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Choosing An Acoustic Guitar On a Budget Under 1000 Dollars

Best Acoustic Guitars Under 1000If you are an acoustic guitarist choosing to cost approximately $1000 on a best sounding acoustic guitar – you want to get a good cheap acoustic guitar brands on your money. Acoustic guitar with many brands, which would take a long time to buying great quality musical instrument. Especially those who are new beginner may take longer and might have been instrument with the sound quality is not impressive – so we selected the best and most affordable in the top 5 present to you with middle to higher price range of the guitar tend to perfect sound.

Finding Most Popular Acoustic Guitar Brands

From many famous brands are available like Taylor or Yamaha and etc. Your guitar playing style is one of choice to order which each guitar will be fit to play in a different style. You know, you want a great sound quality, fun to play and will be playing in the near future. At this price for a right of your choosy – you should have a few things to know before you buying a instrument.

Build Quality and Shape

The build quality is the of course most important of an instrument when you are spending up to $1000 not under $250 – $500. When you have to pay that much – you expect that you will be an instrument that most perfect and no traces. While mass-produced guitar is never going to be perfect, sharps fret ends, fret dents, chipped finish, peeling binding and improperly installed bridges or nuts are not to be overlooked or tolerated.

The guitar is a variety of shapes. Of course, the each shape will different sounds. The shape of the guitar, the Dreadnought is match play or Strumming or hit chords, the O or Grand is ideal for Picking play etc. So you need to know the shapes of the acoustic guitar sound, kind and friendly.


You should know the type of wood used to make acoustic guitars – because this kind of wood are the differences of sound. Wood used to make guitars for the price of $1000 will provide better sound such as a lot of sharper, a lot of clearer and a lot of punchier than $500. So if you can understand in this section – you will have been instruments that meet the quality preference of yourself.

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5 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 1000 Dollars

In this article, I will recommended about to top 5 for great acoustic guitars that will keep you less than $1000 or nearly your budget. This can be used for a beginner and also great works with professionals like you.

5. RD 316 Recording King

RD316 is a one of the best dreadnought guitar under 1000 with the dovetail neck joint design – back & side made of the solid African mahogany, ebony fretboard material and top is made from solid AAA grade Adirondack spruce. Recording King RD-316 is a mix of tonewoods to great depth and warmth with the right amount of top end bite. There are 14 frets that can be easily played and 20 total frets – mother-of-pearl descending size dot of fretboard markers.

This is the brand that started over 80 years old – Recording King acoustic guitars are created from inspiration to vintage design and built with chooses tonewoods in various shapes and multi choice for all guitar players.

If you are looking for a growing and have become popular in the future brand in the lineup is very valuable and sound – Recording King RD-316 is perfect for you, and you’ll be the first to be inscribed in the history of Recording King.

RD316 Recording King RD

Recording King RD-316 Classic Series Dreadnought, Adirondack Top

List Price: $1,199.99

Amazon Price: $899.99 and Free Shipping

You Save: $300.00 or 25%

4. Yamaha LL16D Guitar

Yamaha LL16D – Natural is a one of acoustic guitar made from oversea but provide to best sounding quality – the LL16 L series is a best jumbo acoustic guitar under 1000. Yamaha brand is a Japanese instrument that most popular player and no doubt with sounding quality instruments – from a large name manufacturer in $1000 range. There is tremendous value and tough to get an all wood guitar but Yamaha can be done. The LL16D uses premium Engelmann spruce and rosewood to give you an acoustic guitar with big tone. A patented A.R.E (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) process gives the LL16D the sound of a broken-in and well-aged acoustic guitar. The LL16D also features a little extra bling with intricate abalone inlays in the body, headstock, and around the soundhole. A redesigned 5-piece mahogany/rosewood neck, updated non-scalloped bracing, and a passive SRT Zero Impact pickup (you’ll need an external preamp when you plug in) round out the features of this great-playing and sounding acoustic electric guitar. Grab a premium Yamaha LL16D acoustic-electric guitar and see what you’ve been missing!

By combining meticulous quality and excellent performance. Thus making this Yamaha LL16D is a acoustic guitar that is under $1000 you’re going to find. If you like the best sound of Yamaha instrument – you can find one for a good price online or leading shops. Yamaha acoustic guitar L series is a one of good beginner acoustic guitar brands.

Yamaha LL16D Guitar Cheap Price Yamaha LL16D – Natural

List Price: $1,575.00

Amazon Cheap Price: $999.99 and Free Shipping – Now, only 7 left in stock.

You Money Save: $575.01 or 37%

3. Blueridge BR-240A

Blueridge BR-240A have the back, sides and comfortable neck made of the premium solid mahogany – fingerboard and bridge made of the premium ebony, and along with the spruce top. This is a combination that lends both depth and projection, and a beautiful mahogany wood. Solid adirondack spruce top with handcarved parabolic shaped and scalloped top bracing in the authentic Prewar, Forward-X pattern. Blueridge BR-240A is a best choice and great price under $1000 for you if you do not plan to buying instruments made from oversea. With you to save money with instruments made from high quality materials and ultimate sound quality. The Blueridge BR-240A Acoustic guitar is worthy of the most discriminating player or collectors and prices to attract the attention of every player.

Blueridge BR-240A Review Blueridge BR-240A Acoustic Guitar

List Price: $1,195.00

Amazon Price: $979.99 and Free Shipping

You Money Save: $215.01 or 18%

2. Taylor 210 Dreadnought

If you are like the strumming or hit chords for acoustic guitar playing – that right, Taylor 210 best for you. Taylor is one of the acoustic guitar manufacturers are popular for their incredible and they are one of the leading guitar companies in the world. The Taylor 210 Dreadnought have back material made of the Indian rosewood, ebony fingerboard material, the neck made of the sapele to add a little more resonance, and along with the spruce top. The Taylor 210 is provide the sound that comes out is rich-sounding tonewoods. Normally, the top-end Taylor guitars that can cost many thousands of dollars – but are you just happy to see affordable instrument from this company – this can be said that it is a very good value for your money (not over $1000). The Taylor 210 is a best acoustic guitar for fingerstyle and heavy strumming under 1,000 dollars. You can see the Taylor 210 on Amazon with the worth price.

 Taylor 210 Dreadnought Under 1000 Dollars

Taylor 210 200 Series Acoustic Guitar, Rosewood Guitar, Dreadnought

List Price: $998.00

Amazon Low Price: $799.00 and Free Shipping

You Money Save: $199.00 or 20%

1. Seagull Artist Mosaic

Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar is Canadian made – which is known and famous for making best mid-level guitar. The Seagull Artist Mosaic series is the top of perfect an all-solid wood acoustic guitar with great price for made in North America. Solid cedar top and solid mahogany sides and back – they look very elegant and beautiful as guitar playing skills for people with the right hand. There is Rosewood for fretboard material, the body & neck material made of the Mahogany – provide to sound that’s a warm and resonant tonewood. Mosaic is a solid instrument with outstanding tonality and the sound is perfect, flexible for any type of folk to alt country. The ebony fretboard add some crispness to the sound and helps to bring out a little the clarity high end for personal notes. Seagull is the best value acoustic guitar – 12 frets at gull logo and 2 more frets to the neck, and rim the top are fret markers. I have checked the Seagull Artist Mosaic review is great available for 5 out of 5 stars rating. This is a warm and full sounding instrument for semi or professional that’s you.

Seagull Artist Mosaic Review

Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar

List Price: $1,050.00

Amazon Price: $949.00 and Free Shipping

You Money Save: $101.00 or 10%

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