Top Luxury and Best Swiss Watch Brands Ranking 2015-2016

Top Luxury and Best Swiss Watch Brands Ranking 2015-2016

Swiss watch is not only a good quality but there are also variations to choose from as well, both in terms of advanced production technology, looks beautiful and valuable. Switzerland is renowned to selling watches in the world, with exports up 95% of total production. To say that the price of the various components of the wristwatch is cheapest when compared to the cost of production process but the most expensive that is watchmaker cost. The wages for skilled to watch assembly with exquisitely and most precision. Many times requires a magnifying glass to help in assembling small parts and most watches will be composed of small parts with up to 200-300 pieces and some model up to 1,500 pieces.

It is said that the watch is more the time indicator but also shows the position, reliability and the tastes or even an investment. Which watches are the top brands in the world’s top hits.



Rolex Ice Blue Dial 116506IBLSO Luxury WatchRolex is luxury watches that popular among for collectors and leading businessman with produced by best craftsmen and advanced features than anyone. The high quality material consists of a Rolex, which is sold per piece from a few hundred dollars to a hundred thousand dollars or more. The reason for the Rolex ranks highest because no other brand is popular and fit with the wearer’s luxury brand. This Rolex achieved already! So Rolex is a luxury jewelry of successful with wealth and reputation. This Rolex is the mens luxury watches ranking that perfect for your wrist.



Omega Speedmaster Professional 3570.50 ReviewStarting at 400 dollars: Luxury watch brands are discovered by the Swiss called Omega, is widely known as high standard watches and sponsoring a variety of sports such as golf and tennis. Including a clock timer for the Olympics game. The Omega brand is also chosen by NASA for the astronauts to wear on the moon landing mission and was also used in the James Bond movie since 1995.



WT100004 Cartier 18k Rose Gold WatchCartier has a great history, design for a diamond to the king, dynasties in Asia and Europe. The watch also has a history in the dynasties are all exclusive to the Cartier. Currently, Cartier maintained a long tradition by producing only the highest quality products including the watches. So cool!


Patek Philippe

5123R-001 Patek Philippe PriceA top global brand Patek Philippe can develop their own leadership to the forefront can be very proud be acceptable to all the high parties and aristocracy. It is also the record holder in the amazing auction clock, like a rare pocket watch can be Guinness Book recorded for bid price up to $11,002,500. The history of Patek Philippe watches which are renowned for the many stories of success with a long history and is also known to people around the world, not only for the watch lovers. Commitment to develop new things all the time, confirmed by various awards and patents more than 100 years have been. And insist on the philosophy that everything work to be most quality, without wavering to current fashion, thereby making the Patek Philippe be precious heritage from generation to generation.



Latest Sistem51 Swatch WatchWith its unique blend of design and technology are brought together seamlessly, making luxury watches such as Swatch began to market in 1983 be recognized by many people. Moreover price is very affordable and a variety of watches, each model offering casual concept, fun making this items that anyone like to own.

The latest Sistem51 Swatch watch has a distinctive design and innovative spatial concept of the dial and back of the wristwatch. The consists of 51 parts inside a plastic housing quality with flexible band. Can be backup power reserve for up to 90 hours, 3 hertz mechanism and water resistance up to 99 feet. Starting price 150 dollars and free shipping.


TAG Heuer

TAG WAN2110 PriceBeing first Automatic Chronograph watch brand in the world. Making process was designed to be mounted on car, plane, ship dashboard, and meet the various types of racing enthusiasts like as the Formula-1. Histories: TAG Heuer SA, began operations in 1865 under the name Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG and in 1985 when they were bought by a group of TAG, so has been present named be TAG Heuer. They have been entrusted to watch for be the official timekeeper for the Olympics and the Formula-1 world championship. Price range between under $1000 – $4000.



Longines Master Collection L26734783 ReviewLongines brand is a well known throughout the world, has a long history and proudly. Founded in 1832 by Auguste Agassiz. A simple watch but luxury of the Longines brand, major watch manufacturers from Switzerland. This Longines L26734783 model the case made of stainless steel, leather strap is brown with white stitching, push button deployment buckle, silver guilloche dial with scratch resistance sapphire crystal, inside the dial including black Arabic numerals, Chronograph feature (moonphase, minutes, 24-hour display), Day, month window at the 12 o’clock position, Pointer date feature, able 42 hours power reserve, Swiss automatic movement provide to time accurately, Water resistant up to 30 meters or 100 feet. The Longines price tag are in starting range 1000 – 4000 dollars. With affordable prices, this brand is of interest to collectors due to wear and then very elegant.



IWC Big Pilot Perpetual Top Gun ReviewOne of the more famous Swiss watch brands are not inferior the other watches that is IWC, with a long history of over 140 years of outstanding reputation to the mechanism until to be selected as the watch of the German army. This is the best watches for enthusiasts brand name watches. IWC Schaffhausen: International Watch Company Schaffhausen has built a reputation is a internationally recognized since 1868, the manufacturer of Swiss timepiece brand has created this high-performance machine that takes advantage of advanced mechanism and combines elegance in design specialties. The prices are high level with between range below $3.5K – $86K. The purchase should be considered a long term investment that you can enjoy for many years or deliver to your kids when the time is right in the future.



Breguet Elegant TimepieceBreguet watch is a brand with a long history, founded by Abraham Louis Breguet in Paris in 1775 as a watch that is unique design by themselves and he has been regarded is a King of watchmaker. Most customers are all famous in the social sphere, government officials as well as members of the royal family in Europe. With the invention and the designed of the watch not same the typical watches so that gives Breguet to more famous. Immediately, you see them – you would know that is a Breguet watch brand. The mechanism of Breguet has recognized that high quality, beautifully decorated with an In house and ETA. The mechanism used was is a high-ranking ETA has used the brand in the Swatch group high-level and they are trust and confidence for the quality.


Audemars Piguet

AUDEMARS PIGUET ROYAL OAK USAInitial history of Audemars Piguet, starting in 1875 with the cooperation of two-watchmakers Jules-Louis Audemars 23 years old and Edward August Piguet important partner at the age of just 21 years, but the demands of both the consistency – they were decided to the company was founded and known as Audemars Piguet et Cie. By Jules – Louis Audemars was in charge of production and technical and Edward August Piguet is in charge of sales, marketing and customer engagement found out through several major cities, and always find out the customer through several major cities, and many of the continent with commitment. In 1972, the company has created a version of the popular and prestigious watches continued until now that is the Royal Oak watch, which was designed by the legendary watchmaker. The case octagonal case and bezel decorated with steel screws, flat hexagon embedded into a design that represents a balance of power and luxury. After the launch event the European Watchmaking Fair in 1972 with a price of 3,300 Swiss Franc was alluding to Audemars Piguet has come back the reputation that exceeds expectations of this watch creator.

If you are considering buying one of these Audemars Piguet watch may not be for everyone because they are extremely expensive.