Amazon FireFly Cell Phone By AT&T Review Before Pre-Order and Released on July 25, 2014

Amazon FireFly Cell Phone By AT&T Review Before Pre-Order and Released on July 25, 2014

Amazon Fire SmartPhoneThis is new smart phone of the Amazon (“Amazon Fire Phone“), that you should not miss with the wonderful features and great value. The custom designed sensors react to the way you hold, view and move your phone. With the ease of access shortcut menus by using one hand to tilt, swivel and peek easily. Also the page scrolling automatically, help you to read or views the long web page is a easily. Quality of the camera with a higher resolution (more than iphone 5s) and optical image stabilization (not found in Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S), lets your images beautifully for the low light conditions. With HD video up to 1080p at 30 fps all rear-facing and front facing camera helps to capture your images beautifully.

We will see a ultimate of the technology, you may be amazed at the ideas and technologies that can actually FireFly technology. With the image of the photograph to be scanned, source analysis, distinguish text & images, and presentations from a database containing more than 100 million. There are also links to information for products and services directly to us via the internet, Taking scanned images do not have to direct shoot, them can be analyzed as well.

FIREFLY can be monitored

FireFly TechnologyBar code, phone number, URL, DVD/CD covers, books, products, TV programs, art, etc. Work of Firefly is that when we are shooting products, Firefly can recognize brands and product details. Or you take shop signs and then a phone number, Firefly is classified as a telephone number on the sign, and can be instructed to call immediately. Even as you watch the movie or tv at home, Firefly was able to remember the movie that you see, and can tell you the details of the movie including details of the artists and actors or actress.

This is a best smartphone with excellent features and only dynamic perspective view that should not miss by Amazon. Today, If you are interested, you can pre-order on Amazon marketplace with great price.

Amazon Smart Phone

The First Smartphone Designed By Amazon


  • Faster processor by 2.2 GHz quad-core Anapdragon 800, 2GB Ram, Fire OS 3.5 and 32 or 64 GB storage.
  • Amazing 3D with dynamic perspective on large HD screen.
  • High Resolution Camera up to 13 MP, by more than enough for storing pictures that you impress.
  • Screen Longer Phone than ever, which best for movies view of horizontal look like wide screen.
  • Easy and comfortable for entertainment by just using the Firefly button, you can also use this button as a quickly shortcut to use your camera in case the screen off.
  • Firefly technology is an only Fire Phone with can be remember to detail or data via camera such as books, TV&movies, email, phone number, barcode, goods, etc.
  • Can be operated with one hand by simply using tilt, auto-scroll for one-handed reading, swivel, and peek to the shortcuts.
  • The impression for a long battery life, like Kindle Fire HDX and tablet (talk time better than Galaxy 5S and iphone 5S).

Amazon Fire Phone Powerful Performance


  • In addition to the features mentioned above, but also outstanding for an optical image stabilization (only Amazon Fire Phone) help you take the low light conditions, reducing noise and blur.
  • Great feature and easy only Amazon Fire Phone to Firefly button for recognizing and remembering information via camera.
  • Mayday function for help( free, live on-device tech support like Kindle Fire HDX), this is Amazon’s award-winning customer service on phone (you do not have to wait long, only up 15 seconds) and now available over the AT&T cellular network.


  • May take to wait a little bit because will be release on July 25, 2014


Pre-order Amazon Fire Phone on Amazon


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