – Whether you are running or cycling or any exercises, this Plantronics BackBeat Fit headphone is fully compatible applications with talks and music controlled by control on your ear.

Waterproof and Sweatproof – Use nano-coating P2i technology for protection against water and sweat while your running and workout.

Long Lasting Life Time – 14 days for standby mode, allow your listen to long time up to 8 hours, 6 hours for call time and modern technology with you can see and alert battery level monitor via your smartphone or tablet.

3 Colors Available – Choose from 3 different colors are Blue, Green and Red

This Plantronics BackBeat Fit is not support noise canceling, but this give you benefit while your biking or running help you hear all around that will give you running or riding more safely. However, they still sound quality, balanced with a good mix of treble and midrange.


  1. MEE audio M6 PRO Universal-Fit Noise-Isolating Musician’s In-Ear Monitors with Detachable Cables (Clear) Buy Now

MEE audio M6 PRO Clear Review

This MEE audio M6 PRO in-ear earphone is known as one of the EP-M6PRO-BK-MEE model that designed for the stage monitors, musicians and gym due to noise-isolating delivered precision reproduction, clear sound and deep bass. Features sweat-resistant and pair interchangeable cables with choose from 2 colors are Clear and Smoke. All this for you own at a price lower than 50$.

Comfortable and Secure: This safe in-ear earphone with detachable cables.

Compatibility of Smartphones and Tablets: On the cable built-in microphone, control and volume give you hand-free talk.

Secure Carry Case: Includes the safe carry case and come with 6 silicon ear tips and extra cable.


  1. SoundPEATS QY7 Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sports In-ear Stereo Headphone with Sweatproof Earbuds – Black Buy Now

SoundPEATS Q9A Wireless Bluetooth Sweatproof Secure Fit Earbuds - Black Color

The SoundPEATS QY7 is cheapest earbuds in this section that built-in microphone gives easy talk and hand free phone conversation to long time up to 5 hours. Choose from over 7 different colors of the SoundPEATS QY7: Black, Green, Red, White, White/Green, Purple and Blue with the price for sale starting at $19.99 on Amazon. This Qy7 is a one of the most popular sweat-proof sport earbuds that a lot of buyers to pay attention and more than ten thousand reviews. Even though they are very cheap, but still the quality of the sound performance was amazing – Especially, delivered high frequency and bass sound response are very impressive. You will have fun outdoor workouts with portable, lightweight, sound quality, precision and easy carry or storage earphone.

Comfortable Earbuds: Lightweight, ergonomics design and sweatproof so perfect for running, biking, camping, hiking, gym workout, driving and sports.

Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity: Without the clutter of wires which can strap on the back of your neck – advance Bluetooth 4.1 technology that delivered audio performance.

Work for iPhone 4/5/6/6+: Easy to talk due to built-in microphone and control including battery indicator so make perfect for smartphones and tablets such as iOS devices, Android devices, Window devices and all Bluetooth devices.

7 Colors Available: Black/Black, Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/Purple, Black/Red, Black/Yellow, White/Green and White/Yellow.


Top Five Best Earbuds for Heavy Metal and Rock Music 2015

Top Five Best Earbuds for Heavy Metal and Rock Music 2015

Best Earbuds for Heavy Metal and Rock MusicMusic for entertainment is also a great leisure, but if you’re listening to especially real heavy metal music style, selecting the right headset is very necessary for rockers.

Unlike typical headphones: Most music heavy metal will have an element of variety of Music Instruments – so headphones for this heavy metal and rock music should have major features provide sound of the instrument is clearest, can be great separated frequency such as high, medium and low with quality, give the powerful of the drum-tight and deep bass.

This section is offering the best in-ear headphones for bass and heavy metal music. These headphones are specially designed to get you the most remarkable pleasure, richest, most clear and best value for the best listening experience.

Best Bass Heavy Earbuds Buyer Guide

The most features are accentuating the roar of ammunition into the ear – powerful super bass to touched feeling, impact and tight. There are the ranges of frequency response 20-20000 Hz, which is perfect for listening to high quality heavy metal music – not much or too little of bass or treble. And what is indispensable that is there should be a lightweight, durable, comfortable and portable. In addition, consider the following.


Normally, the human ear is not the same, so we should have to choose between small, medium, large sleeves to fit the ear of each person.

Bass Adjust Mode

There should be a button for increase/decrease low frequency for the best bass.

Microphone and Remote

If you want a radical shake up of music and prepare to calling through the mobile phone. Microphone and remote control is required to facilitate, without the need to run directly on your mobile.

Whether you are audiophile heavy metal, artists, producer, rock musician or just a lover of rock music, the suggestions above will help you find a headphone that is perfect to listening experience to the next level.

Things to be aware

Audio source and impedance: If you take it to connect to music player or mobile phone, the impedance is recommended under 25 ohms that suitable to small power source. On the other hand, if you have a high power source to deliver best audio levels – should be select headphones with impedance 25 ohms or more. But if you take headphones with lower impedance to the large power source, may cause damage to your headset.

  1. SONY MDR-XB90EX Review

SONY MDR-XB90EX ReviewSony is a company with the reputation and long experience in audio and has produced a wide range of quality products recognized worldwide. And in the past has produced and released for sale on the market of XB series, this is one of the extra-bass headphones for bass heavy music.

The Sony MDR XB90EX is a vertical in-ear headphone XB series for powerful bass boost and heavy, come with 16mm driver. The distinguished by Advanced Direct Vibe structural with made of combining between alloy and ABS to more luxury look and durable. Features 106dB/mW at 16-ohm impedance and provide 4-27000 Hz frequency response range is fits, not too wide or too narrow – perfect for those who do not like listening to intensive high frequency.

Features long listening with comfortable, lightweight and hybrid silicon rubber ear tips offers reduce the noise-isolating – at earpiece allows tighten the headset for the better position.

Pros: Great low frequency response, rich and clear bass sound, good noise-isolating and long listening comfortable. The advantages of flat cable for prevent to tangle or knotting.

Cons: Without on cable control to talk and not perfect for exercise.

The Sony XB90EX is a better choice in terms of sound quality and bass beats – you can own best earbuds for rock below 100 dollars. Here is a best place and most reliable store to Sony MDR XB90EX buy online and before buying not forget read more Sony extra bass earbuds reviews to make sure you get a good product and best value.


  1. Shure SE215K Review

Shure SE215-K Review and BuyThe Shure SE215-K is a lowest SE series that removable cable but this SE215 has the same components as the more expensive models with high quality cable – awesome designed with incredible details and complete compositions. Inside; components are single Dynamic MicroDriver for enhance bass with micro-size, and good audio seal. Outside; ergonomic, durable housing and sweat resistance, feature sound isolating earphone. The SE215K headphone is perfect for on-stage or anywhere both women and men.

Key Features

  • Single Dynamic MicroDriver Headphone
  • Detailed sound with delivered more bass
  • 22-17500 Hz of frequency response range
  • 20 ohms impedance
  • 107dB/mW sensitivity
  • Longer detachable cable up to 64-inch
  • Noise Isolation Technology

Pros: Removable cable with mechanism lock snap, come with ear tips for choosing to fit up to 6 pairs and carry case. This is the best soundstage headphones.

Cons: High-frequency and high-end system are not impressive.

Read more details the Shure SE215-K Review


  1. RHA MA750i review

RHA MA750i ReviewShifting up the price a little high (when compared to the second generation, as mentioned above) with RHA MA750i Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones, this model available 2 choices are standard and a small “i” character with microphone and remote for call that made specially designed for iPhone.

Why To RHA MA750i Buy? This in-ear headphone is a durability structure made of 303F stainless steel, which is not often seen and that’s why they made heavy. But even is such that this is the highlight of a solid material and producing clean sound. And more than that, these headphones are designed to be comfortable and fitted to ears with Aerophonic shape.

The MA750i can be use and support to iPhone6 and Android or other smartphone devices, this may depend on the model and application in use.

Read more details the RHA MA750i review


  1. SoundTrue In-Ear Review

SoundTrue In-Ear ReviewHeadphones Bose brand relatively famous and recognized quality on the market or even aviation and the military. And was the first brand to produce headphones that noise cancelling from outside. The right to use, making this Bose produce multi headphones style such as in-ear, cover-ear, mobile headsets, aviation/military headphones etc.

Bose SoundTrue In-Ear is the best bass headphones fewer than 100 dollars with the different choose of 5 colors are Black, Cranberry, Ice Blue, White and Indigo to suit the shades of your device.

There are 3-type differences prices are with microphone for Samsung, with microphone for iOS and without microphone. At on-cable built-in microphone for hand free talk, and control call and music.

To secure the headphones come with a bag that is lightweight, durable and color similar to your device.

New model is Bose SoundTrue Ultra in-ear headphones available in Apple, and Samsung and Android devices.


  1. Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Enhanced Bass Earbuds review

Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Enhanced Bass Earbuds ReviewWith years of experience in the design and development of microphones, headphones and quality that lasts more than 60 years, comes to product quality and attention to every detail of the sound to the audience the emotion is pure, amazing and memorable experience. As a result, the Sennheiser headphones have credibility around the world.

The pair impedance 16 ohms dynamic speaker delivered stereo bass drive at range of frequency response 19-21000 Hz and powerful 113 dB of sound pressure level.

Both cables are not equal in length to simplify, reduce cable clutter and convenience to use behind the neck.

Sennheiser CA 300 MK-II Precision Enhanced Bass Earbuds along with a complete bag for storage.

The CX300-ii earbuds is compatibility iPhone and other smartphones for only listening to music without microphone. Not only do they work well with jazz, but also fun for rock and dance music.


  • The pleasure of listening to the excellent sound isolation from the outside as well, which comes with three sizes of swappable earplugs.
  • Dynamic sound with powerful large bass.
  • The both cable are not symmetrical in facilitating for independent mobility.
  • 2-year warranty.

Pros: The asymmetry of the left and right cables for reduces the problem of cable tangle and suitable for path to the back of the neck – comes with a convenient bag for best storage.

Cons: –

This is a good chance that you will change the headset for use with portable players. Without the need to pay more, but the quality of detailed sound that exceeds the price.

The CX300 II is a best choice for travelers who frequently travel and those who are not comfortable cover-ear headphone. This is a big performance but small price headphone, very popular on the market and easily portable with the pouch for storage. The CX300-II earbuds current cheapest prices dropped by more than a half – this is best pricing that as low as under $50.

Place To Buy Sennheiser CX 300 II


If you are a rocker like to true experience with heavy metal and rock music, all the above can either listen to it live or headphones are specially designed to appreciate and great support to intensity of heavy metal music.


Good Inexpensive Earbuds – Most Durable Bluetooth Earbuds under 30, 40, 50, 100 and 150 Dollars for Workout 2015

Good Inexpensive Earbuds – Most Durable Bluetooth Earbuds under 30, 40, 50, 100 and 150 Dollars for Workout 2015

Do you love in listen to music, audio books or podcasts while your exercise? If these are your daily life, I highly recommend the wireless and best mid priced earbuds – the wired type may not be appropriate and may cause an accident. The Bluetooth earbuds offer feels freedom while you run or workout. There are many companies and options, for one of the best durable alternatives and fit running beginner. So, I try introduction to perfect Bluetooth earbuds to enjoy and favorite of exercise in your next time.

Most Durable Bluetooth Earbuds under Budget

Earbuds Buyers Guide

To choose a great earbuds and fits you, the main focus is based on usage. And along with consider the quality of sound, functionally, as lightweight as possible, best low budget earbuds and no earache.

Usage: If you want to bring it to listen to relaxing music while exercising, the best choice is the Bluetooth or wireless connection and may select with microphone for your talking – the neck band, ear hook and head band provides greater stable for runners. By this device must be most durable, best weather proof and protected against sweat while in your workout – also, there must be a longer period of battery and easy to controls.

Best Low Budget Earbuds: In this case, I have carefully arranged in groups by price category – top ranking from cheapest to expensive for under $200, the details are following.


Earbuds Comparison Chart

Image Model Play Time Budget Star Rating
Mpow Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Earbuds Mpow Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Earbuds 5-hour Under $30 4.1
Avantree Super BASS Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Avantree Super BASS Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 6-hour Under $30 3.8
iKross Bluetooth A2DP Stereo Sport Sweat-proof iKross Bluetooth A2DP Stereo Sport 7-hour Under $40 3.5
WAAV Runner Wireless Bluetooth Headphones WAAV Runner Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 4-6 hours Under $40 4.8
Silicon Devices Bluetooth Earbuds Silicon Devices Bluetooth Earbuds 4-hour Under $50 4.6
Audiopure Activa Earbuds Buy Bluetooth Workout Headphones by Audiopure 8-hour Under $50 4.4
Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones 8-hour Under $100 4.3
Pulseaudio Vitality Pulseaudio Vitality 1 Rated Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 8-hour Under $100 4.8
JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Earbuds JayBird BlueBuds X Sport 8-hour Under $150 3.8
Powerbeats2 Wireless Earbuds Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone 6-hour Under $150 3.9

Best $30 Earbuds

Mpow Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Earbuds For Running SweatproofMpow Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Earbuds is a best low budget earbuds under 30 dollars features sweat proof bluetooth earbuds comfort for running, cycling, fitness and gym exercise with volume and stereo microphone for hand-free calling. This Mpow Cheetahs can be listen to HD sound with connected to iPhone4s, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, Galaxy S5, S6 both iOS and Android smartphone via apt-x technology. There are two colors to choose from: Mpow Swift (Cool Black) and Mpow Swift (Pink) and now, this item for sale low price less than 30 dollars when you shopping on Amazon.

Discount Sale on


Avantree Super BASS Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds ReviewsAvantree Super BASS Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds allow to reduce outside noise – now, for sale $29.99 with special offers and product promotions on Amazon. The Avantree Sacool Bluetooth is a cheap Earbuds that durable, great sound and one touch control to switch between music and call – therefore, this BTHS-AS8-BLK model is popular among runners, both amateur and professional levels. They are lightweight just 18 grams and thin thus making easily to carry. For a full charge can be long play back to 6 hours and standby 5 days.

Pros: Affordable sweat proof earbuds come with carrying bag. There are 3 pairs of difference size eartips that customized fit to your ear.

Cons: Long time at 7-10 seconds for press and hold On/Off button to ON status.


Best Earbuds under 40 Dollars

iKross Bluetooth A2DP Stereo Sport Sweat-proof Earbuds Under $40iKross Bluetooth A2DP Stereo Sport Sweat-proof earbuds are quick and easy to use and simple connect to your device give good range. You able enjoy to outdoor activity with all weather condition (do not immerse in water). They have features long battery life 8-hour for talk time and up to 180-hour for standby time. On the right earbuds advance built-in microphone and volume adjust and next/previous song track buttons without direct control at your phone.

Pros: Decent for the price and multi-function buttons on right earbuds.

Cons: Full charge a bit long time of 2 hours and heavier than when compared the Avantree Sacool.


Buy WAAV Runner on AmazonWAAV Runner Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is reducing price to nearly $40 and free shipping – stylish designed, you can choose to buy up to 5 colors are Green, Black, Blue, Orange and Pink. The WAAV Runner manufacturer has put best wireless technology into these small earbuds with sound wonderful, stylish and good range. You can be long use 4-6 hours for talk time and standby period up to 150 hours with a full charge time just 1.5 hour via micro USB charging port. These come with 3 different sized earbuds attachments offer fit your ear and secure enough to stay in while your sport or run.

This is a best deal and you can get the WAAV Runner on Amazon for current prices dropped more than a half. I have checked the review is sweat proof available.

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Strength: Stylish designed and sweatproof perfect to use for indoor and outdoor. Built-in mic and easy control buttons on-ear for support to phone call while your music listening and .

Weakness: It may take some time for adjusting the volume.


Most Durable Earbuds Reviews under 50 Bucks

Silicon Devices Bluetooth Earbuds Discount SaleHave you daily exercise such as jogging and running? And the same time, you have freedom listening to audio books?. There is a wireless headphone that I introduced in the medium price range, Silicon Devices Bluetooth Earbuds is a best choice for your workout.

Built-in microphone for hand-free conversations on left eardbuds and easy control on right earphone for volume adjustment, song track and multi function button for select to receive phone calls while your music listening and On/Off headphone and this same side with a USB port for charging. The Silicon Devices Wireless Earbuds has multi size covers and ear locks for holding tight enough and comfort free falling. With awesome design that uses nano-technology allows these headphones are 60% smaller than the typical headset in the market.

These work for iPods (including Gen3,4 and 5 iPod Touch), iPhone and iPad, they can also used to Android devices and PC & Mac.


Sweatproof, wireless Bluetooth, lightweight, built-in Microphone, On board volume control and select music tracks without directly control from your phone. Good news, 10% discount for enter coupon CODE: F3J3PFPD

Before to buy the Silicon Devices Bluetooth Earbuds, you should be not forgotten read the pros and cons, rating and reviews.

Pros: This main control button can be received or cancel incoming mobile calls within same button. Including safety premium case that inner built-in soft cloth and a mesh pocket inside which designed to custom fit your headset. And as low price as deal 10% off with put CODE: F3J3PFPD

Cons: 4 hours battery life – just takes a bit of time.


Bluetooth Workout Headphones by Audiopure

Bluetooth Workout Headphones by Audiopure - Perfect for Small Women's EarOn the right of headset with main button for multi-functions that are answer incoming calls or cancel, Play/Pause music and On/Off earpiece.

The + button for used to Forward/Next Track or Increase Volume level, – button for used to Backward/Previous Track or Decrease Volume level. And the same side is equipped with built-in microphone and a mini USB port for recharging. While you’re listening to music if an incoming call and you press to multifunction button – your music is automatically pause so that you can talk easily. Your conversation will be smooth without noise sound of the wind to disturb – it has been designed to block wind caused by running or riding your bike. And when the call is finished – your music will play back on again automatically.

This Audiopure Activa gives you the freedom of wireless headphones and listening experience in your lasting up to 8 hours. Bluetooth Workout Headphones by Audiopure fit for small to large ear person with interchangeable ear tips 3 sizes are S, M, L size that perfect to noise reduce and earbuds stay in your ear.

Highlight Features
  • Perfectly sweat resistance designed to give you the impression of workouts such as the lifting, running and cycling etc.
  • Great audio quality and powerful bass boost with the latest Superior Bluetooth 4.0+EDR & BassXTM Audio Technology.
  • Lightweight and do not disturb even when to wear under most motion activity.
  • Convenient for place your device in the bag, locker, floor etc and exercise without directly control to your device under 30-feet range.
  • Best for the life of the battery – charging a one-time help to get the value of exercise, lasting up to a week.
  • Built-in Microphone with noise reduces designed for prevent noise wind from cause by your running or biking.


Pros: Worth the price with long time for battery, good range – and good new, this headphone give free carry bag. Make it easy to control play/pause/ skip track and receive calls.

Cons: The color of this headphone can match well only watchband same color.


Earbud Reviews under 100

Best Sturdy Easrbuds for Sport and Workout - Jumping RopeThis Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Earbuds is best sturdy for sport and workout with features waterproof and sweatproof, and give you fantastic experience to listen to music wirelessly that long lasting battery life up to 8 hours and standby mode at 14 days. You can hand-free talk with built-in microphone for calls via Bluetooth while your jumping rope sports. Available in two colors: green and blue, they are one of the highly popular and top rated earbuds under 100 dollars. The customer reviews are quite good for 4.3 out of 5 stars rating.


Pros: Rugged design and include neoprene armband secures your smartphone while your workout, battery meter level app and alert when low or fully battery. The BackBeat Fit is comfortable to wear with glasses and a hat. No cable clutter in your movements so make ideal for running, jogging, biking, weightlifting sport and any exercise.

Cons: Sometimes may be uncomfortable for armband for vigorous exercise.


Pulseaudio Vitality 1 Rated Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Fitness under 100 bucksPulseaudio Vitality 1 Rated Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is one of the silicone gel earbuds that ergonomic designed to be comfortable to your ears and sometime you may forget you are wearing them. This Pulseaudio Vitality offers sound quality such as rich and clear Hi-Fi sound similar to clear you’re listening to live music. Features sweatproof in-ear wireless Bluetooth earbuds that great work to exercise and moreover you can use this headset for use with computers, notebook, music player, tablet, phone and etc. You can listen happily with long play time up to 8 hours and compatible with most Apple devices.

Pros: Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC earbuds without call drop and distortions. Best mid priced earbuds, discount to low price nearly a half price with free shipping. Built-in microphone under right earpiece for answering the phone calls.

Cons: Buttons may not be suitable for those with larger fingers.


Best Earbuds under 150 Dollars

BBX1MB JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth EarbudsJayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Earbuds designed for listening music and calling phone whiles your workouts or fitness. Features protect against sweat and safe suitable for wearing while sports – single cord behind your neck allows easy, convenient and safe to your all style movement. With the running time up to 8 hours of play time and 250 hours for standby mode on a single charge. For sound feature, the JayBird BlueBuds X offer clear, deep and balance bass sound with regenerate precision audio and a great performance than most wired earbuds. Available in 3 colors are Black (BBX1MB model), Camo (BBXWH model) and White (BBX1CA model).


Pros: great range and sound quality with powerful bass, long battery life and sweatproof – strap on the back of the neck, thus helping not cable slack.

Cons: a bit expensive but value for money.


Powerbeats2 Wireless Earbuds Review on AmazonPowerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone with ear hook for add confidence and very perfect in your harder workout, compact and lightweight. This Lebron James Power Beats Earbuds designed for athletes, features sweats and water resistance including provide best bass and rich balance sound, and dual drivers on both left & right your ears. Built-in mic and RemoteTalk on the cable for select the track and call control. This Powerbeats2 is a stylish fashion eabuds under 200 dollars with powerful performance to best audio.

You can read more details the Powerbeats2 Wireless Earbuds review on Amazon and 5 difference colors (Black, White, Cobalt Blue, Red and Pink) to suitable for your watch band colors.

Good: Match for Apple watch with compatible to five colors of watch band.

Bad: Auto power off when not connected to your any device.


Bonus for Wireless Earbuds
Price Range $50-$80

Women with Photive PH-BTE70 Review - Best Earbuds Deep Bass and SweatproofPhotive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. Sweatproof Secure Fit Wireless Headphones Designed to stay in your ears with best earbuds deep bass and clarity, and play time for 6 hours. Earbuds is soft silky rubber finish including ear hook for flexible, comfortable and secure fit. More convenient with on board controls to Play/Pause and select favorite tracks.

You can see the Photive PH-BTE70 review on Amazon with 4.4 out of 5 stars rating.

Pros: Easily control your music for play/pause and skip track on your PH-BTE70 earbuds without directly control via smartphone.

Cons: long-lasting 2-hour for charging battery


Low Cost Noise Cancelling Sweat Proof Earbuds

Low Cost Noise Cancelling Sweat Proof Earbuds - G-Cord Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sport Headset NeckbandG-Cord Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sport Headset Neckband, Noise Cancelling Sweat Proof Earbuds, Stereo In-Ear Earphones with Microphone Hands-Free Calling for iPhone, iPad , Samsung Galaxy and Other Bluetooth Enabled Devices – the design features durable materials to withstand exercise to sweatproof. Talk time up to 8 hours, playing time up to 6 hours and standby mode long-lasting up to 160 hours. The G-Cord Bluetooth Sport reviews for most customers are enjoyed and appreciated by 4.6/5 stars rating on Amazon.

Pros: while your listen to the favorite music adjustable to volume and track on earbuds.

Cons: long time for 2-hours recharge battery.

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