Compare Wacom Tablets Pro Intuos Pen & Touch Small/Medium/Large Review

Compare Wacom Tablets Pro Intuos Pen & Touch Small/Medium/Large Review

intuos-pro-comparison-size-wacomConsidered to be a good start point in creating your drawing and sketching with the ultimate collection of Intuos Pen Pro products by Wacom pen offers you a variety of sizes to fit your work, creativity. And even the very good about the photo activities with an impressive features and performance in the most demanding creator. The pressure-sensitive and performance of the press software up to 2048 levels allows for creation of precise and better controlled than ever with ease.

You can control and ease of use in multi-touch. Apart from the screen of the tablet will support the creation of a pen, but also integrates applications via finger gestures to pan and zoom including navigation perfectly. You can create and use key shortcuts (ExpressKeys) for your favorite multi-touch by yourself easily with just your fingertips.

Wacom Intuos Pro for creative design and ideal tool for work in creative software like as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXpress and more 3D apps of precision inspiration layouts and imagery.

In the table below I compare the prices, sizes and other features of all three versions of the Wacom Intuos Pro tablet.


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Wacom Intuos Pro Size Comparison Chart




Small Tablet


Medium Tablet


Large Tablet


Models PTH451 PTH651 PTH851
Prices $225.17 $349.59 $479.99
Size 12.6 x 8.2 x 0.5 inch 14.9 x 9.9 x 0.5 inch 19 x 12.5 x 0.5 inch
Working Area Space 6.2 x 3.9 inch 8.8 x 5.5 inch 12.8 x 8.0 inch for pen and 11.8 x 7.5 inch for touch
Weight 1.5lbs 2.2lbs 4.0lbs
Pen Pressure Sensitivity 2048 Levels 2048 Levels 2048 Levels
Specific Express Keys 6 Customizable 8 Customizable 8 Customizable
Multi-Functions Touch Ring 4 Customizable Buttons 4 Customizable Buttons 4 Customizable Buttons
OS Compatibility Windows and Mac Windows and Mac Windows and Mac
Connectivity USB and Wireless USB and Wireless USB and Wireless


With over 30 years experience as a leader in the digital pen that produce quality that produce quality products to market, and now the Wacom Intuos Pro tablets available in 3 sizes of screen: a small, medium and large options included active area 6.2 x 3.9 – 12.8 x 8.0 inch, and with multitouch functionality that you can quick access to setting shortcut keys by two fingers yourself (similar to using a finger on a smartphone) such as ‘Swipe’ to navigate or ‘Pinch’ to zoom and more. While the small Pro is a best choice for more portable option, the medium Pro fit for creator, and for more detail or bigger screen for use, the large model is perfect for you. Support USB and wireless connectivity, and can be turn Off/On Wi-Fi receiver, and able to time setting of sleep mode between 1-20 minutes.


Intuos Pro Features

  • 3 standard sizes available S (PTH451), M (PTH651), L (PTH851) with multi-touch gestures, pen and eraser, and come with pen stand and grip
  • 2048 levels for pressure sensitivity and ±60 degrees tilt
  • Built-in 6 Express Keys for S size and 8 buttons for M and L style, and integrate touch ring
  • 5080 LPI (line per inch) of high resolution
  • Included wireless kit
  • Mac and PC Windows OS compatible


Intuos Pro Small (PTH451)


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This PTH451 is a smallest and lightest tablet of Intuos Pro family that is a 6.2 inches by 3.9 inches working area and lightweight just 1.5 pounds suitable for carrying to school because safe area not require a lot of space while you learning on small school desk. This small tablet is cheapest of Intuos Pro series, one of best entry level drawing tablet perfectly compatible with your laptop shoulder bag or backpack.


Intuos Pro Medium (PTH651)


Read more details the Intuos Pen & Touch Medium review

The Intuos Pro Medium has drawing area 8.8” x 5.5”, medium size is a best choice and one of most popular size when compare the small size. With larger working area and ExpressKeys more than the Small size (8 buttons versus 6 buttons).


Intuos Pro Special Edition (PTH651SE)


Wacom Intuos Pro Special Edition review

The original of this Special Edition from medium Intuos Pro but differences between PTH651SE and PTH651 are sleek silver bezel design not black (Silver vs. Black), the PTH651SE additional features, but last PTH651 version cheaper than Special Edition (PTH651 lower price than PTH651SE).


PTH651 vs PTH651SE

This is comparing both Intuos Pro medium vs Special Edition: Color and price are differences but similar functions. Additional in the Special Edition along with the unique ability detects running apps automatically and changeable ExpressKeys without user input. Both model gives you create digital artwork with pretty performance and comfortable. You can easy wireless connect accessory kit or direct connect to your computer via USB port. Both Intuos Pro and Intuos Pro Special Edition are popular size which working area enough for your editing, graphic and artwork including fit for most tablet-bag.


Intuos Pro Large (PTH851)


Read more details the Wacom Intuos Pro Large review

If you are photographer that looking for ultimate retouching tool and bigger painting. The Intuos Pro Large has drawing area 12.8” x 8.0” and touch area of 11.8 x 7.5 inch, the large work space with a great need for professionals who need multiple displays to full range of the motion. This Intuos Pro large tablet is perfect for flexible creative provide more precision and comfortable. Due to the large size and weighs up to 4 pounds is not ideal for portability. Although the large is expensive, but many times the PTH851 has a great deal at a low price that you can afford.



Unleash your creativity with the quality and top technology of the Intuos Pen Pro from Wacom. Agility and comfort for your graphic design. You will find your favorite innovation that exists in this Intuos Pen all small/medium/large styles along with ergonomic use for both left and right hand.

I have Wacom tablet recommendations for Photographer, Designer and Artist. The Intuos Pro pen’s 2048 levels (both pen and eraser) of pressure sensitivity and ±60 awareness-degree tilt. Intuos Pro is similar to the use of a brush or pen on traditional paper gives you easy control the opacity of lines and streaks by weight pressing down on the surface of the Wacom tablet. Intuos Pro allows you to convey that creativity occurs in anywhere, anytime – even you are at home or on the go.


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Prices shown on September 24, 2016 at 06:19 PM. All price do not include cases, the cases are sold separately. Be sure to check a price update again. All trademarks images property of respective owners.


Adamant HydroRush H7 Review – Best Hardtail MTB under 2500 Dollars

Adamant HydroRush H7 Review – Best Hardtail MTB under 2500 Dollars


If you are a hard biker ride or enjoy explore the mountains biking, literally. Choose lightest weight, comfortable and flexible mountain bike with buying reasonable price. Go to next adventure and extreme bike from HydroRush H7, this 26 inch wheels, hardtail mountain bike from new brand by Adamant less than $2500. Features lightweight alloy frame, Zoom front fork suspension offers smoother ride when bump the trails, and both front and rear hydraulic disk brakes.



This Adamant brand new MTB is a lot of interest, complete unique designed of mountain bike with cyan pattern on a black background. The perfect fit of frame, tubes, rims and saddle post give amazing mountain biking experience.



strong-frame-aluminum-alloy-front-wheelStrong frame is manufactured from alloy, aluminum alloy have lower density compared with steel but better strength to weight ratio – so make advantages of weight, this alloy offers lightweight and durable with the length top tube is 27.5 inches and down tube measures 23 inches. For the safety of the more extreme, this mountain bike is installed cable links under the top tube. At the down tube of the frame are two screws that be prepared for a mounting the MTB bottle cage.



alloy-zoom-suspension-front-forkThis hardtail MTB has alloy Zoom suspension front fork offering smoother ride while you bump the littered rock on the rugged paths. Stroke length enough for the impact of the collision of the front wheels.


Read more details the Adamant HydroRush H7 Review


Prowheel Crank

prowheel-crank-and-chainring-drivetrainPopular Crankset by Prowheel operate with pedals powered drivetrain to chainring, chain go to the rear wheel to move beyond any obstacle on the roads. This part is most strength and durable which made of quality material offering high performance of drivetrain.


Gear & Shifter

gear-and-shifter-shimano-m31025 speeds changeable and you will be sure to find right shifter with quality shifter by a Shimano M310 allowing gear changes and pulling cables to precision move the derailleurs which this mechanism is most benefit when you riding across technical terrain.


Disc Brake System

shimano-m355-hydraulic-disc-brakesThe latest technology of both front and rear use Shimano M355 hydraulic disc brakes gives you assured of stopping or reduce speed while downhill riding. Allows you to have more confidence in the bike stopped in the event of an emergency.


Tires & Rims

rugged-kenda-tires-and-double-wall-alloy-rimsWheel size is 26 inches by 1.95 inches with rugged Kenda tires and double-wall alloy rims, width enough includes the hub and spokes material with all these helped boost the stamina to get any bumps on the bumpy trail. The rugged tires provide better roll and grip the muddy trails,


Saddle & Seatpost

saddle-and-seatpost-top-and-down-tubesAnother very important thing is that the saddle allows you to ride comfortably for longer distance / time. Adamant saddle designed to three colors (Cyan, Black and White) and patterns together beautifully.


Complete with all these features enhance the quality and confidence to you on an adventure of hit on any trail and anywhere. This bike is a very minimal assembly required come with 95% assembled of Adamant HydroRush H7 hardtail mountain bike (you can easily assembled handlebar and pedals by an instruction guide that was included with in the box) available and free shipping on Amazon online shop with retails price $2300.


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SDCZ43-128G-G46 vs SDCZ43-128G-GAM46 – Older Version Versus Newest Version Flash Drive by SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB

SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

sandisk-ultra-fit-128gb-usb-3-0-flash-drive-reviewMany times, we want the convenience of use and portability USB flash drive. Pug and play USB is a most popular of buyers including tiny size and data transfer speed of large files in seconds. SanDisk Ultra Fit has release is newer model SDCZ43-128G-GAM46 USB 3.0 mini flash drives replacement older model SDCZ43-128G-G46 which this change, by increasing speed performance but cheaper than. See the comparison table of the differences and similarities of both SanDisk.


SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Comparison Table








Older Model Ultra Fit Flash Drives Newest Model
4.3 / 5 Stars Rating Stars Rating Stars Rating 4.3 out of 5
128GB Massive Capacity 128GB
3.0 USB 3.0
Up to 130 MB/s Read Speed Up to 150 MB/s
10x faster than USB 2.0 Performance Write Speed 15x faster than USB 2.0
Less than 40 seconds Transfer a Full-length Movies Less than 30 seconds
128 bits AES Encryption SecureAccess 128 bits AES Encryption
Yes Rescue PRO Yes
Yes Come with Cover Yes
5 years Warranty 5 years
$29.80 Price $28.99


Read more details



sdcz43-128g-g46-reviewThe outward appearance of the two models are smaller than a Quarter US coin with tiny size 0.75″ x 0.63″ by 0.35″ thick (not include cover) and lightweight 0.2 oz. At the back end position include SanDisk red logo and inside built-in small red LED for indicate status when complete ready connect. In addition, there is a small hole for a lanyard or keychain make it easy portable. Next will be clearly marked USB3.0 and 128GB, and end of drive has and ID marking and SDCZ43 series.


Both ultra-small models are low-profile USB 3.0 flash-drive come with a cap cover for easier portable and more safety, the price tag under $30 at capacity 128 Gigabyte. In addition, make sure you have more access to information protection system or known as Sandisk SecureAccess of password protect your data private software offers 128 bits AES encryption. And if the unexpected happens or deleting files accidentally, RescuePRO Deluxe software make easy to recovery important-files.


The SDCZ43-128G-G46 older model and SDCZ43-128G-GAM46 newer model have a slight speed difference which newest model is a bit faster than older model (150MB/s vs. 130MB/s). If compared the USB 2.0, the newer model is 15 times faster and older model is 10 times faster.


You can store any files such as movies, music, images, transfer/backup your works and other files or set for ReadyBoost or running for VM USB drive – perfect for laptop, desktop or plug and play music files for car audio or sound system (recommend not over 32GB model because most car audio system support FAT32 file system, it not work for larger than 32GB flash drives) or use for any system that compatible of USB2.0 and 3.0.


The SanDisk Ultra Fit Series are available on Amazon 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB for newest model – and older models including 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.


Buy Cheap SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB Newest Model

Buy SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB Older Model


Information and prices are subject to change without notice. Please check price and data again. All Trademarks Images Property of Respective Owners.

Clicgear CGC35 Cheap 3 Wheel Golf Trolleys with Cooler Bag

Clicgear CGC35 Cheap 3 Wheel Golf Trolleys

The golfer or caddy who are choosing golf push carts with best review, top ranking and high rating. One of most popular three wheel golf trolleys by Clicgear that is a Clicgear 3.5 Plus Golf Trolley come with better features that upgrade the model 3.0 such as lock hand brake system, Clicgear 3.5 bag straps, mesh stuff bag, bottles and cups holder and umbrella storage bracket. Simple to small folding just 7 steps to compact size with a few second. This Clicgear 3.5+ is a best golf buddies of easy and enjoy when you walking on the course every holes.

Three Wheel Golf Trolleys Sale

Clicgear 3.5+ Golf Push Cart – Retail Price: $219


Clicgear CGC35 Pushcarts models made from top quality materials, the aluminum tube made of aircraft grade offer lightweight and very strong. The three airless tires provide as low maintenance and 12-inch big enough wheels size for support all rugged terrains and easily to cross obstacles.

With the weight only 18 pounds of Clicgear 3.5+ help you easy movement while your walking all around 18 holes, all 3 wheels cart delivered smooth on the greensward of the course.

Golf Bag Strap Adjustment - Clicgear 3.5 Plus

Reason to Buy Clicgear 3.5+


Designed to be lightweight but the strength of the solid structure and the solid tires, can support the capacity of the equipment that contained in the golf bag, and move comfortably come with confidence in the brake system.

Solid wheel size 12 inches without air, which is large enough to be able to move through any terrain and holes on the golf course with no problems. And all wheels design features six star-lobes to the weight gain of the truck as very well.


7 steps of folding up to small and able easy transport with handle for pulling or pushing.

Storage Net

Cup Holder and Storage Net by Clicgear 3.5+It’s very cool for larger storage net volume, spacious enough to drop/contain things.

Cup Holder

This Clicgear 3.5+ has upgrade larger cups/bottles holder with adjustable up to XL size,

Golf Bag Strap Adjustment

New bag of holding Clicgear 3.5+ gives easy to use and adjust strap length to fit for many diameter of golf bags.

Cooling Bag

Clicgear 3.5 Cooler BagIn addition, you can also install easily for Clicgear 3.5 Cooler Bag on vertical tubes of a this golf cart. This cooler bag is perfect for store the cold drinks or foods, inside of room volume can holds up to 6 cans and cooler bag insulate allows you to be confident that they can keep a cool to finish your course. This item is separate sold.


Where to Buy Clicgear 3.5+?

You can choose from eight different colours of the Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart: Charcoal/Black, Charcoal Lime, Charcoal Orange, White, Blue, Lime, Orange and Silver for fit your golf bag. One of the best place and most secure trading, you don’t to go so far as location of the shop or super store, Amazon store online offers saves you time and travel, there is also fast and free shipping.

Buy Cheap 3 Wheel Golf Trolleys, Clicgear 3.5+ on Amazon ($219.00)


Difference Between Clicgear 3.0 and 3.5+

  • Most are just tuning of Clicgear 3.0 buggy to better features.
  • Clicgear 3.5+ is a larger storage net than 3.0.
  • A little heavier weight: 19lbs. vs. 18 lbs (Clicgear 3.0 vs 3.5+)
  • The 3.5+ has an improvement brake system to better


Acer Aspire E15 E5-575G-53VG Newer Gaming Laptop under 600$

Acer Aspire E15 E5-575G-53VG Gaming Laptop under 600$

Acer Aspire E15 E5-575G-53VG

If you are entering the circles of gaming, and you have planning to buy a right laptop with enough capacity for a wide range of applications and requirements of the games. In this section, I have Acer E5-575G-53VG Reviewed to main specs and unique features including design, processor, display and battery life performance. This Aspire E5 is affordable one of the Acer gaming laptop under 600 dollars.


Acer Aspire E5 Design

Acer E5-575G-53VG ReviewsThe Acer Aspire E5-575G-53VG newer model is not only a portable laptop best-selling for under $600 but made of quality materials and high performance hardware with the sizes are 15-inch in length by 10.2-inch in width and height 1.2-inch, and 5.29lbs of weight.

A mid range laptop price nearly $550 on Amazon includes key specs of 256 Gigabyte solid state drive, latest 6th Gen Intel Core i5-6200U 2.3GHz, NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2GB, DDR4-SDRAM 8GB and can be upgrade of up to 32GB. Perfect for both works and play with display size is 15.6 inches full HD widescreen LED-backlit offers 1920 x 1080 resolutions. On the right of this laptop built-in power connector, DVD-Super Multi Double Layer Drive, 3.5 headphone jack and USB 2.0, and on the left size includes Ethernet LAN and USB3.0/3.1 (type C) there are also VGA,HDMI and Kensington. Come with operation system by Windows 10 Home.


Click here to read more details the Acer Aspire E5-575G-53VG Reviews


High Performance

  1. SSD drive for faster boot-up and load programs.Acer Gaming Laptop under 600$
  2. Use latest 6th Gen Intel Skylake CPU Core i5-6200U 2.3GHz and overclocking of up to 2.8GHz.
  3. A good graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 940MX with 2GB VRAM that compatibility for most 2015-2016 games.
  4. Use latest wireless featuring MU-MIMO technology delivered 3x faster performance.
  5. Complete works and play continue with long lasting battery life of up to 12 hours.


Acer E5-575G 53VG Specs

  • Model: E5-575G 53VGAcer Aspire E 15, 15.6 Full HD Intel Core i5 Battery Life
  • OS: Windows 10 Home
    Processor: Latest Intel Core i5-6200U
  • Graphic: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX with 2GB DDR5 VRAM
  • Display: 15.6″ with resolutions 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Memory: 8GB DDR4 Dual Channel Memory
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1, 802.11ac Wi-Fi (MU-MIMO)
  • Ports: 1x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 3.1 (Type C), HDMI, 3.5mm phone jack, Card reader and Kensington lock
  • Audio: Stereo speakers themselves
  • Webcam: HD Webcam 1280 x 720
  • Optical Drive: DVD-Super Multi Double Layer Drive
  • Battery Type: 6 cells Li-Ion 2,800 mAh
  • Battery Life: Long time up to 12 hours
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 15″ x 10.2″ x 1.2″
  • Weight: 5.29 lbs.


  • Perfect for CPU Core i5 by Skylake which one of most popular for gaming processor.
  • Faster boot-up and launch programs with SSD drive when compared the typical HDD drives.
  • 12 hours of battery life is pretty use.
  • Built-in DVD drive offers comfortable to use
  • The keyboard has a backlit
  • Target competitive price point on the market for beginning gamers.
  • A bit capacity of 256GB SSD storage.
  • Graphic card specs not enough, may not be suitable for hardcore gamers – it should be GeForce 950M.


Buy Acer Aspire E5-575G 53VG


Latest Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote Gen2 By Amazon Prime Member

Latest Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote Gen2 By Amazon Prime Member

AmazonFireTVStick 4x Storage and 2x Memory

First ranked of best selling streaming product on media stick that is a Fire TV Stick and come with a voice remote provides you are enjoy with your favorite the subscription and streaming services. Gives you access over 4,000 channels, apps, sports, news, movies, music and games. All these for you have to own is an inexpensive under $50 on Amazon.

Amazon has announced the launch of this which was a major competitor on the market such as Google Chromecase, but Fire TV Stick Gen2 has more memory up to 4 times and 2x RAM of Chromecast, and plus better Wi-Fi performance for more reliable viewing. This FireTVStick including command voice via Alexa app or wireless remote control that is known as “Voice Remote”. Easy to use, just connected to HDMI port of TV and just simply to help upgrade your TV to a new smart TV with ease.

Fire TV Available for Streaming

This new Fire TV Stick provides an experience of watching like the standard Fire TV come with 8GB of memory, 1GB RAM, use dual core processor and support to MIMO Wi-Fi.


Click here to read more details the Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote reviews


Amazon Fire TV Stick Specs

  • Processor: Broadcom, Dual-core 2xARM A9 speed up to 1 GHzFireTVStickUnlocked with Voice Remote
  • GPU: VideoCore4
  • Storage: internal 8GB
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Cloud Storage: Free 5GB cloud storage for all Amazon content
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi (MIMO); supports 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi networks
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 3.0 with support for the following profiles: HID, SPP
  • Voice Support: come with Fire TV Voice Remote (included) or free Fire TV Remote App (available for download on Fire, Android, and iOS)
  • Game Controller Support: optimized for Amazon Fire TV Game Controller and most games are compatible with other Bluetooth controllers
  • Audio Support: Dolby Digital Plus, 2ch stereo, and HDMI audio pass through up to 7.1 surround sound
  • Resolutions: 720p and 1080p at 60 fps
  • Ports: standard HDMI 1.4b output and HDCP 1.4, Micro USB for power only
  • Dimensions: 3.3″ x 1.0″ x 0.5″
  • Weight: 0.9 oz


Fire TV Voice Remote Specs

  • Dimensions: 1.5″ x 5.9″ x 0.7″
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces (include batteries)
  • Batteries: 2x AAA
  • Battery Life: For typical use approx. 12 months


Simple To Setup

3 Steps Simple To Setup Fire TV Stick

Pre-registered to your Amazon account and set up in minutes. FireTVStick with starting to a Prime member unlock hours of new, exclusive shows created by Amazon Studios. From Bosch to the award-winning series Transparent, plus great shows for kids like Tumble Leaf and Creative Galaxy, Amazon Original Series showcase comedy, drama, and children’s programming, you can only see on Amazon.

The entertainment center of TV from internet that scaled down to the size of flash drive via HDMI port provide pretty HD image with small cost and positive feedback more than 133,000 customer reviews. Never miss out. Bring Fire TV Stick with you to watch your favorites away from home, even in hotels and dorm rooms.

Price starting at $39.99 (Standard Remote) and $49.99 (Voice Remote) – replace your old TV into a Smart TV without the need to waste money buying a new smart TV.

Buy now, in the box includes Amazon Fire TV Stick and Voice Remote, Power Adapter, 2x AAA Batteries and HDMI Adapter.


Buy Now the Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote


What’s the Difference Between TI 83+ and TI 84+ Graphing Calculator for Algebra 2 High School

Difference Between TI 83+ and TI 84+ Graphing Calculator

Which is better TI83 + or TI84 +

Both TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus graphing calculators by Texas Instruments, one of the top brand manufacturers of calculators. If you want to choose the right one should read the reviews and differences between the two models. I tried to compile and compare the features of both to see even easier by clear from the table below.

Similarity and Difference Between TI83+ and TI84+ Graphing Calculator Comparison Chart

This compare chart below to help students visualize and clearly understand of both graphing calculators features.



Graphing Calculators

TI 83+

TI 83+ Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator

TI 84+


Rating Reviews 4.2/5.0 4.6/5.0
Number User Reviews 1,696 2,793
Cost $88.00 $109.99
Display 16×8 characters 16×8 characters
Pixels 96×64 pixels 96×64 pixels
Processor Zilog Z80 6 MHz Zilog Z80 15 MHz
Flash ROM 160KB 480KB
Connectivity Data transfer to computer via USB cable Standard I/O & USB Mini Port
Power Supply 4x AAA  Alkaline Batteries
Dimensions 3.3″W x 7.5″L x 0.85″D 3.3″W x 7.5″L x 0.9″D
Weight 0.56 lbs 0.75 lbs

Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1/2, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Business & Finance, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1/2, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Business & Finance, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geometry, Precalculus, College Math and Linear Algebra


Which is better TI83 + or TI84 + ?

Texas Instruments TI-83+

TI 83+ Texas Instruments Graphing CalculatorThe TI-83 Plus was released in 1999 which replaced the original TI-83. Processor use Zilog Z80 speed at 6 Megahertz, user available memory 160KB of flash ROM and 32KB of RAM. High contrast LCD display with 8 lines by 16 characters and resolution of 64 x 96 pixels, able split screen for graphs and tables. Easy to use and perfect for school classes with complete data plotting and analysis to graph and compare functions. Ranging from algebra through calculus and biology to physics, and support financial, statistical features and programming capabilities.


Functions Support

Financial Functions: Amortization, Cash Flow, TVM: Time Value of Money

Graphing Functions: Box and Whisker Plot, Cobweb Plot, Histogram, Line Plot, Normal Probability, Parametric Plot, Phase Plot, Polar, Rectangular, Scatter Plot, Sequence, Stairstep Plot, Statistical Plot, Zoom

Scientific Functions: Advanced Probability Distribution, Advanced Statistical Calculations, Analysis of Variance, Complex Numbers, Confidence Intervals, Cubic Polynomial Regression, Derivatives, Exponential Regression, Hypothesis Testing, Integral, 14 Digits of Internal Precision, Inverse Matrix, Linear Regression, Logarithmic Regression, Logistic Regression, Matrix, Matrix to List Conversion, Median-median Regression, Power Regression, Power Root, Quadratic Polynomial Regression, Real Numbers, Sinusoidal Regression, Statistical Analysis, Statistics, Variables



Texas Instruments TI-84+

TI84 + Texas Instruments Graphics Calculator BlackTI-84+ is one of the best graphing calculator with 8 display lines by 16 characters come with USB cable for connect to PC and fully compatible with TI83+. Inside Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Calculator built-in a lot of memory that more than TI83+ up to 3 times, this is a best option for students or teachers that want to store large amounts of data.

Also available with a presentation by sharing work and connect to TI Presentation Tools, this feature is ideal for students or teachers who want to teach or present your work in the classroom.

TI-84+ has a large number of buyers that positive reviews by the highest rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. With 2.5 times faster than the TI83+ and 3 times flash memory of the TI83+. Ability to utilize images such as .jpeg, .jpg, .bmp and .png files. You can change the calculation results on the screen or a decimal fractions. And history scroll of calculations and easy recall input and output.

You can calculate the net present values and rates easily with powerful financial functions. Also available for Geometry, Precalculus, College Math and Linear Algebra. This recommend for all students, but if you are looking for teacher the TI-84 Plus CE is a perfect choice – offers more ROM / RAM and color display.


Read more our details the Difference Between TI83+ and TI84+ Graphing Calculator.



The both are great gift or perfect gadget for teachers and students, especially in mathematics and science with use easily and value for money. TI83 and TI84 are fit for intensive high school students, but engineering, I recommended graphing calculator model TI89 Titanium with more user available memory 2.7MB/188KB (ROM/RAM) for a large library of programs written by the community, support to electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and differential equations. Or TI-Nspire CX CAS is cheaper than TI89 model suitable for engineer user.


Price update on August 25, 2016 at 09:09 AM PST. Information and prices are subject to change without notice. Please check price and data again. All Trademarks Images Property of Respective Owners.

How To Use Clipless Pedals – Benefits of Clipless Pedals

How To Use Clipless Pedals – Benefits of Clipless Pedals

Advantages of Clipless Pedals

For professional riders would have been the aptitude and ability to use the clipless pedal. But for many of the amateur riders are still not brave enough to wear shoes with a cleat installed. Learn and more understand the simple step of riding with clipless pedals.


How To Use Clipless Pedals?

This clip video is best tips from GCN offers you understand and learn the techniques to use the clipless pedal better.


Advantages of Clipless Pedals

What is a Clipless Pedal? The clipless pedal is pedal with mechanism clip, special designed for locked with shoes. For strength and stability, does not come off easily from the foot pedal. The clipless pedal is an indispensable device for intensive riders, providing better power from foot to pedal connection. So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned riders should have them.

With the powerful from the calf muscles, hamstring of legs and hips, these delivered energy via the foot to pedal, which will be very useful on uphill riding and climbing. Easy to release just twisted ankle or heel outward to make the cleats under the shoes out of the pedals. In addition to being benefits of clipless pedals is efficiency power then enables more safety – easily control when you ride on bumpy or rough trail.

I highly recommend use clipless pedalcyclist for road and mountain biking, and triathlon racing or any recreational riding. Then you will find that the spin-effective, more powerful, faster and longer miles.


What First Clipless Pedals To Buy?

If you are using clipless pedals, I have prepared a table comparing and selecting the cheap pedal under 100 dollars for mountain bike and road bike.

Look For Buying the Best Clipless Pedals

What clipless pedals to buy? Before to buy the right clipless pedals should be determine capabilities to main features as following.

Durability: Body and bearing made of quality material offers lightweight but strength and durable.

Cleaning: Easy to clean and able self-cleaning to mud

Adjustable: Can be tension adjustment of lock and unlock with simple step.

Click on the blue link to see more models MTB and Road bike clipless pedals.

Models Rating Price Range Use for
PD-M530 4.6/5 Starting at $34.65 MTB
PD-M520 4.7/5 Starting at $29.95 MTB
PD-M540 4.7/5 Starting at $45.00 MTB
Bonmixc 4.8/5 Starting at $27.99 MTB
WPD-823 4.6/5 Starting at $24.36 MTB
KEO 2 Max 4.7/5 Starting at $69.99 MTB
PD-R540 4.5/5 For Sale $31.99 Road Bike
A530 SPD 4.6/5 Starting at $54.00 Road Bike
PD-M324 4.7/5 Starting at $46.79 Road Bike
PD-R550 4.8/5 Starting at $53.99 Road Bike
PD-A600 4.2/5 Starting at $71.09 Road Bike
Look Keo Classic 2 4.2/5 Starting at $58.98 Road Bike


Top 3 Best MTB Clipless Pedals

#1st Top Pick Shimano PDM780 XT Mountain Bike Clipless Pedal

Shimano PDM780 XT Mountain Bike Clipless Pedal

The Shimano SPD pedal is one of the most popular mountain bike cleat brand on the market. And this review I choose the Shimano DEORE XT PD-M780 Mountain Pedals with value for money, better reliable and performance.

The PD-M780 is second Gen that perfect for race pedal features made of alloy offers lightweight approx. 1 pound. There are a few things that is impressive highlight – great bearing designed with a shield bearing the well, and is designed to meet and durability for the rigors of riding professionally.

Adjust-ability for lock and release tension of the cleats to meet the personal rider. Suitable for MTB, XC racing and Cyclocross with easy install and reasonable price including low maintenance until you almost forget.


Click Here To Check Current Price On the Shimano DEORE XT M780 Pedals


#2nd Pick Crankbrothers Eggbeater 3

Crankbrothers Eggbeater 3 Clipless Pedals

They often have a masterpiece that beat many competitors to resonate with followers of bikers. This is a best bikling innovation by Crankbrothers clipless pedals new ideas for mountain bikers with best features spindle made from high carbon steel (or Chromoly is quality materials provide strength and lighter) cast stainless steel of body, easy to release with 15/20 degrees of release angle, and simple to clipped of the cleats.

Extremely low weight just 0.61 lbs (or 278 grams/pair) perfect for sport type of mountain bike especially triathlon game.

In many bike race, you will be able to see Eggbeaters pedals apart from sponsored by Shimano.

3 colors available: Red, Blue and Matte Black which the Red Eggbeaters have

best deal on Amazon offers for sale with lower cost at a bit over $100 plus free shipping. If you buy now this Crankbrothers Eggbeater 3 come with backed by a 5 years warranty. Just seeing first time, you will falling in love this Eggbeater pedals, this is the top tools that a mountain biker need and one of the key devices for anyone want.


Click Here To Check Special Offers & Promotions On the Crankbrothers Eggbeater 3 Pedals



#3rd Pick Time Atac MX2 MTB Pedals

Time Atac MX2

Time MTB Pedals has a reputation for designing a lightweight but powerful. The design concept of the self-cleaning ease with an easy engagement so need of pedal to cyclocross and mountain bikers.

This Time Atac MX 2 is lightest pedals for my mountain bike pedals rank with light as possible 0.45 lbs. This pedal that supports the attack in a very serious situation and the confidence to fight against obstacles.

Pedal spindle size of 9/16 inch is a wide platform design for meet most bikers need.

You do not worry for the use because the MX2 can be fitted with many types of shoes designed for trail, all mountain and enduro bike so it is pros that you want to use them with a large shoe. Moreover this pedal can clears mud very well, bearings are smooth, entry and release is precise every time.

Inexpensive, purchase now 1 set include two pedals and come with cleats.


Click Here To Check Current Price On the Time Atac MX2 Pedals


Best Diamondback Hook Reviews 2016 Entry Level 650B 27.5 Hardtail MTB

Best Diamondback Hook Reviews 2016 Entry Level 650B 27.5 Hardtail MTB

The Diamondback Hook 27.5 Bike – 2016 Hard Tail look stunning mountain bike provide more versatility than other mountain bikes, ideal for handling climbing and descending.

Diamondback Hook Hardtail

The geometry cyan blue frame made of lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum grade offers strong enough to handling the trail, to reduce the clutter and more safety of cables links will be installed under the top tube.

The 27.5-inch / 650B wheel set of Hook Hardtail MTB by Diamondback offers with accelerate faster, more responsive than the 29ers and confidence rolling in going beyond the barriers of all forms of terrain, and while provide smoother ride and better traction than 26″ wheels. Both KENDATire SL 27.5″x2.35″ gives you hit all mountain terrain especially cross-country riding.

The alloy crank 32T transfer power to SRAM X3 go over all rocky terrain with comfort and control from complete eight gears on the cassette for easy shifting.

The perfect Diamondback Hook Hardtail mountain bike offers smooth and comfortable riding with complete suspension stroke 120mm of SR Suntour XCM front fork by stanchions diameter 30mm for supports the impact of the front wheel which is caused by bumpy route.

The reliability of safety while you slowing down hill and stopping of both 160mm rotors front and rear with Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes.


Read more details the Diamondback Hook Reviews Hardtail MTB



  • 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy frameset offers very durable
  • 68 degrees head tube
  • SRAM 8 speed drivetrain with single chain
  • Front and rear mechanical disc brakes by Tektro Aries
  • Fron suspension fork with stroke 120mm from SR Suntour XCM
  • 27.5-inch / 650B wheels use DB SL-7 Double wall ready to fully trail

Diamondback Hook 27.5 Bike - 2016


  • Good component set and geometry with inexpensive hardtail
  • This bike has only a chainring offers less maintenance bike when compared same entry level bikes 2 or 3 chainrings.
  • Reliable hand built structure and 30.7 lbs weight enough for comfortable ride
  • Preload adjustment 120mm travel of SR Suntour XCM front fork.
  • When you already bought, this Hook hardtail bike is not ready to ride because this bike is not complete assembly, but you can easily assemble by yourself.


If you want a specially entry level off-road mountain bike, this Diamondback Hook Hardtail MTB is cheaper full-suspension bikes with similar components and a best pick under 600 dollars for your climbing ride.

Now, 3 frame sizes available on Amazon include 16″ Small for approx. riders 5’2″ – 5’6″ tall, 18″ Medium for riders 5’6″ – 5’10” tall and 22″ X-Large for riders 6’1″ – 6’3″ tall with prices starting at $519.99.


Buy the Diamondback Hook  Hardtail MTB


ASUS Rog Swift PG348Q vs Acer Predator X34 Curved Ultrawide Monitors Between Features and Specs

ASUS Rog Swift PG348Q vs Acer Predator X34 Between Features and Specs

ROG Swift vs PredatorBoth curved ultrawide monitors are perfect for gaming PC monitor including best features excellent motion handling, color and smooth gameplay. I compared between the ROG-Republic of Gamers Swift PG348Q curved 34-inch monitor by ASUS and Predator curved UWQHD X34 monitor by Acer with same panel size. With the intention to create a separate category and to clarify many details as possible. I’ll try to help you pick a best curved gaming monitor.

About four months ago, I compared the three models of the Acer Predators monitor (Z35,X34 and XB271HU) and also includes a comparison table between Acer Predator XB271HU and ROG Swift PG278Q by ASUS.

Asus ROG Swift PG348Q vs Acer Predator X34 bmiphz

  ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q Acer Predator X34
Stars Rating 4.0 / 5.0 4.3 / 5.0
Pricing $1,249.00 $1,199.00
Award Winning 2016 CES Innovation Award Computex d&i 2015 Design & Innovation Award
Display Features    
  Panel Size Ultra-Wide Screen 34″ Curved UW-QHD 34″ Curved
  Panel Type IPS: In-Plane Switch IPS
  True Resolution 3440×1440 3440×1440
  Aspect Ratio 21:9 21:9
  Pixel Pitch 0.2325mm 0.233mm
  Brightness 300cd/m2 300cd/m2
  Contrast Ratio 100M:1 Dynamic 100M:1 Dynamic
  Refresh Rate 100Hz 60-100Hz Overclock
  Viewing Angle (CR≥10) 178°(H)/178°(V) 178°(H)/178°(V)
  Response Time 5ms 4ms
  Display Colors 1073.7M (10bit) 10bit
  Flicker Free Curved Panel 3800R 3800R
Video Features    
  Trace Free Technology Overdrive (OD Mode)
  Color Temperature 4 modes 5 modes (Normal/Cool/Blue Light/User/Warm)
  GamePlus Mode Crosshair/Timer/FPS Counter 3 Aim Points
  Game Visual GameVisual 6 modes (Scenery/Racing/Cinema/RTS/RPG/FPS/sRGB) GameView 3 modes adjust dark boost levels
  Multi Display Frameless Edge Zero-Frame
  Low Blue Light
  HDCP Support
Audio Features    
  Stereo Speakers 2 Watts RMS x2 Stereo 7 Watts x2 speakers
Convenient Hotkey    
  GamePlus ✓Memories setting
  5-way OSD Nivigation Joystick 5 pressable OSD control buttons are under the bottom edge in the right corner
  Turbo Key Yes (60-100Hz) OD OverDrive setting (Off/Normal/Extreme)
Input/Output Ports    
  Signal Input HDMI, DisplayPort HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2
  Earphone Jack 3.5mm Mini-Jack 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  USB Ports 3.0×4, 1 x Upstream 3.0 Ports (1 Up, 4 Down)
Signal Frequency    
  Digital Signal Frequency Display Port 73-88KHz (H) / 30-100Hz (V) Not specified
Power Consumption    
  Power On <100 W 54 W
  Power Saving/Off 0.5W 0.5W
Mechanical Design    
  Chassis Colors Plasma Copper + Armor Titanium Matte Black Bezel + Dark silver aluminum trim
  Tilt +20°~-5° +35°~-5°
  Swivel +50°~-50°
  Height Adjustment 0-115mm  (0-4.5″) 0-130mm (0-5.1″)
  VESA Wall Mounting 100x100mm 100x100mm
  Quick Release Stand
  Kensington Lock
  Phys. WxHxD 32.6″ x 21.96″ x 11.7″ 32.5″ x 18″-23.1″ x 12.2″
  Panel Thickness Not specified 3″
  Weight 24.7 lbs include stand 21.8 lbs include stand
  Warranty 3 years 3 years
  Go to Shop $1,249 Go to Shop $1,199


ASUS Gameplus ROG Swift PG348Q Monitor

ROG Swift PG348Q Review

ASUS ROG Swift 348Q is exceptional curved gaming display by latest ASUS, features large 34-inch IPS panel, 100% sRGB color gamut, high resolution/refresh rate and built-in special features gaming technologies that benefit to the game such as NVIDIA G-Sync, GameVisual and GamePlus allows gamers advantages that are available on this screen.

With static contrast ratio up to 1000:1 or dynamic contrast is 100,000,000:1, vivid & accuracy colors. High resolution UWQHD 3440×1440 and refresh rate up to 100 hertz delivered fast response and smooth to hardcore gaming.

GameVisual for improvement color offers to choose of 6 difference modes are Scenery Mode, Racing Mode, Cinema Mode, RTS/RPG Mode, FPS Mode and sRGB Mode. This outstanding feature able easy to access with 5-way joystick or OSD On Screen Display setting menu.

ASUS Gameplus Aimpoint function allows easy and convenient to shoot, aim accurate to the target, which this hotkeys (Crosshair/Timer/FPS counter) are extremely useful for enthusiasts fighting games.

Perfect for long time gaming with ASUS Eye Care technology such as certified low blue light and flicker free.

Complete connectivity with hidden I/O ports are DP Port and a HDMI, 4x USB3.0 and 3.5mm earphone jack. For audio features built-in stereo 2 watts rms speakers.

The stand unique three lobes designed modern and very strong, can be tilt, ±50 degrees rotate and height adjustable to suit the user’s eyes and better perspective.

With high resolution, vibrant colors, clear and contrast of this curved monitor give you enjoyable the games but not forget to choose the right graphic card that compatible for this ROG PG348Q monitor, I highly recommendation the EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti that allows response seamlessly.


ROG Swift PG348Q Review and Check Price



Acer Predator X34 Curved Screen


The Acer Predator X34 high level of gameplay experience delivered more impressive curved gaming monitor. New gamer-friendly ultra-wide display that growing on the market and a lot of buyers are willing to pay for this screen, offering 34 inches QHD resolution along with NVIDIA G-Sync and FreeSynce that intensive traffic of most buyers to get it for gamers partner.

Acer Predator X34bmiphz features pretty resolution 3440 by 1440 delivered more than 4.95 mega pixels and amazing regular contrast 100,000,000:1. The radius of curvature of the screen is 3,800mm and an anti-glare coating.

X34 stand made of V-shape aluminum, strength enough to support the weight 22 lbs of 34-inch screen sizes. Designed for tilt angle, height adjustment up to 5.1-inch and quick release stand with remove only 4 screws on center-back.

Accuracy shooting skill features 3 differences of Aim Points that good first person shooters for pc FPS gamer improve shooting skills and aiming targets more precisely. You able increase your gaming experience with can be choose a color from Red, Green, Blue, White and Orange of LED light at bottom edge position, this LED light can be selected from fix, flash, breath, and ripple or random style that fit for game.

This 34-inch integrated dual 7 watts DTS sound speakers to deliver a powerful sound with a generous helping of good response to low-range frequency or bass sounds. Complete dual video input ports with DisplayPort and HDMI, and equipped with 5-port USB 3.0 of 4-downstream and an upstream, facilities to private gaming by 3.5mm headphone jack.

Top pick for curved QHD NVIDIA G-SYNC large screen with programmable gaming modes. If you interested in this Predator X34 monitor, read more details and customer review or buy at a reasonable price, the following link below.


Acer Predator X34 Reviews and Check Price