Best Hashrate Red GPUs Ranking To Mine

AMD Radeon GPU Scrypt Mining for Ethereum

As we already know, one of the most important elements in mining hardware that is GPUs. If you rely on only one CPU, it will not be enough, so graphics cards are needed to solve the equation of this mining. Since the current central processing unit has a maximum of eight cores (this is a limitation of the CPU), so compared to thousands cores of video cards, it can help solve problems in a short time.

The best choice for mining from red GPUs that are AMD Radeon that provide powerful in mining over Nvidia graphic card, especially the AMD RX400 and 500 series such as RX470/480 or newest RX570/580. These graphics cards were originally effective in gaming very well.


Why Use GPU for Cryptocurrency Mining?

The reason for the use of video game cards for mining is that these graphics cards have the ability to process mathematical equations. To solve the decoding equation to open the block chain door allows the digger to obtain the Altcoins. The difficulty of each blog is different, so if you use fast decoded cards, it will help us get quick coins as well. If you use the poor performance video card will cause delays in solving such equations more. Therefore, it is often preferred to use six or more cards for optimum effective mining.


The ability to mining or known as “Hashrate” is the speed of mining per second. We can know this hashrate from our mining devices. However, we should know the total speed of the Pool Hash Rate and Network Hash Rate, as well as the difficulty of mining at the time.


The below table is AMD Radeon graphic cards that perfect GPU for Ethereum mining, this ETH is one of the popular coin for trading, so it is preferred by those who start mining and professional miner.


Radeon Graphics Card Chart



R9 390



Max Compute Unit 40 36 36
Core Processors 2560 2304 2304
Memory Bandwidth 384 GB/s 224 GB/s 256 GB/s
Memory Interface 512-bit 256-bit 256-bit
Frequency 1000 MHz 1120 MHz 1257 MHz
Boost Clock 1060 MHz 1266 MHz 1340 MHz
CrossFire Tech Yes Yes Yes
3D Support Yes Yes Yes
Interface PCI Express 3.0 x16 PCI Express 3.0 x16 PCI Express 3.0 x16
Board Power 275 watts 150 watts 185 watts
Launch Price $329 $239 Starting $229


RADEON R9 300 Series

In this, I recommend the RADEON R9 380 and RADEON R9 390 graphic card by AMD. Both R9 380 and R9 390 GPUs have the ability to mine. The R9 390 was released in the second half of 2015 that developed from the R9 290 model. Features 2560 steam processor, 64 ROPs and 160 TMUs, support to DirectX 12 come with 512 bits GRRD5 and max bandwidth up to 384GB/s. Due the R9 390 use double precision chip offer best processing to integer number and AES-256 so it helps to work on the Bitcoin very well.

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AMD Radeon RX400 Series

RX470 and RX480 are gaming GPU 2016 that are one of the most profitable and most valuable. With 14nm FinFET chip manufacturer of Polaris architecture that powered the RX400 series to midrange-level on the market. Both RX470 and RX480 are good idea for the ETH mining, and very popular in America.

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AMD Radeon RX500 Series

This is latest Radeon RX500 series from high-end AMD graphic card, the RX570 and R580 are red GPUs that provide the high hashrate and performance to Altcoin mining. Especially if adding up to six cards give the power to dig more perfectly – Ethereum rig, do it your self.

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And this is another way to Ethereum mining GPU. However you can also use Nvidia graphics from green card. All this should be considered to use the video card appropriate to the mining of each coin. Good luck to mining.


Reviews the 970A-G43 PLUS MSI Motherboard with RX560 for Mining

How To Low Cost Mid Hashrate Mining Using AMD RX560 GPU Card?

This is my review of using a MSI 970A-G43 Plus motherboard with AMD Athlon X4 860K CPU and Sapphire Radeon PULSE RX 560 2GB GDDR5 for mining. From the situation, the value of Bitcoin has increased, so I have tried to find a cheap tool in mining. In mining, it will provide excellent performance, should a processor (CPU) coupled to the video card (GPU) in order to solve various algorithms. One of the families of central processing units that I am confident in solving the problem is AMD, and of course, it must be compatible graphics card with AMD, plus the choice of motherboards that support both.

And most certainly – I always have second plan, if they are not productive in mining. Another solution is that I can bring them to a desktop computer for general use or not for smoother gaming.


And now it is well known that graphics cards such as RX470 and RX570 that are very effective in mining are very rare and also expensive cost up to 3 times. The cheaper option is the graphics card with less specification, but it still gives a good mining capacity. So I look for two RX560 model – is cheaper than half of the first two models.

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After completing the hardware installation, test mining the coins; for two RX560 and a RX560 GPU the end result is no different, the efficiency of digging coins is equal. So I opted for just one graphics card to save power. The results of the first three days of mining were considered to be satisfactory, is estimated that no more than 2-3 months worth of capital. I paid for the PC mining is about 600 dollars. You can do it yourself easy at your home with hashrate mining 300-600 H/s.

This MSI 970 motherboard compatible graphics card RX560 and RX570, if the price of RX570 is come back to normal – you can buy it to replace the this RX560.


Almost forgot to notice, I’m installation window10 for this mining, and 970A-G43 Plus ports as shown below.


Main Hardware for Mining

  1. MSI Motherboard 970A-G43 PLUS : $83.42
  2. AMD Athlon X4 860K : $54.95
  3. Sapphire Radeon PULSE RX 560 2GB GDDR5 : 2x $139.99
  4. 8GB DDR3 1600 MHZ : $63.99
  5. Cooler Case : $65
  6. Other


SSL LOPRO10 Amplified Subwoofer System 10 inch 1200 Watt

Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO10 Under Seat Subwoofer

The audio equipment that is to be installed within your favorite car should be slim, not clutter your small area, and give you a strong bass. One of the subwoofers under seat that comes with amplifiers is another interesting brand that is Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO10, the SSL LOPRO10 amplified subwoofer system offers 10 inch powered up to 1200 watts – the installation is easy and you can do it by yourself. Designed with a low profile to fit the small space under your car-seat, built-in amplifier (no external amplifier needed) includes both high and low level input signals. Use MOSFET semiconductor for class AB audio amplification provide linear sound tone to all frequencies response, a fierce, swing fast, deep and use is quite durable. They are also extremely reliable with over-temperature, over-load and short circuit protection allows more secure.


SSL LOPRO10 and LOPRO8 Under Seat Subwoofer Comparison

This below table is compare between SSL LOPRO10 vs LOPRO8 model of 1 channel amplified subwoofer system 10 inch 1,200 watts versus 8 inch 600 watts. Let’s see the Sound Storm Laboratories any good for your under seat.







1,200 watts Power 600 watts
10 inches Subwoofer Size 8 inches
Variable low pass filter, Bass boost, Subsonic filter and Phase control Filter Features Variable low pass filter, Bass boost, Subsonic filter and Phase control
High and low level signal Input High and low level signal
Yes Remote Control Yes
13.9L” x 11.1W” x 3H” Dimensions 13.5L” x 9.7W” x 3H”
15.2 lbs Weight 12.3 lbs
3 years Warranty 3 years
$133.16 Price $98.99
Read more review Read more review

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please check the correct price again.


The one of solution to upgrade audio system in your car with subwoofer that comes with amplifier, easy to installation and super thin just height of 3 inches – this is the advantages and benefits for your limited space. Both Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO10 and LOPRO8 models keep to a bustling rhythm in your car.


Highlight Features

The active subs LOPRO10 cost under $150 that integrated amplifier powerful up to 1200 watts, is a great cost saving at a cheap price.

The exterior is a slim box that fits into any car seat, or even mounted on the back wall of the pickup truck. Built-in 10″ subwoofer on the top, the behind include RCA left and right low level input, left and right speaker output connector, 12 volts power input terminal and a 25 ampere fuse for short circuit protection. The front consists blue and red LED power indicator, phase selector switch, LPF (Low Pass Filter), bass boost variable, subsonic and gain adjustable – and sub control jack for remote control that you can adjust the sound you want.

Highly engineered design and high level of quality production to get a sound that makes the listener happiness.

The shape is low and thin enough to place a space under the seat in your car. Buy now for an inexpensive price, this LOPRO10 comes with remote control module for your control the subs level.

Buy LOPRO10 Actived Subwoofer