SSL LOPRO10 Amplified Subwoofer System 10 inch 1200 Watt

Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO10 Under Seat Subwoofer

The audio equipment that is to be installed within your favorite car should be slim, not clutter your small area, and give you a strong bass. One of the subwoofers under seat that comes with amplifiers is another interesting brand that is Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO10, the SSL LOPRO10 amplified subwoofer system offers 10 inch powered up to 1200 watts – the installation is easy and you can do it by yourself. Designed with a low profile to fit the small space under your car-seat, built-in amplifier (no external amplifier needed) includes both high and low level input signals. Use MOSFET semiconductor for class AB audio amplification provide linear sound tone to all frequencies response, a fierce, swing fast, deep and use is quite durable. They are also extremely reliable with over-temperature, over-load and short circuit protection allows more secure.


SSL LOPRO10 and LOPRO8 Under Seat Subwoofer Comparison

This below table is compare between SSL LOPRO10 vs LOPRO8 model of 1 channel amplified subwoofer system 10 inch 1,200 watts versus 8 inch 600 watts. Let’s see the Sound Storm Laboratories any good for your under seat.







1,200 watts Power 600 watts
10 inches Subwoofer Size 8 inches
Variable low pass filter, Bass boost, Subsonic filter and Phase control Filter Features Variable low pass filter, Bass boost, Subsonic filter and Phase control
High and low level signal Input High and low level signal
Yes Remote Control Yes
13.9L” x 11.1W” x 3H” Dimensions 13.5L” x 9.7W” x 3H”
15.2 lbs Weight 12.3 lbs
3 years Warranty 3 years
$133.16 Price $98.99
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The one of solution to upgrade audio system in your car with subwoofer that comes with amplifier, easy to installation and super thin just height of 3 inches – this is the advantages and benefits for your limited space. Both Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO10 and LOPRO8 models keep to a bustling rhythm in your car.


Highlight Features

The active subs LOPRO10 cost under $150 that integrated amplifier powerful up to 1200 watts, is a great cost saving at a cheap price.

The exterior is a slim box that fits into any car seat, or even mounted on the back wall of the pickup truck. Built-in 10″ subwoofer on the top, the behind include RCA left and right low level input, left and right speaker output connector, 12 volts power input terminal and a 25 ampere fuse for short circuit protection. The front consists blue and red LED power indicator, phase selector switch, LPF (Low Pass Filter), bass boost variable, subsonic and gain adjustable – and sub control jack for remote control that you can adjust the sound you want.

Highly engineered design and high level of quality production to get a sound that makes the listener happiness.

The shape is low and thin enough to place a space under the seat in your car. Buy now for an inexpensive price, this LOPRO10 comes with remote control module for your control the subs level.

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